In Pictures: Historic Royal Palaces Curator Lucy Worsley takes us on a tour of Hampton Court

By Kirstie Brewer | 25 May 2011
A photo of a young woman standing on a rooftop pointing
Lucy Worsley, chief curator at Historic Royal Palaces, treated Museums at Night 2011 competition winners to a guided rooftop tour of Hampton Court Palace. Kirstie Brewer joined in the fun...

Winners were first greeted by a piece of pornographic graffiti pencilled onto a staircase wall by a bored page in 1700.

A photo of a view over a large brown brick palace from the roof
The image of a lady with legs akimbo, sporting nothing but a pair of lavishly drawn heels, sparked a lively conversation about the history of sexual deviance.

It was something Lucy knew a great deal about having presented the BBC series If Walls Could Talk, An Intimate History of the Home and written an accompanying book by the same name.

A photo over spectacular lawns and gardens from the balcony of a palace
Several flights up and being careful to dodge the low hanging beams, we clambered onto the rooftop and viewed the palace and its grounds from a truly breathtaking and unique perspective.

We were particularly privileged to see both the Tudor and Stuart parts of the Palace simultaneously, which is only possible from the rooftop.

A photo of brown brick chimneys from a rooftop
Surveying the grounds from such a great height gave everyone a new appreciation of its regimented and carefully thought out nature and Lucy went to great effort to give us a rich and dynamic historical narrative to accompany the picturesque views.
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