Archaeology news and features about the latest digs and finds together with archaeology events and web resources collected from hundreds of UK museums and heritage sites. 

A panoramic photo of a country estate with a lake in the foreground

Summer of Archaeology: Excavations to begin at estate with Anglo-Saxon roots and 12th century chapel

The National Trust is preparing to begin its Summer of Archaeology project at Brockhampton Estate, the Herefordshire site built by a family recognised in a 12th century charter.

A photo of three male archaeologists in high-visibility jackets at an athletics stadium

Archaeologists to search York stadium for temporary camps set up by Roman armies at outpost

A community dig is about to be launched at Huntington Stadium, a site where archaeologists found evidence of two 2nd century Roman camps more than ten years ago.

a photo of a four round meat patties cooking in a frying pan

The 1,500-year-old recipe that shows how Romans invented the beef burger

A discovery in a Roman recipe book shows that burgers aren't modern inventions - instead, they're a form of street food that has developed over the centuries.

a photo of a skeleton laid out on a table

Most European men are descended from three Bronze Age forefathers say scientists

Scientists say they have found evidence that a population surge of males between 2,000 and 4,000 years ago provides evidence that most European men are descended from just three Bronze Age......

A photo of a large Roman stone carving showing a hunt taking place

Archaeologists find shoe, finger ring and whorl in "extremely dirty" conditions at Roman fort

Site Director Andrew Birley says the dig team at Vindolanda have worked in grim conditions to discover a rewarding range of Roman artefacts during their first eight weeks of excavations this year.

A photo of some stones squaring off an archaeological section outdoors

Archaeologists put Roman gateway on wishlist after finding ancient water tank at Vindolanda fort

The new season of excavations at Vindolanda, the Roman auxiliary fort south of Hadrian's Wall, have seen archaeologists battle snow and rain to find bones, hairpins and more.

A photo of a sculpture of a Roman biblical male figure with a beard and curly hair

Roman Empire: Power and People: five star objects from the British Museum exhibition

As it prepares to open at Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths and Museum in Wallsend later this month, take a look at some objects from the British Museum's major Roman show.

A photo of a woman in a white lab coat looking at a human skeleton across a table

Archaeologists investigate mystery of young Civil War woman buried in unusual grave in Oxford

Carl Champness, of Oxford Archaeology, says the "wild theories" surrounding a woman buried in a garden during the 17th century could have overlooked a plague outbreak.

a photo of the partial remains of a skeleton laid out on a table

DNA testing on ancient skeleton reveals leprosy may have spread to Britain from Scandinavia

A team of archaeologists studying a 1,500-year-old male skeleton, excavated at Great Chesterford in Essex in the 1950s, have found evidence suggesting leprosy may have spread to Britain from......

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