50,000 children expected to take part in Children's Commissioner's Takeover Day 2011

By Culture24 Reporter | 10 November 2011
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A photo of a group of children looking at a retail device
The kids are united for Takeover Day 2011
© Eureka Halifax
The endlessly boisterous and frequently brilliant designs and creative ideas of children will be put to the test tomorrow as museums across the country welcome the fifth instalment of the Children’s Commissioner's Takeover Day.

"They are this country's most valuable asset," says Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, applauding the "fantastic initiative".

"I visit schools around the country and I am always struck by how bright, imaginative and articulate Britain's children and young people are. I'm looking forward to seeing them give the adults a run for our money."

It's unclear whether Clegg will be surrendering his duties, but museums signing over their responsibilities include Oxford’s Pitt Rivers and Museum of Natural History, where a "teenage taskforce" will be greeting visitors at the entrance.

At Hampton Court Palace, the Head of Visitor Services, Visitor Experience Manager and the State Apartment Warder Supervisor will all have their feet up as a triumvirate of 15-year-olds moonlight for them.

The historic Ironbridge Gorge, in Shropshire, will see children managing the site and deciding how to keep short attention spans interested as well as providing ideas for the retail outlets and marketing enclaves of the sprawling industrial attraction.

The museums have been spurred on by the involvement of the imaginative Kids in Museums team, and plans for Remembrance Day are among the priorities in a campaign backed by the Department of Education, the Home Office, London Mayor Boris Johnson and BBC Radio 1.

"The number of young people taking part in the day has grown each year as more and more organisations have realised the benefits to us all of listening to children's views and opinions," says Maggie Atkinson, the Children's Commissioner who will have her own job taken over by members of Amplify, her children and young people's advisory group.

"In 2010, 40,000 children had the chance to make their voices heard. This year looks set to be even bigger – we are hoping 50,000 children will get their chance to take over for 2011."

  • Visit Takeover Day online and follow the campaign on Twitter by using the hashtag #TakeoverDay2011.
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