In Pictures: British archaeologists begin Spitfire search in Burma

By Culture24 Reporter | 11 January 2013
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A photo of a hand holding a large square slab of craggy rock above dark red earth soil
The archaeological team on the path of dozens of Spitfires thought to have been buried in Burma have started work on the airport site at the centre of their investigations
A photo of a group of people walking along a patchy grass field as a plane flies above
GeoPhys equipment will help narrow the search before shovels and JCB diggers move onto the soil during the next five days
A close-up photo of a patch of woodland showing vegetation, sand and bits of twig
The former RAF Mingaladon – now Yangon International Airport – could carry planes buried in the aftermath of World War II
A photo of a man working with archaeological equipment on a green and brown field
David Cundall, a farmer and aviation enthusiast from Lincolnshire, has spent 16 years pursuing the truth behind the rumours
A photo of a square black piece of geophysics equipment with various nobs and buttons
Cundall is being helped by a team of experts, as well as backers from games developers Wargaming
A photo of a red and white metre ruler protruding from grassland in front of people
They have already discovered a crate, and believe more than 100 Spitfires could be unearthed
The full excavation is expected to be completed within a fortnight
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