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a photo of young children in threadbare clothes

British Library publishes vast audio archive of Holocaust testimonies for Holocaust Memorial Day

The British Library is launching Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust, an online resource giving worldwide access to 289 audio interviews with Holocaust Survivors.

a photo of a boat on stilts in a cellar

The UK's oldest surviving yacht prepares to emerge from its subterranean home

A precious yacht which had lain undiscovered in a cellar on the Isle of Man for over a century is about to be gently craned from its subterranean home for essential conservation work.

An overhead photo of a historic house with an arched roof in a leafy park area

The story of the 17th century Scottish hospital at the centre of a £3 million rescue bid

The trust responsible for Cowane's Hospital, in Stirling, have won backing in parliament for a £3 million rescue bid. Find out about a building which has seen more than 360 years of use.

A photo of a piece of paper with black ink writing on it

Life before Google: Dundee library reveals questions asked by public 70 years before seach engines

Inspired by a recent discovery at New York Public Library, librarians in Dundee found index cards of some of the questions asked by the public 70 years ago. Knickers and knickerbockers feature.

A photo of a luxurious dark red hat from the tudor period with a green feather in it

Luxurious hat given to Henry VIII's Wardrobe Clerk to go on display at Hampton Court Palace

Curators say a hat made of silver and silk, acquired by Hampton Court Palace, could have been thrown into the air by Henry VIII following the surrender of Boulogne in 1544.

A photo of a small circular golden naval badge

Lord Nelson's badge, figureheads and models: Eight highlights from HMS Victory: The Untold Story

See a few of the key exhibits to look out for when the exhibition, HMS Victory: The Untold Story, opens at Historic Dockyard Chatham in February.

A photo of a large modern brick council building in front of a traditional roundabout

English Heritage and archaeologists express concern as thousands sign petition over Dorset development

Archaeologists and heritage supporters are urging West Dorset County Council not to let a multimillion pound development in Dorchester go ahead without a full archaeological investigation.

a photo of a man standing in front of the propellers of a World War I aeroplane

Aircraft of the First World War: A tour of the Grahame-White Factory at the RAF Museum London

Take a tour of the remarkable aircraft in the RAF Museum's First World War in the Air permanent exhibition with Head of Collections, Ian Thirsk.

A photo of a large landscaped garden with grass and various green features around it

Archaeologists enter "virgin territory" with dig of living quarters at Shakespeare's Birthplace

Archaeologists who won planning permission to begin a dig at New Place, at Shakespeare's Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon, expect the excavation to take four weeks when it begins on Wednesday.

A photo of a traditional cottage with black and white paint and a brown roof

Drones and 600-year-old timbers to help archaeologists in Anglo-Saxon Shropshire

Backed by £66,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, a project in a north Shropshire hamlet will examine 28 medieval buildings in one of the largest surveys of its kind in Britain.

A photo of a large light green Bronze Age axehead against a black background

Archaeology from Bronze Age Stonehenge country helps experts building huge record of prehistoric objects

3D recreations will be made from more than 100 artefact documents in the Bronze Age Index set of cards, sent to the British Museum by curators in Wiltshire as part of the Micropasts project.

A photo of a man in a high-visibility jacket and hard had holding rocks on a historic site

Archaeologists find soldiers' kitchen and prehistoric remains at Hampshire farmstead

Archaeologists hope to find 2,000 years of artefacts at a Winchester site which was used by the Hessians - a group of German soldiers who fought for the British during the 18th century.

a photo of a small locket with a piece of lead shot in it

Bullet that killed Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalagar to go on display at Chatham

Chatham Historic Dockyard is marking the 250th anniversary of the launch of the world’s most famous warship, HMS Victory, by putting treasures on show including the fateful bullet that killed......

a photo of a brick terrace house with steel boarding on windows and doors

SAVE campaign celebrates as demolition of terraces around Ringo Starr's birthplace is vetoed

The Welsh Streets terraces around Ringo Starr's house in Liverpool have been saved after the Secretary of State opposed Liverpool Council's decision to demolish them.

A photo of a large mansion on green grass surrounded by scaffolding under a blue sky

£3.8 million restoration of 17th century Dyrham Park roof begins as organisers thank supporters

A 17th century mansion near Bath will have its roof replaced with 46 tonnes of lead and 8,000 Welsh slates in a major restoration backed by around 10,000 donations.

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