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A photo of a yellowed sheet of paper telling the story of Newark during the English Civil War

Object of the Week: The news sheets relating the King's surrender days after the fall of Newark in the English Civil War

In May 1646, news sheets - now held in the town's National Civil War - confirmed that Newark had been taken during a Civil War clash between the Parliamentary and Royalist forces.

Metamorphosis: Experts say 21st century is seventh age of William Shakespeare's works

Four hundred years after William Shakespeare's baptism, a new exhibition suggests digitising his work only creates the latest stage in its metamorphosis.

A photo of a copy of William Shakespeare's First Folio showing A Midsummer Night's Dream

Object of the Week: William Shakespeare's First Folio, as owned by King George III

Printed in 1623, this copy of the First Folio has been left open at A Midsummer Night’s Dream as it makes its first appearance outside of the British Library.

A photo showing an engraving of William Shakespeare on a 20 pound Bank of England note

A man of note: The artwork behind William Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet's £20 note

A new Bank of England Museum exhibition revisits the beautiful artwork of the £20 series D note issued in 1970 - and remembers designer Harry Eccleston six years after his death.

A photo of a death scene from a book or play by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's Dead: Deathbeds, leering skulls and the folio that started it all

Death is eternal in Shakespeare. Take a look at the new Shakespeare's Dead exhibition at the Weston Library in Oxford, with co-curator Professor Emma Smith.

A photo of the grave of William Shakespeare at the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon

"His skull isn't there at all": Archaeologists say spine-shivering radar results show Shakespeare's head was taken from grave

The first ever archaeological work carried out on Shakespeare's grave, at the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon, shows "very convincing" evidence of a missing skull, say experts.

A photo of the head of William Shakespeare

Comedies, histories and tragedies: Inside a magnificent 17th century Willliam Shakespeare Third Folio

This Third Folio of William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories and Tragedies was published in 1685. Adam Douglas, Senior Books Specialist at leading rare books firm Peter Harrington, takes a leaf......

A photo of a medieval painting of John the Baptist found at Shakespeare's Schoolroom

"It was miraculous": The moment when conservators found John the Baptist in Shakespeare's Schoolroom

Leading Art Conservator Mark Perry was stunned to find the figure of John the Baptist in a medieval wall painting at Shakespeare's Schoolroom, which will open to the public on Shakespeare's birthday.

A black and white drawing of the Brontë sisters

In Search of Anne Brontë: On Charlotte's birthday, revisiting the life of the sibling rival of the "Queen of Yorkshire"

Author and historian Nick Holland reveals the sincere woman behind Action Bell – and her short life of both light and loss.

a photo of a thatched cottage

Looking for Shakespeare: A Heritage trail in search of The Bard

Explore the world of William Shakespeare through museum collections, documents, historic houses and heritage sites in the UK.

A photo of the front of a book about Anne Brontë

In Search of Anne Brontë: Win a copy of the first biography of the youngest Brontë in more than half a century

While Charlotte and Emily may be the older and more famous sisters, Anne Brontë remains a bestselling author and an infatuating personality to modern audiences. Win a copy of Nick Holland's new......

A photo of an advert for a women's suffrage at Manchester's albert hall in 1908

Beasts, a salient pig, Wilfred Owen's poetry and Magna Carta: 12 of the Bodleian Library's best

From a suffrage march more than a century ago to 18th century poppy illustrations, see a dozen of the most magnificent items at Oxford's Bodleian Library.

A photo of William Shakespeare's first folio as seen laid out at the university of oxford

New copy of William Shakespeare's First Folio emerges on Scotland's Isle of Bute

A prized Shakespeare First Folio, once owned by an 18th century editor, bears the fingerprints of its former owners on pages verified by experts as a genuine First Folio.

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