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A black and white overhead photo of a British rural site during the 1920s or 1930s

English Heritage appeals to public to tag vast collection of First World War aerial photos

First World War Centenary planners and English Heritage are asking the public to share their knowledge of some of the sites shown in Britain from Above's collection of 95,000 photos.

A photo of a group of men in viking costumes branding fire on sticks within a parkland

19th century whale jawbone leaves Edinburgh Meadows as repair bid begins

Experts are about to launch a repair job on the Jawbone Arch, which has stood over the gateway to Edinburgh's Meadows since the aftermath of a science exhibition in 1886.

A photo of a group of women in colourful costumes holding up placards in the open air

Lady Gaga Parliament protest prevails as Secretary of State rules on Smithfield Market

An army of Lady Gaga-inspired protestors are enjoying the edge of glory after their opposition to a proposed retail and office development saw a government inquiry go their way.

An image of a Victorian invitation card to the opening of a bridge

Tower Bridge at 120: Ten museums, galleries and artists telling the tale of the landmark

Enter the Victorian Engine Rooms of Tower Bridge, find out when you can swim the Thames and see the ways in which artists have depicted the icon through the ages.

A photo of the outside of a pub

English Heritage launches investigation into "severely threatened" traditional English pub

English Heritage researchers will concentrate on 19th and 20th century pubs in Leeds in a bid to enhance our appreciation of the disappearing buildings.

A photo of two large prehistoric huts

Neolithic houses showed Stonehenge residents as talented builders, recreators say

See pictures of the Neolithic houses which have been opened to the public at Stonehenge - recreated based on the painstaking building processes of 2,500 years ago.

the village of Clipston

Abandoned medieval Northamptonshire villages recognised as Ancient Monuments

Acting on the advice of English Heritage, the government has assigned extra protection to a series of important medieval villages in Northamptonshire.

Digital recreation of Bruce's tomb

Hunterian Museum recreates lost tomb of Robert the Bruce

Uniting pieces of the Bruce’s lost tomb for the first time, Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum has created a 3D digital model of what it may once have been like

A photo of an archaeologist in high visibility clothing standing in a partly demolished site

Archaeologists in York appeal for memories of 1940s buildings at medieval Guildhall

Archaeologists want the public to play an important part in interpreting a site which was visited by Richard III during the 15th century.

A photo of an elaborate pen and ink drawing of a 19th century mansion

Curator's Choice: Catherine Pell chooses a detailed drawing of 19th century Cheam

Made by little-known topographical artist RB Schnebbelie, a 19th century view of the Grade II-listed Tudor building is a portrait of a place full of stories and rumours.

Hen Dy Cwrdd (The Old Meeting House), built in 1751

New ‘Virtual Museum’ tells the story of Welsh Unitarianism and its architectural heritage

£60,000 has been allocated by Visit Wales to the creation of a ‘virtual museum’ telling the story of Unitarianism in Y Smotyn Du (The Black Spot).

A photo of the remains of a castle wall on grassland

Archaeologists investigate east side of once-mighty 13th century Welsh castle

A dig in Wrexham aims to reveal more of the massive defences once held by a little-known castle built following the defeat of the Prince of Wales in 1282.

a photo of a unicorn

Chiltern Open Air Museum plans Pegasus to usurp unicorn for Museums at Night magic

Sian Hammerton-Fraser of the Chiltern Open Air Museum in Buckinghamshire tells us about the white horse with wings who will be rode by a top author for this year's Museums at Night festival.

A photo of children playing on a beach

Organisers to use 40 tonnes of sand to create "blast" of a beach at Oxford Castle

As a former prison, the site of Oxford Castle is designed to be tricky to breach. But weeks of volleyball, cocktails and Hawaiian shirts make the hard work worthwhile.

A photo of a skeleton next to a 50p coin

Skeletons of foetus, heavily pregnant woman and crammed men found at York church

A huge tomb has been excavated at All Saints church, in York city centre, where the timbers of 3rd century trees and pottery fragments have also been found.

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