Historic Royal Palaces launch 1,000-year-old Facebook timeline of Tower of London

By Culture24 Reporter | 28 September 2012
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A modern Beefeater takes a look at some of his predecessors on the Tower of London's new Facebook timeline© Historic Royal Palaces
Had Facebook been around 1,000 years ago, the Tower of London’s story might have been very different.

“We wonder if Henry VIII and the Tower’s other infamous characters would have minded having their pasts scrutinised by the Facebook generation,” ponders Tim Powell, the Digital Media Manager at Historic Royal Palaces, where a chart showing the history of the Tower – dating back to 1066, when the future World Heritage Site was founded by William the Conqueror – is believed to be the oldest timeline on the social networking behemoth.

A mere 1,000 years of post-dating is available to Facebook users, giving the owners of the page the chance to cover the execution of Anne Boleyn, the torture of Guy Fawkes and the Great Fire of London (1538, 1605 and 1666, in case you can’t already recite them instantly).

“It's an incredibly powerful way for modern audiences to engage with the Tower's rich history, in the same way they interact with their friends and record their own lives,” adds Powell. Even the most exuberant of socialites, though, would struggle to beat tales of Beefeaters, menageries and bloodshed.

More pictures:

A photo of a dark raven with a message about a historic royal decree next to it
© Historic Royal Palaces

A photo of a royal seat on a table in blue with a message about a beheaded Queen
© Historic Royal Palaces
A photo of a gate inside a historic palace next to a message about the 13th century
© Historic Royal Palaces
An image of an illustration of an elephant next to a message about a historic menagerie
© Historic Royal Palaces
A photo of a man in a dark blue and red royal uniform holding a smartphone by a tower
© Historic Royal Palaces

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