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A photo of a human skeleton at Nottingham Castle

Lower half of Parliamentarian captain's Civil War body could be exhumed by archaeologists at Nottingham Castle

Experts hope to expose the remainder of a human skeleton and reunite it with the area from the chest upwards in a new excavation following the original discovery in 1978.

a photo of a woman in front of a display case

Curator's Choice: The Nantwich Salt Ship at Lion Salt Works, Cheshire

Curator Liz Royles, of the Museums and Heritage Show Conservation Award winners Lion Salt Works, talks about the Nantwich Salt Ship, which was hewn from oak sometime around the Norman Conquest.

A photo of various navy nautical artefacts at Historic Dockyard Chatham in Kent

Huge 18th century warships go on display for first time in centuries in new £9 million galleries at dockyard

Hidden naval treasures, including two mighty warships, lie in wait for visitors when the stirring Command of the Oceans galleries open at Historic Dockyard Chatham.

a close up of a handwritten in ink scrolled letter with the signature John Locke

The poet, the polymath and the fallen archbishop: Precious 17th century writings acquired by Bodleian Libraries

National literary treasures are now back in the UK after the Bodleian Libraries secured several rare works by 17th century greats Donne, Locke and Aubrey, from the collection of the late American......

A photo of a bronze sculpture of a small boy urinating in the city of brussels museum in belgium

Object of the Week: This peeing little boy was cast in bronze in Belgium almost 400 years ago

The emblem of the city on a street corner of Brussels, the Mannekin-Pis is a constantly reinterpreted statue of a wee boy relieving himself.

A photo of an ancient trombone in the musical instruments museum in brussels

Curator's Choice: A classic 19th century trombone made by saxophone forefather Adolphe Sax in Paris

We head to Brussels to hear about a trombone from 1876 with six independent valves and seven bells, as seen by Jo Santy, of the Musical Instruments Museum.

A photo of archaeologists looking at stone artefacts at Clandon Park in Surrey

"Daunting is an understatement": The battle by archaeologists to save a burnt-out mansion

Catherine Edwards was one of four archaeologists faced with the task of a salvage operation at Clandon Park, in Surrey, after a huge electrical fire. She describes the mission to save artefacts from......

A photo of an archaeological trench to do with the Battle of Fulford

1066 Battle of Fulford grounds to open to public as crowdfunding campaign begins in Yorkshire

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to open the Viking side of the site of the Battle of Fulford in Yorkshire, marking the 950th anniversary of the 1066 conflicts with a range of activities......

A photo of an area of an Edinburgh schoolground with a coffin imprint and archaeologists visible

Archaeologists have found at least nine coffins beneath a school playground in Edinburgh

Archaeologists say they have found the outlines of "at least nine" further coffins at an Edinburgh school playground where a skeleton was found during the Easter holidays.

a photo of a brick built room with star motif marble floor in its centre

Restoration uncovers secrets of Cliveden's underground chamber

Renovations of a vaulted chamber beneath the National Trust property Cliveden in Berkshire have offered clues to its original purpose and the public are invited to take a look.

A photo of archaeologists from Museum of London Archaeology digging a Roman fort

Archaeologists reveal details of huge fort built by Romans on route into London 2,000 years ago

Archaeologists believe a vast fort commanding the route across London Bridge was built by Romans as an emergency measure to secure London as an important 1st century trading post.

A photo of a carved knife showing the head of William Shakespeare on its handle

Object of the Week: A pair of Victorian carving knives with handles modelled as Shakespeare and Lord Byron

Owned by cutlery collector extraordinaire Bill Brown, these Victorian carving knives are designed in the image of two famous figureheads.

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