Archaeology news and features about the latest digs and finds together with archaeology events and web resources collected from hundreds of UK museums and heritage sites. 

A photo of a human skeleton laid out across a green table

Skeleton of arthritis-suffering neolithic woman at centre of archaeological crowdfunding bid

The skeleton of Blodwen, a hardworking woman who lived in Wales 5,500 years ago, will be showcased to the public in style if a six-week, £3,000 crowdfunding appeal succeeds.

A photo of fragments of a Roman vessel in light and dark brown

Shattered Roman "3-D puzzle" amphora found at London Bridge is restored

A 1st century Roman amphora, found during work on the Jubilee Line at London Bridge Underground Station in 1999, has been split into 126 fragments by conservation experts.

A photo of people in armour suits standing in front of large flags within a market square

Richard III cortege journey route revealed as Leicester Cathedral prepares to bury body

The remains of Richard III will visit churches and landmarks from the King's final days on a journey next March, moving from the University of Leicester to the city's cathedral.

a photo of a girl holding a ring in muddy field

Portable Antiquities Scheme Wales secures funding to save more archaeologcal finds

A major grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund will help museums in Wales fulfil the exciting potential of new archaeological discoveries recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

A photo of a large brown archaeological trench with a measuring stick within its earth

Vindolanda's Roman toilet seat inspires manufacturer to make new Thunderbox loo seat

An impressed toilet manufacturer will produce a special edition luxury seat and has pledged a cash sum towards the care of a wooden 'throne' found along Hadrian's Wall.

A photo of a small stone statuette head carved into the face of a goddess

Archaeologists find statuette head of northern goddess at Arbeia Roman fort

Experts believe the broken-off head of a goddess worshipped by a tribe in Roman South Shields is likely to be an intricately-carved, paint-daubed representation of Brigantia.

A photo of a pair of hands handling an angled piece of white brick

In Pictures: The search for 2,000 years of history beneath York Guildhall

See Medieval pottery, moulded plaster, worked stone fragments and glass stems from centuries ago, found during the public excavation in York this summer.

A photo of a dark brown archaeological trench with stones, grass and measuring sticks

Archaeologists find prehistoric cattle tooth within mound of Iron Age stones on Skomer

Excavating the protected, fragile Pembrokeshire area for the first time, archaeologists have found Neolithic and Bronze Age ritual stones and field systems.

A black and white illustration of London during the 17th century showing a busy city

Archaeologists launch crowdfunding bid to discover story of London's lost waterways

Archaeologists on the Thames foreshore want to explore the river stairs which acted as London's bus and tube stops - if they can raise £3,000 through a public appeal.

A photo of an ancient helmet with a crack in it mottled green and brown by soil

Iron Age Roman helmet used as container for cremation burial goes on display in Kent

A helmet which was used in battle during the reign of Julius Caesar and is one of only five from the Iron Age ever found in the UK is to go on public display in Canterbury.

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