Dorset Burial Site Excavation Film Released Online

By Ben Miller | 21 January 2009
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photo of archaeologists at work in a field

A film from excavation work on a new road in Weymouth has been unveiled. Picture courtesy Oxford Archaeology

Footage from an excavation at a Dorset burial site which unearthed skeletons, a Roman chalk pit and a Bronze Age barrow has been released online.

Dorset County Council has produced a short film documenting the investigation by Oxford Archaeology, which took place in December 2008 as part of preparation for a new relief road on Weymouth’s Ridgeway.

photo of an archaeologist working on a skeleton

The team completed the work in December 2008. Picture courtesy Oxford Archaeology

Geoffrey Brierley, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “The advance archaeology on the Ridgeway was one of the first phases of work on the Weymouth Relief Road and was extremely visible from the road. We have created this short film so that residents can see close-up the work that the archaeologists undertook.

“By starting the dig early, we ensured that Oxford Archaeology had the time they needed to do a thorough investigation of the area effected by the road, and we are pleased to be able to share their finds.”

photo of a skeleton discovered on the dig

Skeletons were among the findings at the site. Picture courtesy Oxford Archaeology

David Score, Project Manager for Oxford Archaeology, was encouraged by the council’s endeavour. “It is great to see Dorset County Council taking such an interest in the archaeological work on the scheme and doing a very good job of presenting the information to the public, particularly schoolchildren,” he responded.

“It’s important to us as archaeologists that what we find is presented to as wide an audience as possible, and particularly people in the local area.”

The 5.1 hectare area is well known as a site for prehistoric ritual activity, and the council is also planning to display detailed analysis currently being carried out on the finds by Score’s team.

See the video here.

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