Could you be the voice of Mary Queen of Scots?

By Culture24 | 31 July 2009
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A picture of a woman in period costume on a mobile phone

Contemporary Mary Queen of Scots on her mobile telephone. Pic: Forth Timeline Project

Do you think you have the voice of a confident diplomat and a powerful leader?

The Forth timeline project is looking for a woman who has just the right mix of French and Scottish to be the voice of Mary Queen of Scots.

One lucky winner will voice a new audio exhibit about the Stuart Queen's relationship to Alloa Tower in Clackmannanshire, which was home to the influential Erskine family.

"The voice of Mary is a mystery. No-one knows what she would have sounded like, but it is logical to think that it would have been a mix of lowland Scot and French," said Susan Mills, Heritage Officer at Clackmannanshire Council.

"She was known as an intelligent and confident woman and I think it will be interesting to hear people's interpretation of how she spoke."

The competition is open to women of any age who have standard or higher grade French and to native French speakers who have picked up some local dialect while living in Scotland.

Call 0131 208 0627 to enter. Full terms and tips on how to speak like Mary can be found on the Forth timeline website. All entries must be received by August 9 2009.

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