More Spooky Tours Around Preston Manor, Brighton

| 11 September 2006
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shows a black and white picture of the front of an imposing manor house with a lawn laid out in front of it.

Preston Manor, Brighton

Due to popular demand extra dates for the paranormal Twilight Tours atPreston Manor have just been announced. The extra tours take place at 7pm on Tuesdays 17 October, 14 November and 12 December, 2006, so book in advance on 01273 292770 and take a tour of Brighton’s most haunted house!

Tales of ghostly sightings and supernatural experiences at Preston Manor goback through history, including Sister Agnes, the medieval nun who helpedtravellers on their way; a body buried under the patio; a disembodied handfloating by the four-poster bed; the White Lady and the elegant Lady inGrey who descends the grand staircase with nowhere to go.

One friendlyghost was even seen trying out a child’s toy tractor during the 1960s.The reports continue with modern day sightings of non-existent visitors,doors locking themselves and lights turning off for no reason, and theghostly hand holding onto a doorknob.

Tours take place from 7-8.30pm at a cost of £15 which includes a glass of wine and ghostly nibbles. The tour covers Preston Manor and the mediaeval St Peter’s Church adjoining themanor gardens.

More details and advance booking - 01273 292770

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