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A photo of a graphic designed First World War poster appealing to the call of compulsion

England expects: Seven striking First World War posters which urged men to enlist

Within months of World War One breaking out, it became clear that recruiting enough volunteers to win the war was a huge task. Ahead of a new exhibition in Bath, see some of the persuasive posters produced.

The raiders return to Mercia: From shoes to a child's skate, exhibits show lives of the Vikings in Shropshre

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery’s new exhibition reveals day-to-day life and the complex concepts surrounding afterlife beliefs in a county which suffered multiple Viking raids.

A black and white photo of a group of women posing for a photo at a conference

War, peace, fines and summits: Six images from the movement to achieve equality for women

From the Boer War of more than a century ago to the first World Conference on Women, held in Mexico in 1975, here are six images from the London School of Economics' new exhibition.

A photo of a box of letters and books once owned by florence nightingale

Florence Nightingale's letter about "vision" which called her to nursing set for first display in public

An unseen letter from Florence Nightingale detailing the inspiration which called her to pursue her nursing career has been uncovered in a former family home in Cornwall.

A photo of the large circular front of a first world war gun

The big guns: Arsenal of B98 German destroyer from World War One Battle of Jutland heads to Portsmouth

The large deck gun from the German B98 destroyer, used at the Battle of Jutland, is heading to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard alongside a gun from HMS Opal, which also took part in the battle.

A photo of a First World War diary in black ink on light brown paper

"Mental cases", parasites, brandy injections and food complaints: First World War hospital ship diaries go online

Setting up hospitals in battlegrounds and out at sea created a variety of challenges, as a new set of more than 200 diaries, put online by The National Archives, illustrate.

A photo of an ancient syringe from the mary rose

See the seven artefacts from the Mary Rose appearing on BBC Two's Great History Quiz Christmas special

Seven fascinating artefacts from the wreck of the Mary Rose - as featured on the BBC's Great History Quiz Christmas edition.

A photo of a cigar

Happy birthday Winston Churchill: Five rooms and objects telling Churchill's wartime story

On Winston Churchill's 141st birthday, Phil Reed, the Director of London's Churchill War Rooms, takes a look at the rooms and objects which tell the tale of his leadership.

A black and white photo of former british prime minister winston churchill outdoors

"He knew how much was riding on this": Winston Churchill's "finest hour" speech among a million documents in archive of former Prime Minister

On what would have been his 141st birthday, a vast archive of letters written by Winston Churchill, including a copy of his "finest hour" speech to parliament, has been recognised by the United......

a photo of of the hull of the Mary Rose in Portsmouth

Mary Rose Museum to re-open in 2016 with "best ever", "unrestricted" views of ship

The best ever view of the Mary Rose hull since her raising in 1982 is promised when the Mary Rose Museum re-opens in late summer 2016.

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