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An image of a painting of father christmas delivering alcohol to a soldier in a first world war trench

First World War Christmas cards show stiff upper lip and dark humour of serving soldiers

A card from a Prisoner of War and a portrait of a bulldog exclaiming "life in the old dog yet" illustrate the spirit of First World War soldiers in a festive display in York.

a black and white photo of a Junkers 88 in flight

Remains of German WWII Junkers Ju 88 bomber recovered from Thames Estuary

The remnants of a German Junkers Ju 88 bomber shot down by a Norwegian Spitfire ace have been recovered from the Thames Estuary by Wessex Archaeology.

A photo of a diary with handwritten black ink on faded yellow paper

"The Germans started shouting to us 'come out'": Diary details World War I Christmas truce

A diary account of the famous Christmas Day football match of 1914, written by a Lieutenant who reckoned it would sound "a very tall story", is about to be revealed at the National Football Museum.

A black and white photo of a man in a naval uniform hugging a reindeer in the 1940s

Russian reindeer given to British submarine crew during World War II becomes BBC One star

A reindeer which was loaded through the torpedo hatch of a Trident submarine with a barrel of moss in a gift from Russian allies is about to have its story told on The One Show.

A black and white photo of a soldier's helmet on a floor with a crack in it

Conflict, Time, Photography: Tate Modern's powerful portrayal of the lasting effects of war

Working from the time passed since each war portrayed, Tate Modern's huge new exhibition takes Kurt Vonnegut's SlaughterHouse-Five as an initial influence.

A photo of a shard of white military pottery

Archaeologists reveal finds from first survey of Britain's largest First World War airfield

Working in inclement conditions at the aerodrome which was Britain's largest World War I airfield, archaeologists have found anti-bomb glass, copper, nails, pottery and more.

An image of a colour oil painting of a medieval king with long hair and a black cap on

Richard III: The tree ring-dated portrait which could show the King's scoliosis as a "costume"

Indications that Richard III had a disability could have been used against him to create the persona of a monster, explains the keeper of the painting which helped identify him.

a photo of a letter fragment

Newly discovered letter reveals what really happened during the 1914 Christmas Day truce

A newly discovered letter written by a General on the day it happened reveals how news of the 1914 Christmas Day truce spread like wildfire through the trenches.

a triplane at the RAF Museum

RAF Museum hits all the right notes with new First World War in the Air gallery

Balancing incredible aircraft such as the Sopwith Camel and the Fokker with the tales of those who flew and worked on them is no easy task. But the RAF Museum's subtle storytelling succeeds, as......

A black and white photo of an early 20th century bullet

Archaeologists find bullets and shells at "enigma" Western Front practice trenches used by World War I soldiers in Cumbria

Archaeologists have found bulletheads and shellcases from the First World War at practice trenches which later became a moving target range and gunnery school during World War II.

A photo of the outside of a large museum with plants and trees visible in the foreground

Petition opposing closure of Imperial War Museum library receives more than 5,500 signatures

Trade Union members say plans have been made to close the IWM's popular library, claiming they could cause the loss of up to 80 jobs after a £4 million cut in government funding.

A greyscale photo of a first world war soldier in uniform

Granddaughter's shock discovery leads to story of World War I conscientious objector who served as medic

The family of a Quaker who served at a French Clearing Station in World War I have donated precious items to a museum after being shocked to see his pay book on display.

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