Pre-20th Century Conflict

From the Battle of Agincourt to Spion Kop, pre-20th century British military history is littered with conflicts that continue to enthrall. Explore them here with news, reviews, features, events, resources, websites and much more drawn from UK museums, galleries, archives and heritage sites.

A photo of a small circular golden naval badge

Lord Nelson's badge, figureheads and models: Eight highlights from HMS Victory: The Untold Story

See a few of the key exhibits to look out for when the exhibition, HMS Victory: The Untold Story, opens at Historic Dockyard Chatham in February.

a photo of a small locket with a piece of lead shot in it

Bullet that killed Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalagar to go on display at Chatham

Chatham Historic Dockyard is marking the 250th anniversary of the launch of the world’s most famous warship, HMS Victory, by putting treasures on show including the fateful bullet that killed Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar.

An image of an ancient letter written in black ink on yellow paper

Napoleon's letter of surrender from Waterloo to go on public view at Windsor Castle

As one of a series of royal correspondences going on show later this month, the defeated Napoleon Bonaparte pleaded for the “hospitality of the British people” after his defeat.

A photo of a man in a purple suit and cap pointing a rifle towards the camera in a forest

National Civil War Centre promises spectacular re-enactments as opening weekend nears

Visitors have been able to see inside the Grade II-listed home of the £5.4 million National Civil War Centre, as organisers promise a "truly grand" opening weekend in May.

An image of a colour oil painting of a medieval king with long hair and a black cap on

Richard III: The tree ring-dated portrait which could show the King's scoliosis as a "costume"

Indications that Richard III had a disability could have been used against him to create the persona of a monster, explains the keeper of the painting which helped identify him.

a photo of an oplulent room with central dining table, chandeliers and paintings on the wall

Windsor Castle reveals details of Waterloo at Windsor: 1815-2015 for Waterloo200

Windsor Castle is opening up its famous Waterloo Chamber as part of a series of special visitor improvements and displays marking the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo.

A photo of a large grey brick medieval gate

Medieval gateway pounded by 17th century Parliamentarians to be restored in York

York City Council has announced it will invest £100,000 in restoring Walmgate Bar, including plans to give the public a viewing platform on the roof and a hand rail walkway.

National Portrait Gallery targets "fuller picture" of Duke of Wellington on Waterloo anniversary

Curators say an exhibition devoted to the Duke of Wellington next year aims to reveal his political career and decline in popularity, as well as the story of his most famous victory.

A photo of people in armour suits standing in front of large flags within a market square

Richard III cortege journey route revealed as Leicester Cathedral prepares to bury body

The remains of Richard III will visit churches and landmarks from the King's final days on a journey next March, moving from the University of Leicester to the city's cathedral.

A photo of a dive at sea

Dive for missing Mary Rose data-logger to be held by marine archaeologists in November

The Mary Rose Trust hopes to retrieve a data-logger, installed during a dive in June to monitor the remains of the 17th century shipwreck, during its latest mission next month.

A photo of a stone grave on the grassy grounds of an abbey

Was King Harold buried at Waltham Abbey years after the Battle of Hastings? New scan could reveal all

Stonemason Peter Burke decided to investigate the grounds of Waltham Abbey during research for a history trilogy. TV teams are now following his quest for King Harold.

A black and white photo of a male human skull

"Compelling" new forensic evidence shows grisly sustained attack on Richard III at Battle of Bosworth

Experts have studied sword marks and a UNESCO manual on torture as part of a high-tech investigation into the injuries left on Richard III's body more than 500 years after his death.

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