Culture Minister David Lammy Launches Educational Archaeology Website

By Katherine E Power | 07 October 2005
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Shows a screenshot of the PAStexplorers website, it depicts two young children in a kind of time machine.

PAStexplorers introduces children and teachers to archaeology. © Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

Culture Minister David Lammy has announced the launch by the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) of an interactive website,, which will provide children and teachers with information about archaeological finds.

The PAS is the largest community archaeology project in the UK. It was established in 1997 and is funded by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council. Its aim is to encourage the voluntary recording of archaeological objects found by the public.

Shows a photo of Culture Minister David Lammy bending down to look at a computer screen with two young boys.

Culture Minister David Lammy launches the new site. © Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

“PAStexplorers is a fun and colourful website, teaching children all about unearthing the secrets of the past and exploring history in a fun way” says David Lammy. “It should encourage some exciting school projects and teachers can help children to go out and learn about the history of the area where they live and go to school.”

The website was developed by archaeologists with the help of those it is aimed at: children and teachers. Children chose the graphics and teachers, in collaboration with the archaeologists, wrote the content.

Shows a graphic depiction of a village from the sixth century.

West Mucking - a virtual sixth century village. © Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

PAStexplorers includes a virtual Anglo-Saxon village, which children can explore to learn about life in the mid-sixth century, a virtual archaeological survey where visitors get to do their own field walking and metal detecting, and a ‘Fun Zone’ packed with extra information about archaeological finds.

Teachers will find lesson plans and support materials, an archaeological database of finds recorded by the PAS, and a guide to archaeology and treasure.

According to Andy Bowles, Senior Lecturer in Education at Leeds Metropolitan University, “[PAStexplorers] would support work in all units in the National Curriculum and makes a wonderful investigation tool. It promotes and develops real enthusiasm and total independence in personalised learning.”

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