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A photo of a graphic designed First World War poster appealing to the call of compulsion

England expects: Seven striking First World War posters which urged men to enlist

Within months of World War One breaking out, it became clear that recruiting enough volunteers to win the war was a huge task. Ahead of a new exhibition in Bath, see some of the persuasive posters produced.

A coloured piece of Roman wall painting

Archaeologists discover one of Roman Britain's earliest surviving frescos beneath City of London street

A decorative Roman fresco buried at the start of a huge city construction project nearly 2,000 years ago has been discovered by archaeologists near London's historic Leadenhall Market.

A photo of two young women walking along a street eating chips during the 1960s

Grafters: Visions and Voices of Industrial Society offers amazing photos from the past at Manchester's People's History Museum

Ian Beesley, the photographer and Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, tells Culture24 about his exhibition portraying the industrial north which is about to open in Manchester.

a photo of a hand holding a miners' lamp

An illustrated history of the miners' safety lamp

Do you know a Davy Lamp from a Mueseler Lamp? Take a pictorial tour of the development of the miners' safety lamp with the National Coal Mining Museum for England.

The raiders return to Mercia: From shoes to a child's skate, exhibits show lives of the Vikings in Shropshre

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery’s new exhibition reveals day-to-day life and the complex concepts surrounding afterlife beliefs in a county which suffered multiple Viking raids.

A photo of a child skeleton

Hide and Seek: Skeletons of Anglo-Saxon and Roman children go on display in Cambridgeshire

Curators say stories of children across history are "rare but not impossible to find" as skeletons and grave goods go on show at Cambridge University's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

A photo of the front of a book about black magic

Magic, Witches and Devils in the Early Modern World: New exhibition shows diabolical encounters and ghosts from centuries ago

A new exhibition at Manchester's John Rylands Library looks at how the supernatural affected everyone from kings and queens to clergymen and maidservants.

A photo of the ornate interior of a Jacobean mansion

Inside the exotic Chinese Drawing Room at Temple Newsam, Leeds's Tudor-Jacobean country mansion

With its handpainted wallpaper, the Chinese Drawing Room at the Tudor Jacobean mansion of Temple Newsam is one of Leeds’s most lavishly decorated rooms.

Picture of George IV stroking his giraffe

Curator's Choice: Dr Alexandra Loske on George IV and his cherished giraffe at Brighton’s Royal Pavilion

The Exotic Creatures exhibition At Brighton's Royal Pavilion gives an intriguing insight into early menageries and zoos. See George IV’s ‘liger’ painting for the first time and uncover the......

A photo of a poem by Robert Burns next to a drawing of the poet's face in profile

Burns Night: Robert Burns' desperate letter to his lover featuring the song Ae Fond Kiss

This is the final letter that Robert Burns wrote to Nancy McLehose, with whom he had a brief affair - including the famous song ‘Ae Fond Kiss'.

An image of a painting of a 17th century man with a large beard and moustache

The Astronomer and the Witch: Paranoia, fear, imprisonment and a 17th century European witch trial

One of the greatest scientists in history, Johannes Kepler, saved his mother from being burned as a witch more than 400 years ago. Leading author Ulinka Rublack tells the tale.

A photo of an ancient black pot used for transporting industrial materials

An Industrial Revolution genius: This Abraham Darby pot is the western world's oldest coke iron casting

An ancient cooking pot in the collection of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust looks like being the oldest known coke iron casting in the western world, explains Dr Richard Williams.

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