Battle of Britain

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a close up inside the intersection of the wing and fuselage of a Spitfire

RAF Museum invites you to take a closer look as they dismantle their Battle of Britain aircraft

The Spitfire, Hurricane and Messerschmidt Me 109 are among the historic aircraft being stripped and inspected at the RAF Museum who are inviting the public to film and take photographs.

a photo of a large jet Typhoon fighter f;lying in tandem with a WWII Spitfire ahead of the Battle of Britain airshow at IWM Duxford

RAF Eurofighter Typhoon to join Spitfire for Battle of Britain Anniversary flypast at IWM Duxford

The RAF Eurofighter Typhoon and the Supermarine Spitfire will fly together for the first time at IWM Duxford to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

A sketch of a fighter pilot

Experiences of a Spitfire ace recounted on RAF Museum blog for Battle of Britain anniversary

The battles and experiences of a Battle of Britain Spitfire ace are being recounted on a daily blog by the RAF Museum for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

a photo of a Spitfire next to a large white building

Restored Spitfire goes on show outside Cabinet War Rooms ahead of its charity sale at Christie's

A rare, restored Mark I Spitfire goes on show outside the Cabinet War Rooms in London's Whitehall this weekend ahead of its auction next week at Christie's in aid of charity.

a photo of an aircraft in hangar with single cockpit and gun turret situated directly behind it

'Defiant' Jack Holmes: The man who built the Boulton Paul Defiant

Culture24 talks to 'Defiant' Jack Holmes, who went from working on Boulton Paul Defiants during World War Two to building the faithful replica now on display at Kent Battle of Britain Museum.

a photo of a plane being craned over a fence

Boulton Paul Defiant fighter arrives safely at Kent Battle of Britain Museum Trust

Following its 240-mile motorway journey the beautiful replica of a Boulton Paul Defiant has arrived at its new home, the Kent Battle of Britain Museum Trust at Hawkinge.

a photo of a camouflaged and turreted fighter in a hangar

Boulton Paul Defiant fighter rescued by Kent Battle of Britain Museum in Hawkinge

A World War Two Boulton Paul Defiant fighter is heading to the Kent Battle of Britain Museum at Hawkinge, where it will join a Spitfire and Hurricane in the only display of its kind in the world.

A photo of an air raid shelter with a wall made up of lines of sacked cement at dusk

Inscription could have been last act at airfield by doomed World War II pilot, say archaeologists

An inscription on an air raid shelter at an airfield which played an important role in the Battle of Britain could have been the last act of a serving pilot, says a county archaeologist.

a black and white photo of a Junkers 88 in flight

Remains of German WWII Junkers Ju 88 bomber recovered from Thames Estuary

The remnants of a German Junkers Ju 88 bomber shot down by a Norwegian Spitfire ace have been recovered from the Thames Estuary by Wessex Archaeology.

A photo of an old book with black ink notes on it

Secret plans of unsung World War II hero who saved London from drowning revealed

Peirson Frank, the civil engineer who created a rapid response unit to protect flood defences from Luftwaffe attacks during World War II, has been honoured in London.

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