Archaeology news and features about the latest digs and finds together with archaeology events and web resources collected from hundreds of UK museums and heritage sites. 

A photo of a section of early medieval gold from the 8th century in Denbighshire, Wales

Object of the Week: A crumpled glimmer of medieval gold discovered in a field in Wales

This gold from Denbighshire has a glittering-yet-crumpled baseplate decoration – a spherical blue glass bead set in a gold collar, with a pattern of S- and Z-scrolls, beaded wire and various motifs.

A photo of a laser overhead scan of a roman road in chichester, sussex

Archaeologists find lost Roman road and prehistoric farming system in the South Downs

Archaeologists have spent decades speculating about one of the roads built by the Romans in their huge network of roads across the south of England. Now laser scanning has traced it.

a photo of people on a beach looking at a large stone pole emerging from the sand

Festival of Archaeology 2016: Eleven events bringing our archaeology to life

Explore the Festival of Archaeology with our taster of the hundreds of events organised by museums, heritage organisations, societies, and community archaeologists right across the UK.

A photo of various bronze age prehistoric artefacts found at must farm in whittlesey

Archaeologists have discovered in exquisite detail what people ate and owned at Britain's finest Bronze Age site

Archaeologists say Must Farm is "the complete set" and its contents point to the materialistic "stuffocation" of Bronze Age society.

a photo of a patch of fleur-de-lys patterned tiles

“You always find the best stuff on the last day”: Unearthing a medieval tile floor at Westgate Oxford

British Archaeological Award Best Project winner, Ben Ford of Oxford Archaeology, on finding a medieval mosaic tile floor during the spectacular Westgate Dig in Oxford.

A photo of a person taking part in an archaeological investigation

"Archaeology is pure pleasure": "Britain's Pompeii" and mesolithic pendant among victors at British Archaeological Awards 2016

Cambridgeshire's Must Farm - described as a "lost world" from prehistoric times - has won Best Archaeological Discovery at today's British Archaeological Awards. Here are the other winners.

Photo of belt buckle from Leicester

This belt buckle was found in the simple grave of a Roman soldier in Leicester

An elaborate military belt buckle with a belt plate and strap end has been found with a Roman military man's skeleton in a mudstone grave in Leicester.

a photo of a small carved piece of amber with a grid decoration

British Archaeology Awards 2016: MOLA on winning in 2014

Ahead of the British Archaeology Awards, the 2014 awards winners, Museum of London Archaeology, reflect on the effect of winning and their spectacular Temple of Mithras Project.

A photo of a section of bone in a prehistoric cairn in Orkney, scotland

A human jawbone with teeth has been found placed in a massive whalebone vertebra at a prehistoric cairn in Orkney

Prehistoric Scots put a human jawbone inside a whalebone in a "ritual of foundation or abandonment", say archaeologists who found the burials alongside a quern, mortar and pig and cattle remains.

A compendium photo of three book covers

Win all three books shortlisted for the British Archaeological Awards 2016

Studies of St Kilda and Stonehenge and the history of the Welsh slate industry: We have all three shortlisted books from the British Archaeological Awards to give away in our archaeology books......

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