Archaeology news and features about the latest digs and finds together with archaeology events and web resources collected from hundreds of UK museums and heritage sites. 

A photo of the grave of William Shakespeare at the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon

"His skull isn't there at all": Archaeologists say spine-shivering radar results show Shakespeare's head was taken from grave

The first ever archaeological work carried out on Shakespeare's grave, at the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon, shows "very convincing" evidence of a missing skull, say experts.

A photo of archaeologists carrying out an excavation of roman baths in the archway centre

Archaeologists excavate two hidden Roman baths beneath the streets of Bath

In a dark underpass below Bath, archaeologists have been excavating two hidden Roman baths for the first time since the 1960s in a development which will form part of a new learning centre.

A photo of archaeologists carrying out work at St John's Square Shopping in Perth, Scotland

"A rescue intervention": 20 years on, report reveals medieval shoes, cutlery and more found at Scottish shopping centre

Health and safety meant archaeologists were restricted to a watching brief at St John's Square Shopping Centre in Perth in 1985 and 1986. But a new report shows they still made impressive medieval......

A photo of archaeologists carrying out a dig on brown mud at Irvine Townhouse in Ayr

Archaeologists discover skeletons of cows and pony, domestic oven and industrial complex in medieval Scottish town

A huge dig next to the 19th century Town House in the Scottish town of Irvine has produced archaeological finds dating back to the 13th century. Claire Williamson, the project leader, takes a look......

A photo of an archaeologist repacking damp clay onto burnt crania, containing cooked brain, for further firing

Shamans packed skulls with clay and burnt brains inside them in prehistoric Europe

Archaeologists have recreated the brutal approach hunter-gatherers took with red deer skulls 11,000 years ago - cutting away the lower jaw and throwing them on a fire.

A photo of an ancient workbox found at Ministry of Defence army land in Bulford

Anglo-Saxon graves and Neolithic pits and monuments found at MOD army base where anti-tank weapons were tested

Two Neolithic monuments, prehistoric pits and an Anglo-Saxon cemetery of 150 graves containing spears, knives, jewellery and bone combs have been discovered in Wiltshire.

A photo of a huge Pictish stone from the Moray area near Aberdeenshire in Scotland

Huge pink granite Pictish stone moves into Scotland's oldest independent museum

Between the 3rd and 9th centuries, Scotland was the place to go if you wanted to see artists working in stone. See a 3D model and pictures of the Craigellachie Stone.

A photo of a small sculpted face found on the Caribbean dominican republic by archaeologists

A guaíza: The tiny sculpture of a face found by archaeologists at an indigenous Dominican Republic house

This creamy coloured face, found by archaeologists in the Caribbean, is roughly the size of half a hard-boiled egg and dates from the 13th or 14th century, says Alice Samson.

A photo of a British Museum wooden figure of a deity known as A’a from the Polynesian island of Rurutu

Object of the Week: A Polynesian fertility sculpture designed to carry a human skull and bones

In 1821, islanders on the Polynesian island of Rurutu gave a group of British missionaries this figure of a deity. Lauded by Henry Moore, it is now on display at the British Museum.

a photo of a skull from the battle of culloden in scotland

Mysterious Culloden skull could have belonged to battlefield casualty who was charging forward or on hands and knees

A top section of a skull which has undergone 3D remodelling probably belonged to someone killed on the battlefield in a bloody meeting between the Highlanders and the King's troops in 1746.

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