Roman Baths commemorated in Royal Mail's A-Z of Great Britain stamp collection

By Ruth Hazard | 11 April 2012
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A picture of a stamp with a photogrpah of the roamn baths with mist rising from them
The Roman Baths have been commemorated in a new collection of postage stamps launched by Royal Mail.

An image of early morning mist rising from the Baths features in the second part of the postal service's A-Z of Great Britain stamp set.

Bath is the only world heritage site to be immortalised in the series, which also includes York Minster and the White cliffs of Dover.

"The image on this beautiful stamp captures the Roman Baths as you can see it on a crisp winter's morning, with dawn light breaking,” says Stephen Clews, the Manager of the site.

"Photographer Mark Passmore has done an excellent job in revealing this very special moment in the daily life of the baths."

The bathing complex dates back to 60-70 AD and uses rainwater originating from the Mendip Hills.

"Having stood at the centre of the City of Bath for nearly 2,000 years, the Roman Baths truly are a monument to the great heritage of this country" says Geoff Braden, the Regional Operations Director for Royal Mail.
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