World War Two

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After tea, a group of Royal Engineers help Patience 'Boo' Brand fill up the washing up bowl with hot water from the water urn.

Hidden histories of a million wartime women: WVS records to go online

The Royal Voluntary Service is to digitise recently uncovered records, offering a new insight into life on the Home Front and the work of the WVS during the Second World War.

A photo of an advert from the first world war

Remembering 1916: Ten amazing objects from Life on the Western Front

The battles of Verdun, Jutland and the Somme left a mass of untold stories and uncelebrated individuals behind. These ten objects help tell some of those tales.

A photo of the daughter of world war two airman Odd Grønfur Olsen sitting in Leith Art School

Daughter of World War Two RAF hero who fled SS in Norway creates exhibition in his honour

Nicknamed Olly, a Norwegian man left his family without telling them and fled the SS to help the RAF during the Second World War. Now his story is being told in Scotland for the first time.

a close up inside the intersection of the wing and fuselage of a Spitfire

RAF Museum invites you to take a closer look as they dismantle their Battle of Britain aircraft

The Spitfire, Hurricane and Messerschmidt Me 109 are among the historic aircraft being stripped and inspected at the RAF Museum who are inviting the public to film and take photographs.

A black and white photo of a group of women posing for a photo at a conference

War, peace, fines and summits: Six images from the movement to achieve equality for women

From the Boer War of more than a century ago to the first World Conference on Women, held in Mexico in 1975, here are six images from the London School of Economics' new exhibition.

A photo of a cigar

Happy birthday Winston Churchill: Five rooms and objects telling Churchill's wartime story

On Winston Churchill's 141st birthday, Phil Reed, the Director of London's Churchill War Rooms, takes a look at the rooms and objects which tell the tale of his leadership.

A black and white photo of former british prime minister winston churchill outdoors

"He knew how much was riding on this": Winston Churchill's "finest hour" speech among a million documents in archive of former Prime Minister

On what would have been his 141st birthday, a vast archive of letters written by Winston Churchill, including a copy of his "finest hour" speech to parliament, has been recognised by the United......

A photo of a large grey and brown pistol from the 1940s

Object of the Week: A pistol owned by Winston Churchill during World War Two

See the pistol which was one of a number of firearms owned by Winston Churchill during his tenure as Prime Minister.

A photo of an old large black square camera which could have been used in the great escape

Curator's Choice: The camera which is "95%" certain to have been part of the Great Escape

Dave Humphrey, the curator of the centenary room at RAF Cosford's Defence School of Photography, on the story of what could well be the Great Escape camera.

a drawing of operating theatre nurses and doctors carrying a patient into theatre

Cache of unseen World War Two artworks acquired by National Maritime Museum

Royal Museums Greenwich has acquired a collection of 17 drawings by World War Two artist and Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse Rosemary Rutherford.

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