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A photo of Roman pottery found at a site in Scotland

Archaeologists might have found a Roman oven at a former fort annexe in Scotland

A Roman socketed bolt-head, ox-goad, hobnails and a possible oven have been discovered by archaeologists at Camelon, a former Roman fort near Falkirk.

A century-old First World War minesweeper lies well preserved at the bottom of the sea off the Dorset coast

A minesweeper which remained undiscovered on the seabed off St Alban's Head for 100 years has been granted protected status by the Department for Culture Media and Sport.

A photo of a human skeleton from the museum of london collection

Britain's dug-up skeletons show signs of syphilis, rickets and the plague. Now they're going on tour

Some of the bones from the Museum of London's 20,000-skeleton collection are going on tour alongside other bodies from burial grounds in Scotland. They lived with diseases, wounds and fractures.

An overhead photo of archaeology work at an outdoor world war two trench system

Archaeologists have found an officers' toilet in a replica German trench made in the Hampshire countryside in World War One

The "Bedlam Trenches" - designed a century ago to replicate the German systems at the Battle of the Somme - have been excavated by Wessex Archaeology during an intense two-week dig.

A photo of a large shipwreck on sand on a sunny day in devon

Three of England's oldest shipwrecks can still be seen on sand and mud in Devon

A medieval fishing boat and two 18th century merchant ships on sand and mud have been given protected status by English Heritage.

Hunter-gatherer bones at unique Scottish site of human remains shows enduring appeal of prehistoric marine diet

The bones of six hunter-gatherers found on a small island in the Inner Hebrides show that people kept up a coastal diet even after the arrival of agriculture in England after 4000 BC.

A photo of a small round iron age artefact excavated by archaeologists in scotland

Thumbpots and roundhouses: Unravelling the mysteries of the Scottish Iron Age with the Whithorn Trust

Last year, archaeologists began excavating a set of roundhouses on a boggy island at an Iron Age settlement near the Scottish burgh of Whithorn. Graeme Cavers, of The Whithorn Trust, tells the story.

A photo of a female archaeologist standing in a victorian plunge pool in northampton

Archaeologists have found a plunge pool which could have been part of a healthy living fad in the late 19th century

A plunge pool could have been created during a pre-war period when people valued the health benefits of jumping into cold water, say archaeologists helping to transform Delapre Abbey in Northampton.

A photo of a skeleton being dug up at Hillsborough castle in belfast, northern ireland

This female skeleton has been discovered at an ancient burial ground on the site of the Queen's Hillsborough Castle residence in Northern Ireland

Hundreds of volunteers have helped unearth a female skeleton which could be 1,000 years old and point to a long-gone medieval church at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland.

A photo of a man holding up an ancient Roman coin at the Yorkshire Museum in York

11,000 pints of beer: Museum launches appeal to save thousands of coins from political upheaval of 4th century

The Yorkshire Museum needs to raise £44,000 in four months to keep the largest hoard of its kind ever found in the north of England.

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