Military History

From your local regimental military museum and national collections to forts, redoubts, bunkers and historic battlefields, Britain's military heritage is rich and varied. Explore it all here with Culture24 museum news, exhibition reviews, features, military museum events, websites and more...

a photo of of the hull of the Mary Rose in Portsmouth

Mary Rose Museum to re-open in 2016 with "best ever", "unrestricted" views of ship

The best ever view of the Mary Rose hull since her raising in 1982 is promised when the Mary Rose Museum re-opens in late summer 2016.

A black and white photo of a mother and her children reading a letter in 1916

Object of the Week: The family of a 16-year-old World War One hero learn of his posthumous honour

This is the moment when the mother of John Travers Cornwell – otherwise known as Jack or Boy Cornwell – was informed that he would receive a posthumous Victoria Cross.

A photo of a woman in Africa wearing protective clothing while helping treat Ebola

Imperial War Museum to put objects from British military campaigns against ebola and ISIS on public display

Imperial War Museum London will host the first exhibition to look at the experiences of British forces responding to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and the fight against ISIS in the Middle East.

See some of the bizarre and brilliant drawings from the huge new French Revolution Digital Archive

From the Storming of the Bastille and Louis XVI to the abolition of the slave trade and Marie Antoinette portrayed as a harpy, Stanford and the French National Library's new database of drawings from ......

A photo of an old large black square camera which could have been used in the great escape

Curator's Choice: The camera which is "95%" certain to have been part of the Great Escape

Dave Humphrey, the curator of the centenary room at RAF Cosford's Defence School of Photography, on the story of what could well be the Great Escape camera.

a photo of a VC10 see from beneath the wings of propeller plane

Rebuilt VC10 goes on public display at RAF Museum Cosford

Following an eight-month dismantling process and a four-month rebuild, the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford has put its VC10 on public display.

A photo of a woman tending to a Union flag which was flown at the Battle of Trafalgar from the HMS Minotaur

Object of the Week: The incredibly rare Union flag flown on the HMS Minotaur at the Battle of Trafalgar

To mark Trafalgar Day, Greenwich's National Maritime Museum has put a precious flag from the battle on display in its Nelson, Navy, Nation gallery. Find out more in our Object of the Week.

A photo of the Hampshire lake where the Henry the fifth warship the Holigost may have been found by archaeologists

In search of the Holigost: Could archaeologists be about to rediscover Henry V's warship?

A wreck buried in mud in the River Hamble, the Southampton stretch where the mighty Grace Dieu warship was discovered during the 1930s, could be Henry V's Holigost, according to Historic England.

a drawing of operating theatre nurses and doctors carrying a patient into theatre

Cache of unseen World War Two artworks acquired by National Maritime Museum

Royal Museums Greenwich has acquired a collection of 17 drawings by World War Two artist and Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse Rosemary Rutherford.

a photo of a model diorama with thousands of soldiers

The museum diorama makes a dramatic comeback for the Royal Armouries Agincourt exhibition

As the Royal Armouries prepares to unveil its Agincourt exhibition for the 600th Anniversary, we take a closer look at the diorama at the exhibition's centre.

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