Historic Buildings

From stately homes to 20th century office blocks - explore Britain's built heritage with news, event listings, features and web resources collected from historic sites across the UK.

A photo of the ornate interior of a Jacobean mansion

Inside the exotic Chinese Drawing Room at Temple Newsam, Leeds's Tudor-Jacobean country mansion

With its handpainted wallpaper, the Chinese Drawing Room at the Tudor Jacobean mansion of Temple Newsam is one of Leeds’s most lavishly decorated rooms.

A photo of a gravestone

A 19th century pub argument, late-night drinking and a shooting: The tale of one of the last duels in Britain

In a tale of intoxicated accusations of debt and manslaughter, Hannah Griffiths reflects on the foliage-covered Isle of Wight gravestone of a man shot in a 19th century duel.

A photo of a series of small pipes found during an archaeological excavation at a castle

"We definitely didn't expect to find any skeletons": Medieval male "suffered greatly" with two broken legs, arthritis and bone infection

A man found as one of a pair of medieval skeletons at Runcorn's 11th century Halton Castle, near the Augustinian Norton Priory, had "substantial breaks" to his legs, say archaeologists.

a photo of a leather bound ledger book with a large chunk missing from its cover

Terrified family gift ghostly book to Brighton's most haunted house

A terrified family from Kent has given a 100-year-old Brighton shop ledger to the city's most haunted house, Preston Manor, after being plagued by ghostly visitations and a spectre who told them to......

A photo of ancient roundhouse buildings at Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire

Museums at Night October 2015: Horrible atrocities in a Fright Night for adults at Butser Ancient Farm

Short, moonlit shocks are in store at the archaeologically-important Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire this Museums at Night. Expect the unexpected, says organiser Ryan Watts.

A man by the sea holding a giant pencil.

National Trust unveils Ode to the Coast poem by punk poet Dr John Cooper Clarke

In celebration of 50 years of its Neptune Coastline Campaign, The National Trust has launched a new poem for National Poetry Day, The Nation’s Ode to the Coast, written by famous ‘punk poet’ Dr ......

a photo of Ladywell Baths in London: a large brick building with tower and Gothic arches to its windows

The Victorian Society's Top Ten Most Endangered Buildings list 2015

The Victorian Society has revealed 2015’s Top Ten Most Endangered Victorian and Edwardian Buildings at risk of being lost if action is not taken in the immediate future. Find out more here.

A photograph of an old cross

The Celts: Ten places to experience Celtic history and culture in the UK

As the British Museum prepares to open its Celts exhibition, Culture24 has put together a top ten list of places to experience Celtic history and culture in the UK.

An overhead photo of an archaeological dig at a field as part of an investigation into Leiston Abbey

Medieval infirmary and hidden abbey buildings show monastic hygiene practices and more, say archaeologists

Archaeologists have used drones and crowdfunding to make amazing discoveries at Leiston Abbey, one of Suffolk's little-known medieval ruins. Maiya Pina-Dacier explains all.

A photo of graffiti scrawled into an ancient wall at the National Civil War Centre in Newark

This is what graffiti from more than 400 years ago looks like: National Civil War Centre saves schoolboy names in walls

The names of schoolboys scrawled into walls in the 16th century home of the National Civil War Centre have been saved after an 18-month operation to jack up the roof of the building.

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