Pre-20th Century Conflict

From the Battle of Agincourt to Spion Kop, pre-20th century British military history is littered with conflicts that continue to enthrall. Explore them here with news, reviews, features, events, resources, websites and much more drawn from UK museums, galleries, archives and heritage sites.

a drawing of a highland soldier wearing a bonnet

Massive 13-metre Waterloo Cartoon emerges from Royal Academy stores for Waterloo Bicentenary

Following a major conservation project, the Royal Academy is to display its monumental 13-metre wide cartoon The Meeting of Wellington and Blücher after the Battle of Waterloo.

A photo of a human backbone spine against a black background

Monster, villain and clown: Richard III tried to hide scoliosis before cruel depictions were made, new research says

The king could have tried to hide his scoliosis before his body was exhibited following his death at the Battle of Bosworth, says the University of Leicester's Dr Mary Ann Lund.

A photo of a woman looking at a small badge

"We can only imagine the horrific injuries": 15th century War of the Roses handgun goes on show for first time

A handgun which a soldier attempted to use at the Battle of Towton - one of the bloodiest battles of the War of the Roses, in 1461 - is among the artefacts to have gone on show at York's Richard III Experience.

a photo of an old Union Jack flag with holes

Royal Scots Waterloo Colours to be displayed for last time at Edinburgh Castle

To mark 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, The Royal Scots regimental Colours, which they carried into the battle, are to be displayed for the last time to the public at Edinburgh Castle.

a painting of William Wordsworth with arms folded

Wordsworth the War Poet emerges from the Napoleonic war clouds in Wordsworth, War and Waterloo in Grasmere

As Wordsworth, War & Waterloo opens at the Wordsworth Museum, Culture24 talks to Wordsworth expert Professor Simon Bainbridge about the great Lake District Romantic as a war poet.

a painting showing horses and carriages with men dressed in funeral black

The NPG prepares to show its biggest portrait: The Duke of Wellington's Funeral Procession

The National Portrait Gallery is to display for the first time the largest portrait in its Collection, a print showing the entire funeral procession of the Duke of Wellington, for Waterloo200.

A photo of a circular Roman seal

Metal detectorist's "outstanding" 17th century silver seal discovery bought by National Civil War Centre

The silver seal of an important Civil War soldier, described as the best ever discovery of a late metal detectorist who found it in a field in 2004, will go on public display at Newark's new museum.

A photo of a mask of a man set against darkness

The story behind the 19th century Death Mask of Napoleon

Find about the death mask which has gone on show at the British Museum as part of Bonaparte and the British: Prints and Propaganda in the Age of Napoleon.

a photo of two hands examining a skull

Newly released film footage shows "eureka moment" when killer blow to King Richard III was found

New film footage, revealing details of the potential killer blow that claimed the life of King Richard III for the first time, has been released by the University of Leicester.

Rochester Castle

Kings, Castles and Magna Carta: The Castles of the First Barons' War

Why did King John sign the Magna Carta at Runnymede in 1215 and what was the Barons' War? Follow this trail of medieval castles to explore a world of medieval sieges, power struggles and the fight......

A photo of an ancient cannonball

England's oldest surviving cannonball resurfaces near site of Battle of Northampton

Lost several years ago, the key piece of evidence that the 1460 Battle of Northampton was the first in England to use artillery has reappeared - potentially to become part of a new visitor centre.

A photo of two people looking at an old military rug under the guard of two soldiers

British Army veterans to join archaeologists in mission to solve mysteries of Battle of Waterloo

Archaeologists, recovering military personnel and the guardians of the Belgian battlefields will search for graves and new details in the Waterloo Uncovered project.

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