Sherlock Holmes reinstated at Arthur Conan Doyle's Picardy Place birthplace in Edinburgh

By Culture24 Reporter | 23 August 2012
A photo of an engineer working on a tall brown sculpture of a man with a drill
Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous figure, has returned to his usual spot in Edinburgh after three years away© The City of Edinburgh Council
An all-seeing statue to match the towering literary legacy of Shelock Holmes has returned to its Picardy Place vantage point in Edinburgh, three years after the city’s much-publicised tram works forced it to be moved.

A photo of a tall stone sculpture of a detective with hat, cloak and pipe against a skyline
The statue marks the street where Conan Doyle was born in 1859© The City of Edinburgh Council
Experts at local fine art foundry Powderhall Bronze have tended to the depiction of the master detective during its temporary departure from the birthplace of Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle, where it was originally placed in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Federation of Master Builders.

“The statue has been carefully conserved and spruced up by experts,” said Lesley Hinds, the Transport Convenor for Edinburgh City Council.

“The magnificent statue of Sherlock Holmes has been a much-loved figure on Picardy Place since 1991. We're delighted to see it back on public display once again."

More pictures:

A photo of a crane hoisting a statue in a white covering onto a plinth on a city street
© The City of Edinburgh Council
A photo of workmen in visibility jackets unwrapping a huge stone sculpture of a man
© The City of Edinburgh Council
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