London 2012 Unveils Plans For Cultural Olympiad

By 24 Hour Museum Staff | 22 June 2007
logo for 2012 olympics, which is jaggedy pink numbers '2012'

The Cultural Olympiad will start in 2008

London 2012, the body responsible for organising the 2012 Olympics, has outlined the framework for a wide-ranging ‘Cultural Olympiad’.

At the centre of the Cultural Olympiad will be a UK-wide Cultural Festival plus ten major projects created in partnership with the BBC, MLA (Museums, Libraries and Archives Council), the UK Film Council and the Arts Councils of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Cultural Festival will start in summer 2008 and encompass thousands of national, local and regional events.

The planned major projects include a World Festival of Youth Culture, a Celebration of Disability Arts and Sports, an International Shakespeare Festival and Film and Video Nation, encouraging youth engagement with filmmaking.

More than 4,000 representatives of the cultural sector have been involved in shaping the form of the Cultural Olympiad while funding of £9m towards the Cultural Olympiad has already been secured from Youth Music.

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