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A photo of an enormous ship

Fines on banks provide £1 million boost for UK's last Second World War Landing Craft from D-Day

The project to restore the LCT 7074 - a Landing Craft which carried up to ten tanks at a time on D-Day - will benefit from the banking crisis, the Chancellor has announced.

a photo of a pair of high leather boots

Waterloo200 website launches with 100 objects and search for Waterloo ancestors

From battered bits of bone and armour to Napoleon's sword and Wellington's boots, the website commemorating the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo launches with 100 iconic objects.

a black and white photo of an elderly man in a chair

Final photograph of Winston Churchill goes on display as Chartwell marks Churchill 2015

The last photograph taken of Sir Winston Churchill and the flag that flew over Washington on the day of his death are among the objects on display in an exhibition at his family home of Chartwell in Kent.

a black and white photo of a Spitfire pilot next to his plane

The Forth Bridge Raid: First Luftwaffe bombing raid of World War Two remembered at Queensferry Museum

The Forth Bridge Raid, the first time Luftwaffe bombers met Spitfires over British skies, is remembered by eyewitnesses at Queensferry Museum.

a photo of young children in threadbare clothes

British Library publishes vast audio archive of Holocaust testimonies for Holocaust Memorial Day

The British Library is launching Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust, an online resource giving worldwide access to 289 audio interviews with Holocaust Survivors.

A photo of a small circular golden naval badge

Lord Nelson's badge, figureheads and models: Eight highlights from HMS Victory: The Untold Story

See a few of the key exhibits to look out for when the exhibition, HMS Victory: The Untold Story, opens at Historic Dockyard Chatham in February.

a photo of a man standing in front of the propellers of a World War I aeroplane

Aircraft of the First World War: A tour of the Grahame-White Factory at the RAF Museum London

Take a tour of the remarkable aircraft in the RAF Museum's First World War in the Air permanent exhibition with Head of Collections, Ian Thirsk.

a photo of a small locket with a piece of lead shot in it

Bullet that killed Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalagar to go on display at Chatham

Chatham Historic Dockyard is marking the 250th anniversary of the launch of the world’s most famous warship, HMS Victory, by putting treasures on show including the fateful bullet that killed......

An image of an ancient letter written in black ink on yellow paper

Napoleon's letter of surrender from Waterloo to go on public view at Windsor Castle

As one of a series of royal correspondences going on show later this month, the defeated Napoleon Bonaparte pleaded for the “hospitality of the British people” after his defeat.

a photo of a camouflaged and turreted fighter in a hangar

Boulton Paul Defiant fighter rescued by Kent Battle of Britain Museum in Hawkinge

A World War Two Boulton Paul Defiant fighter is heading to the Kent Battle of Britain Museum at Hawkinge, where it will join a Spitfire and Hurricane in the only display of its kind in the world.

A photo of a man in a purple suit and cap pointing a rifle towards the camera in a forest

National Civil War Centre promises spectacular re-enactments as opening weekend nears

Visitors have been able to see inside the Grade II-listed home of the £5.4 million National Civil War Centre, as organisers promise a "truly grand" opening weekend in May.

A photo of an air raid shelter with a wall made up of lines of sacked cement at dusk

Inscription could have been last act at airfield by doomed World War II pilot, say archaeologists

An inscription on an air raid shelter at an airfield which played an important role in the Battle of Britain could have been the last act of a serving pilot, says a county archaeologist.

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