Treasures Revealed unites Folkestone, Beaney and Boulogne Notre Dame Cathedral Crypt

By Culture24 Reporter | 10 January 2013
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A photo of various bones next to a measuring ruler in a brown mud or clay pit
Treasures Revealed has lived up to its name with some major archaeological discoveries at the Beaney in Kent© Kent County Council

A two-year partnership between three cultural centres in Kent and Boulogne, resulting in 90 workshops, events and exhibitions attended by more than 4,000 people, is being marked with an exhibition in Folkestone highlighting some of its surprising results.

A metal road surface, remnants of a tavern, a jewellery workshop, bones, ovens of fast food stalls, a razed building and a gold bracelet were among the Roman artefacts discovered during the Treasures Revealed project, which hosted a major archaeological dig at the Beaney Art Museum and Library in Canterbury.

The free programme, devised by the Folkestone History Centre, the Beaney and Boulogne’s Notre Dame Cathedral Crypt, enticed communities from either side of the Channel to share their histories, as well as allowing heritage authorities to improve their venues and share their knowledge.

A famous Folkestone painting, Landing of the Belgian Refugees, was also conserved in March 2011. The exhibition runs at the Sassoon gallery, above Folkestone Library, from January 16-28, before moving to Boulogne in February.

More pictures:

A photo of a woman digging stone ruins within an ancient building, archaeological dig
© Kent County Council
A photo of a man operating a mechanical digger on clay inside an ancient stone building
© Kent County Council
A photo of an intricate wooden carving of a sea bird being held by a gloved hand
© Kent County Council
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