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From your local regimental military museum and national collections to forts, redoubts, bunkers and historic battlefields, Britain's military heritage is rich and varied. Explore it all here with Culture24 museum news, exhibition reviews, features, military museum events, websites and more...

a photo of an aircraft in hangar with single cockpit and gun turret situated directly behind it

'Defiant' Jack Holmes: The man who built the Boulton Paul Defiant

Culture24 talks to 'Defiant' Jack Holmes, who went from working on Boulton Paul Defiants during World War Two to building the faithful replica now on display at Kent Battle of Britain Museum.

A photo of a woman wearing purple gloves holding up a piece of civil war body armour

Amputation knives to historical gold mines: key exhibits from the new National Civil War Centre

Ahead of the public opening of the new £5.4 million National Civil War Centre in Newark on Sunday, curators and experts introduce some of the star objects going on display.

a painting of a battlefield scene with armies stretched out across fields and hills

Cambridge University Library reveals rarely seen treasures for Waterloo200

A letter written from the body-strewn battlefield at Waterloo and a book from Napoleon’s personal library in exile go on display in Cambridge as a major Waterloo exhibition opens for Waterloo200.

a before and after photograph showing a black and white room furnished with heavy Jacobean furniture and a colour photo of a recreation

Old black and white photo helps RAF Museum recreate Claude Grahame-White's Hendon office

Claude Grahame-White's sumptuous first floor office has been faithfully recreated at the RAF Museum in London after careful analysis of a single black and white photograph.

a photo of a gallery installation of an exhibition

Five Myths of Gallipoli: The National Museum of the Royal Navy puts the record straight

As Anzac Day approaches, The National Museum of the Royal Navy's historian and curator Nick Hewitt outlines five myths of the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War.

a drawing of a highland soldier wearing a bonnet

Massive 13-metre Waterloo Cartoon emerges from Royal Academy stores for Waterloo Bicentenary

Following a major conservation project, the Royal Academy is to display its monumental 13-metre wide cartoon The Meeting of Wellington and Blücher after the Battle of Waterloo.

a photo of a woman dressed in First World War gear offering a piece of cake to a man in a cockpit

Discovery of family recipe allows RAF Museum to recreate fighter ace's favourite plum cake

The chance discovery of an old family recipe has allowed the RAF Museum to recreate the plum cake loved by First World War Royal Flying Corps fighter ace Albert Ball.

A photo of a human backbone spine against a black background

Monster, villain and clown: Richard III tried to hide scoliosis before cruel depictions were made, new research says

The king could have tried to hide his scoliosis before his body was exhibited following his death at the Battle of Bosworth, says the University of Leicester's Dr Mary Ann Lund.

A photo of a dark brown cross medal inscribed with the words 12 and 13 April 1915

Curators find Victoria Cross won by British Major shot on horse during First World War Mesopotamian campaign

The highest possible honour for a Commonwealth serviceman and a string of medals won by Major Godfrey Massy Wheeler have been found by curators at Brighton Museum.

A photo of a woman looking at a small badge

"We can only imagine the horrific injuries": 15th century War of the Roses handgun goes on show for first time

A handgun which a soldier attempted to use at the Battle of Towton - one of the bloodiest battles of the War of the Roses, in 1461 - is among the artefacts to have gone on show at York's Richard III......

A photo of a man standing in front of a massive aeroplane inside a museum

Domino Theory: Don't miss DJ Yoda's Cold War-themed party for Museums at Night at the RAF Museum

Having brought the party to the north London museum for the Museums at Night festival last year, one of the UK's best DJs is back for more this May at the RAF Museum.

a photo of an old Union Jack flag with holes

Royal Scots Waterloo Colours to be displayed for last time at Edinburgh Castle

To mark 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, The Royal Scots regimental Colours, which they carried into the battle, are to be displayed for the last time to the public at Edinburgh Castle.

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