John Bradshaw gives Chichester Cathedral Impressions of Irish History

By Laura Burgess | 17 August 2010
a black and white photo of a stone terrace looking out to sea

(Above) John Bradshaw, Skellig.

Exhibition: Impressions of Irish History at Chichester Cathedral until September 7 2010.

It may have been the Normans, landing at Bannow Bay in 1169, who did more than anyone else to change Ireland's culture and history. Like England they gave the country their castles and governance, but there was a thriving culture that preceeded and followed them.

You can explore this Celtic culture (and the Norman influence on it) in a photographic exhibition at Chichester Cathedral evoking the last 10,000 years of the country's history.

Impressions of Irish History features a series of atmospheric landscape photographs taken by John Bradshaw whoe chosen subject matter includes everything from the Ice Age and the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and the present day. Each photo is accompanied by quotes from relevant Irish poems, stories, and history books.

Shooting in black and white and eschewing digital techniques Bradshaw uses advanced printing methods, such as Bromoil, hand colouring and chemical toning to create spectral qualities.

For further information about Chichester Cathedral please phone 01243 782595 or visit

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