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An image of the front of a book drawn in black pencil showing various royal figures

"Disgraceful" first edition of Alice in Wonderland, rejected by book's illustrator, goes on public display

Curators say they can understand why illustrator John Tenniel complained about the printing of an edition with a print run of 2,000 in June 1865.

a black and white photo of author JM Barrie surrounded by children, some standing next to him and lots sitting on the floor

Lost JM Barrie play kickstarts final fundraiser for Scottish Children's Literature and Storytelling Centre

A play the Peter Pan author thought was "lost" will return to the academy where it was first performed nearly 140 years ago as a fundraiser for the transformation of Moat Brae House.

Photo of a painting of a man in armour on a battlefield

The Brontës, War and Waterloo shows the influence of the Napoleonic era on the literary family

The Brontë Parsonage Museum is exploring how contemporary events during the Napoleonic wars fueled the Brontës' literary imagination.

A photo of an old newspaper advertisement about a book dealing in gardens

Scots had expensive taste for "novelty" curry in Victorian times, newspaper reveals

Curry was "way beyond the means" of most people two centuries ago, say historians in Edinburgh who found an advert by a grocer selling a powder from India in 1798.

a black and white photo of a woman with hands on hips, wearing a hat

Exhibition of rarely seen photographs to provide clues about the mysterious life of Agatha Christie

The Bankside Gallery, London will present a new photographic exhibition of rare and unseen photographs marking the 125th anniversary of Agatha Christie's birth.

Photo of an image of a woman in black and white on a green background

Mary Wollstonecraft helps People's History Museum with crowdfunding appeal

The People's History Museum has teamed up with graffiti artist Stewy for the latest phase of its Sponsor a Radical Hero fundraising campaign, promoting the legacy Mary Wollstonecraft.

Photo from a door at green countryside and trees

Searching for the science behind Tolkien's Middle-earth: Leicester University students map the hobbit metabolism

Two natural sciences students have investigated the logistical issues of lembas bread and have calculated that a hobbit would need 1,818 calories a day.

A photo of teeth and a thumb bone on a red background

Public vote on new digital Magna Carta celebrates 800th anniversary of the charter

A set of digital rights clauses created by 3,000 students worldwide are to be voted on by the public as part of a new digital Magna Carta, with the ‘Top 10’ clauses revealed on Magna Carta Day......

A small painting of a fashionable 19th century woman.

Keats House refurbishes its displays with more Keats treasures on show to the public

Keats House reveals newly displayed objects from the poet's life, work and ill-fated relationship with the girl next door, Fanny Brawne.

A photo of two gold-coloured sculptures of men from several centuries ago

Vicious, debased and blasphemous: Oxford academic uncovers scandalous side of Greek epic

An Oxford academic has uncovered a new, bloodier and far more scandalous side to the Theban chapter of what is known, along with the Trojan War and others, as the Epic Cycle.

a photo of a parchment letter written in Latin

World's oldest handwritten parchment letter heads to London for exhibition of philatelic treasures

Some of the world’s oldest and most historic letters are coming to London for Europhilex, a dazzling free display of precious philatelic treasures.

Cats and books to bake-offs and bread: 20 of Orkney Library's best tweets on Twitter

Stewart Bain, the man behind the Orkney Library account which is renowned as one of the funniest on Twitter, picks 20 of his favourite jokes from two years of tickled followers.

a painting of William Wordsworth with arms folded

Wordsworth the War Poet emerges from the Napoleonic war clouds in Wordsworth, War and Waterloo in Grasmere

As Wordsworth, War & Waterloo opens at the Wordsworth Museum, Culture24 talks to Wordsworth expert Professor Simon Bainbridge about the great Lake District Romantic as a war poet.

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