Historic Buildings

From stately homes to 20th century office blocks - explore Britain's built heritage with news, event listings, features and web resources collected from historic sites across the UK.

A photo of a group of people in Georgian costumes standing at a candlelit dining table

A magical atmosphere: Step back into the 18th century with a candlelit tour of a magnificent Georgian York townhouse

The York time capsule which might just be the country’s most beautiful Georgian townhouse is inviting people in for two special evenings of candlelit performances this May.

A photo of the ornate, triangular roof of a historic building under a bright blue sky

"Creaking" Museum of London could create "unrivalled experience" at Smithfield Market by 2021

The City of London Corporation is backing plans which the Museum of London hopes will double its visitor count to more than two million people annually.

How it Works and Culture24 launch essential app for culture seekers

A free new app allows you to find everything from English Heritage landmarks to off-the-track historical sites around the UK. Here's where you can find it.

Rochester Castle

Kings, Castles and Magna Carta: The Castles of the First Barons' War

Why did King John sign the Magna Carta at Runnymede in 1215 and what was the Barons' War? Follow this trail of medieval castles to explore a world of medieval sieges, power struggles and the fight......

a black and white photo of a man and a woman in a garden

Wrest Park reveals a First World War love story that lasted a lifetime

Daniel and Evelyn MacLean's love story will star in a temporary exhibition at the English Heritage property in Bedford from May 2015.

A photo of the model for a new entrance to a historic outdoor building in parkland

Shakespeare's last home to rise again in tale of Warwickshire schoolboy made good

New Place and Nash's House, where William Shakespeare's family lived for 19 years, have been awarded £1.8 million in funding ahead of the 400th anniversary of his death.

A photo of a group of people looking happy on a snowy hill

Celebrations in the snow as Northumberland National Park wins £7.8 million in Lottery funding

The team behind the proposed Sill discovery centre in Northumberland say they are on the brink of "something really special" after securing a huge investment from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

An overhead photo of a historic house with an arched roof in a leafy park area

The story of the 17th century Scottish hospital at the centre of a £3 million rescue bid

The trust responsible for Cowane's Hospital, in Stirling, have won backing in parliament for a £3 million rescue bid. Find out about a building which has seen more than 360 years of use.

A photo of a traditional cottage with black and white paint and a brown roof

Drones and 600-year-old timbers to help archaeologists in Anglo-Saxon Shropshire

Backed by £66,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, a project in a north Shropshire hamlet will examine 28 medieval buildings in one of the largest surveys of its kind in Britain.

a photo of a brick terrace house with steel boarding on windows and doors

SAVE campaign celebrates as demolition of terraces around Ringo Starr's birthplace is vetoed

The Welsh Streets terraces around Ringo Starr's house in Liverpool have been saved after the Secretary of State opposed Liverpool Council's decision to demolish them.

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