Gulbenkian Prize People's Vote - Kew Palace

By 24 Hour Museum Staff Published: 23 May 2007

a photograph of a large red brick Georgian building set within a formal period garden

Kew Palace exterior, showing the lift built on the site of the former Privy shaft. © Historic Royal Palaces /

The voting for the 2007 Readers' Poll for the Gulbenkian Prize is now closed

Not only have we had an amazing response to our Gulbenkian Prize People's Vote, but we've received literally hundreds of fantastic comments, showing just how much museums and galleries mean to local people. Here's a selection showing what our readers feel about the recently restored Kew Palace.

“Kew Palace is a forgotten piece of history, delightfully brought to life by Historic Royal Palaces. The mood of the house and the careful storytelling compel understanding of a family in crisis amidst momentous world events.” John

“I found it to be one of the most atmospheric displays of history that I have seen and one that told a clear story - or, more accurately, two stories: that of the house and that of George III.” Jonathan

“Kew Palace gets our vote - it has been so carefully restored, and yet not overdone. The quality of the work is outstanding, and the presentation delightful and imaginative. Historic Royal Palaces has done a fantastic job.” David and Judy

a photograph showing and interior staircase of a Georgian Mansion

An interior stairwell at Kew Palace © Historic Royal Palaces /

“Kew Palace is a gem - the only royal palace on a small, human scale and the untouched areas have been a revelation.” Mr Allen

“I would like to vote for Kew Palace as it has been probably one of the best restoration projects that has ended with a very enjoyable experience for visitors.” Getty

“We are voting for Kew Palace because it is more than just the usual stately building. It is presented as a real home where King George and his family lived their everyday lives … Additionally, Kew Palace has one of the finest medicinal herb gardens in England with original explanations of the herbs and their uses.” Frank and Sue

a photograph of the interior of an ornate room

The Queen's Boudoir at Kew Palace. © Historic Royal Palaces /

“I’d like to vote for Kew Palace – the team managed to make a very difficult building and potentially inaccessible subject matter extremely accessible, enjoyable and even moving. A lesson for everyone working in the field of how these things should be done.” Jeremy

“We wish to register our unequivocal support for Kew Palace to be awarded the Gulbenkian Prize for museums and galleries 2007. In our opinion the Historic Royal Palaces charity has excelled in to re-igniting the interest of the public to what is the UK's smallest royal palace and, in particular, by its innovative presentation of the world surrounding King George III.” Mr & Mrs Thomas

“HRP did a fantastic job in restoring the palace and it looks beautiful!”Tamsin

“This is an amazing achievement of restoration and should be the recipient of the Gulbenkian Prize.” Sue

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