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A photo of a slab of red stone

Roman dog, goat and sheep imprints found by archaeologists in Leicester

Hoof and paw prints left on tiles are among the finds at Blackfriars in Leicester, where archaeologists believe a Roman mint and pit may have stood.

A photo of a yellow Asian sculpture of a figure made out of yellow, black and red

Curator's Choice: The new Voices of Asia gallery at Leeds City Museum

Leeds City Museum's World View gallery has switched its focus from Africa to Asia. Curator Antonia Lovelace tells us about tea, jade, ivory and Dhol drumming videos.

a film still of a Viking ship on the horizon

British Museum's Vikings Live to hit cinemas on April 24

Continuing the trend for alternative cinema content alongside major London exhibitions, Vikings Live is about to go on a major tour of British cinemas.

A photo of a museum of gas

Only surviving town gasworks in England and Wales to open for Museums at Night

The Gas Museum in the Norfolk town of Fakenham will light a lamp for the public this May. Chairman Mike Bridges tells us about pubs, cookers and the holes in every field.

An cut-away illustration of a Roman house

Archaeologists head back to Roman Maryport site to investigate building uncovered in 2013

Volunteers and archaeologist are returning to the Roman Maryport archaeological site, on the western extremity of Hardrian's Wall in Cumbria, to investigate a large house unearthed last year.

A photo of a human skeleton laid out on a table

Bronze Age skeleton of dagger-clutching Racton Man could have been a King or priest

Amy Roberts, Collections Officer at the Novium in Chichester, introduces the Bronze Age Racton Man whose imminent analysis could hold national importance.

A photo of skeletal remains in a dark brown cave pit

Cave bodies reveal good parenting skills and caring side of Neanderthals

Bodies and tools buried in caves have revealed that Neanderthals had strong bonds with their children and cared for the disabled, elderly and sick.

A photo of a line up of jagged flint tools against a red background

Thousands of tools found near Biggar reveal first humans in Scotland as hunters 14,000 years ago

More than 5,000 flint tools, discovered by an archaeological group near Biggar, suggest Scotland's first humans arrived 1,000 years earlier than previously thought.

A photo of people holding a stone dinosaur fossil outside a museum

Dinosaur toe bone found in Doncaster to return home to Scarborough after 50 years

A metatarsal of a sauropod, spotted as a missing specimen in the collection at Doncaster Museum, is to return to the Rotunda collection for the first time since 1964.

A photo of a circular, sand-coloured Bronze Age pot against a black background

Cremated bones of Bronze Age tumour sufferer found hanging from Scottish cliff

Archaeologists investigating a cist, accompanied by a knife and food vessel within an eroding cliff on the Isle of Arran, say its remains come from a prehistoric cremation ceremony.

A photo of a man standing behind a human skull

Curator's Choice: Black Death victims in emergency burial grounds beneath London

Lead Archaeologist Jay Carver on the scientific investigation behind the 14th century Black Death victims found in Farringdon.

A photo of a pair of excavated human teeth from an ancient skull

Skeletons buried beneath square were malnourished London victims of Black Death

Skeletons buried beneath Farringdon belonged to 25 plague victims who were manual labourers from the 14th century - and could lead to thousands of other bodies, say scientists.

A photo of a sculptor working on a bust of man

Alexander McKee, the man who found the Mary Rose, remembered in Portsmouth bust

The man whose determination found the Mary Rose has been honoured with a sculpture at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, where the HMS Warrior has also had good news.

A photo of a huge recreation of a Viking warship inside a museum

Divination, sorcery, runes, thunder and spirits: Vikings at the British Museum

Emily Beeson negotiates ale buckets and rusted broadswords on a trip around the British Museum's bewitching Life and Legend exhibition.

A photo of various gold archaeological discoveries

"Spectacular" gold Anglo-Saxon ring found by detectorist to go on show in Essex

A 1,400-year-old gold ring will go on show to the public in a special archaeology display after being bought by the Saffron Walden Museum.

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