Military History

From your local regimental military museum and national collections to forts, redoubts, bunkers and historic battlefields, Britain's military heritage is rich and varied. Explore it all here with Culture24 museum news, exhibition reviews, features, military museum events, websites and more...

A photo of the folded ensign of HMS Warspite in a box

Fragile ensigns from Battle of Jutland unfurled at Portsmouth National Museum of Royal Navy

Ensigns from the First World War Battle of Jutland, some damaged in battle, have been unveiled together at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth for the first time since 1916.

A photo of a woman digging a deep trench at a First and Second World War trench at Dreghorn in Scotland

Archaeologists uncover shallow world war training trenches at wood in Scottish village

Archaeologists working on Ministry of Defence land used by soldiers preparing for the Battle of the Somme say the camouflaged trenches would have originally been used during the First World War.

A photograph of a gun carriage

Blast from the past - unique gun carriage of 17th century ship dredged from deep off Southend Pier

A unique Charles II gun carriage estimated to weigh a ton has been brought ashore from its resting place off Southend Pier, Essex.

A photo of the brown fountain pen used by General Douglas MacArthur to end World War II

Object of the Week: The pen used by General Douglas MacArthur to signal the end of World War Two

US General Douglas MacArthur used this pen to sign a formal surrender ceremony that, following Japan's surrender, effectively brought an end to World War II.

a photo of two red silk poppies from a scrapbook compiled by an Edinburgh family during World War One

First World War scrapbook published online after detective work tracks down living relative

Scrapbooks compiled by an Edinburgh family during the First World War are being published online thanks to detective work by Edinburgh library staff.

A photo of archaeologists working at the site of the 1066 Battle of Fulford near York

Archaeologists investigating Anglo-Viking Battle of Fulford find ancient road and route of English retreat

A two-week dig has revealed an ancient road at the site of the Battle of Fulford, where a Viking army defeated the Saxon troops of Mercia and Northumbria in September 1066.

a photograph of World two engined bomber in a hangar at Imperial War Museum Duxford

North American B-25J Mitchell bomber repainted in colours of plane flown by Catch-22 author Joseph Heller

The Imperial War Museum's newly-repainted North American B-25J Mitchell now matches an aircraft flown in by the author when he was a bombardier with the 12th Air Force during World War II.

A photo of a newspaper page from the Civil War broadcasting news from the north

Strange news from the north: the ghost sightings used for political gain over 17th century Yorkshire

Researchers say a series of pamphlets, published from 1659 onwards, reported "five strange wonders" in the north and west of England - suggesting the north could have been perceived as a magical......

A knight

Falcons, polecats and swords: Arundel Castle International Joust Week in pictures

The story of the first day at Arundel Castle's International Joust Week 2015.

A picture of a bunker

Cold War revisited: York Nuclear bunker marks 70th anniversary of the nuclear age

The 70th anniversary of the nuclear age is being marked by a series of films and an exhibition at York Cold War Bunker.

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