Archaeology news and features about the latest digs and finds together with archaeology events and web resources collected from hundreds of UK museums and heritage sites. 

A photo of a man diving underwater

Archaeologists use underwater wheat to show how British Mesolithic farmers were linked to Europe

Hunter-gatherers off the south coast of Britain had extensive trade links with farmers in southern Europe 8,000 years ago, say archaeologists who believe a "new chapter" in British and European history has been revealed.

a photo of stone carved heads set in a landscape

Manchester Museum to reveal more secrets of the Easter Island statues

New research into the great stone maoi of the Pacific Island of Rapa Nui is about to be revealed when Manchester Museum opens a new exhibition about the Easter Island statues.

A photo of a man working on an archaeological site

"Like opening a tin can": The story behind the lead coffin found in Richard III's friary

Site Director Matthew Morris on opening up the coffin of the mystery woman found in the Leicester friary where Richard III's body was discovered.

A photo of an archaeological excavation

Medieval skeletons found in York could have been executed criminals or Lancastrian soldiers

A dozen bodies have been found on Tadcaster Road in York, where convicted criminals were executed until the early 19th century.

A close up photo of a brain

Dozens of scientists conserve Britain's oldest brain from face-down skull in Iron Age pit

A quantity of bright yellow spongy material caught archaeologists by surprise in York in 2009, giving a team of 34 specialists the chance to conserve ancient brain tissue.

A photo of a hand pointing at remains on the bottom of an ocean

Underwater archaeologists on why Mesolithic Britons were 2,000 years ahead of their time

Two members of the archaeological team, Professor Vince Gaffney and Dr Robin Allaby, on the project which has revealed the farming links of people off the south coast 8,000 years ago.

A photo of a circular gold ring against a black background

Gold hair-ring worn by high-status figure shows value of metal in Bronze Age Wales, say archaeologists

A gold hair-ring and a set of copper ingots found on farm land come from around 3,000 years ago, say archaeologists at National Museum Wales.

A photo of various archaeological depictions of biblical figures and inscriptions in stone

British archaeologists in bid to protect precious sites threatened by conflict in Middle East and Africa

Experts in Oxford and Leicester are about to launch a project which will use satellite imagery and Google Earth photos to create an open-access database of at-risk archaeological sites in the Middle......

A photo of two people in high visibility jackets and helmets standing on a building site

Archaeologists find layout of hidden medieval town beneath car park site in Dudley

12th century pottery and the remains of a medieval town have been found by archaeologists carrying out work as part of a proposed £2.5 million car park in the West Midlands town.

A photo of a desert landscape

Desert tribes lived in sophisticated villages and were skilled metalworkers, says archaeologist

Professor David Mattingly, of the University of Leicester, says the early medieval expansion of trade and settlement built on the work of a prehistoric tribe called the Garamantes.

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