Archaeology news and features about the latest digs and finds together with archaeology events and web resources collected from hundreds of UK museums and heritage sites. 

A photo of a large green, bronze and silver dagger made during the Bronze Age

Museum buys ritually destroyed Bronze Age weapon which was used as doorstop for years

An impractically large Bronze Age weapon, known as the Rudham Dirk and used as a doorstop after being discovered in a Norfolk field, has been secured for £41,000.

A photo of a black and white x-ray scan on a long narrow sword

Army hospital x-rays reveal intricacies of Anglo-Saxon sword, shield, spear and grave goods

Archaeologists have spoken of their excitement after using army facilities to scan a large Anglo-Saxon sword found at the Salisbury Plain site where 27 bodies were discovered.

A photo of a man digging brown soil out of grassland next to an archaeological yardstick

Radiocarbon tests on charcoal reveals Iron Age remains which could be linked to Romans in Scotland

Archaeologists and volunteers have used charcoal remains to identify a large Roman coastal fort or a native settlement from the 1st century opposite a 14th century castle.

A photo of two skeletons in an archaeological grave

Double burial and warrior body discovered as archaeologists find 21 Saxon skeletons in Suffolk village

A double burial and a “warrior burial” with a large spearhead and dagger are among 21 skeletons found at a housing development site in Suffolk.

A photo of an elaborate silver swiss army knife

Beautiful Roman "Swiss army knife" is star archaeological attraction at Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum

With a spoon, knife, fork, toothpick and spike among its arsenal, the Fitzwilliam's six-pronged implement is its most popular online exhibit. Find out more.

A photo of a large expanse of green grass on an archaeological site

Archaeologists in Palaeolithic Kent face race against time to reveal Neanderthal climate

English Heritage, Natural England and archaeologists from the University of Southampton hope to discover the climate Neanderthals lived in during a project in Ebbsfleet.

A photo of a coastal meadow

Could a Cornish meadow be the site of a mass grave from a shipwreck 300 years ago?

Experts investigating the wreck of the Royal Anne, wrecked on Cornish shores after returning from Barbados nearly 300 years ago, believe 200 bodies could be buried in a meadow.

A photo of an elaborately-painted Egyptian mummy against a black background

Coffins, boxes, gods and plaques as Secret Egypt dispels myths in Shrewsbury

Curator Emma-Kate Lanyon says our conceptions of ancient Egypt are often distorted by films, books and television - a situation which a special touring exhibition aims to address.

A black and white photo of a large knobbly comet in outer space

How archaeology is helping the Philae Rosetta mission to a comet 261 million miles away

Named after the 19th century Philae Obelisk and using imaging techniques used to decipher hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt, a lander could reveal secrets of the universe if it reaches a comet today.

A photo of various bones in an archaeological pit

"Amazing" Bronze Age burial in Buckinghamshire contained skeletons of two children, say archaeologists

Archaeologists examining 250 bones and fragments say they could come from a Bronze Age burial on an island cut off by the River Thames.

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