Erddig film explores the memories of visitors, staff and volunteers

By Culture24 Staff | 19 March 2010
a photo of a group of people on the steps of a house

(Above) Students with their interviewees on the steps in the Midden Yard at National Trust property Erddig. Courtesy National Trust

Staff at Erddig, the National Trust property near Wrexham, have been celebrating the completion of an inventive film project as part of a Wrexham-based rural stories scheme.

The film features volunteers, visitors and retired staff sharing their memories, stories and emotions about the house and park.

Each participant worked with a student from media and photography courses at Yale College, Wrexham and Northern Marches Cymru to write and record their stories in words and pictures.

“We are continuing Erddig's famous tradition of recording details of the servants,” said Jamie Watson, Erddig's Property Manager. “The paintings, photographs and poems in the house tell us about those who lived here in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, and now we are creating a record and a legacy of those who love Erddig in the 21st century.”

The atmospheric house and estate vividly evokes the lives of the family who once lived their and explores their unusually close relationship with the servants.

Visitors to Erddig will be able to see the film as it is shown at the property throughout the year.

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