Ask a Curator day takes Twitter by storm

By Ben Miller | 19 September 2012
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“The bear now lives upstairs in the Natural History gallery,” tweeted the Warwickshire Museum, allaying the potential despair of one visitor checking the continued safety of a much-loved animal at the museum.

“The bear makes me laugh as he’s so grumpy looking,” they added, winning respect for “angry taxidermy” from one reader.

Ask a Curator Day has set off at a furious pace and is already trending. So far it has summoned everything from frank admissions (“the only reason I signed up is so I can have the day off”) to complex questions on digital exhibits and discussions of issues of sensitivity surrounding certain specialist collections.

Highlights this afternoon include two hour-long sessions with curators on Tate's Twitter and a revolving line-up of experts from National Galleries Scotland.

  • Get stuck in by using the hashtag #AskACurator. Visit Erika Taylor's Pinterest page for some early results including hairy chests and xylophones.
More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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