Archaeology news and features about the latest digs and finds together with archaeology events and web resources collected from hundreds of UK museums and heritage sites. 

A photo of a man holding a jade axehead made by neolithic people at National Museum Scotland

Scotland's set of 6,000-year-old axeheads from the Italian Alps have gone on public display

Created by Neolithic farming groups in the Italian Alps, National Museums Scotland's jade axeheads are rarely seen in public. Now they've gone on display alongside a work by inspired carver Tim Pomeroy.

A photo of an archaeological Roman fragment found at a dig in Ipplepen in Devon

Incomparable Romano-British settlement in Devon shows early Britons enjoyed Mediterranean diet

Some of the first south-west evidence of the Romans outside of Exeter has been discovered by archaeologists in a Rural Devon village. They seem to have liked a Mediterranean menu.

A photo of a Bronze Age vessel discovered in a ditch in the Worcestershire town of Evesham

Object of the Week: A Bronze Age man's pot found in a deep burial pit in Worcestershire

Archaeologists believe this unexpected discovery was buried with a prominent man from a Bronze Age community as long as 4,500 years ago.

A photo of the enormous Reading Abbey

Archaeologists are about to discover where Henry I was buried at Reading's huge medieval abbey

The spot where Henry I was buried is almost certain to be revealed as archaeologists begin to scan his former powerhouse at Reading Abbey this week.

A photo of underwater archaeologists searching at Bouldnor Cliff off the Isle of Wight

Archaeologists dive to save the disappearing story of how people first occupied Britain

Garry Momber and his team of underwater archaeologists are returning to the Solent this week in search of precious, eroding remains demonstrating the craftsmanship of Britain's earliest people.

Plaque problems and pipe clenching: Take a look at the teeth from the 17th century soldier skeletons found in Durham

What was life like for the Scottish soldiers found buried in two mass graves at Durham University? Most of them had plaque, according to the latest scans made by the archaeological team.

A photo of a dark brown prehistoric plot of archaeological land in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

A circular prehistoric monument built by early Welsh farmers for ritual performance has been found in Wales

A circular prehistoric monument built by some of the earliest farmers in Wales has been discovered in the Vale of Glamorgan near a series of pits containing pottery and flint.

A photo of various Ice Age discoveries made by archaeologists at Bradgate Park in Leicester

Digs resumes at buried moat in Leicestershire park where Ice Age hunter-gatherers roamed and Lady Jane Grey was born

A late Upper Palaeolithic flint scatter and a medieval moat are the areas of interest for archaeologists returning to the 850-acre Bradgate Park in Leicestershire.

A photo of part of a Roman bronze sculpture found by Cotswold Archaeology in Gloucester

Archaeologists might have found a winged statuette of the Roman god Victoria in Gloucester

An expert from the University of Oxford says a bronze Roman wing found at a housing development in Gloucester is likely to have been owned by a retired Roman solider.

A photo of a dark red Roman head found during excavations on the Antonine Wall in Scotland

Romans ate porridge, pasta and bread, imported opium poppy and had fleas at a fort near Glasgow

Archaeologists have used sewage at a fort on the path of the Antonine Wall to discover the eating habits of Romans in Scotland - as well as their problems with worms and fleas.

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