Sculptor Antony Gormley presents Flare II in art-faith fusion on Salisbury Cathedral ceiling

By Ben Miller | 01 April 2011
A photo of a silver sculpture in a cathedral
Installation: Flare II, Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, April 2 2011 – April 2012

For its latest high-profile fusion of art and faith, Salisbury Cathedral adds Antony Gormley’s spidery mesh of silver to the roof of the 13th century building, hanging beneath the South Transept as light from the surrounding windows illuminates it.

“I have tried to make the space of the body open to light, to the gaze and to space at large,” explains the former Turner Prize winner, who says the piece aims to “express the human state of embodiment less as a thing or a narrative than a state.”

“The act of sustained and materialised imagination of Salisbury Cathedral and the volume and transparency of the South Transept is a wonderful context for this work.”

  • Open 7.15am-6.15pm. Admission free.
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