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A photo of archaeologists working on a brown Roman site at the Exeter and Devon Crematorium

A huge complex from the Roman army's invasion and a pit containing a pig's head have been found at a Devon crematorium

Two Roman military buildings, divided into a series of rectangular rooms during the Roman army’s conquest of the south-west in the second half of the 1st century, are being excavated in Exeter.

A photo of a group of people at Rudyard Lake in Staffordshire during the 19th century

Thousands of people return to Victorian lake which Rudyard Kipling's parents named him after

A daring performer recreated the poise of ancient tightrope star Carlos Trower during an event which returned Rudyard Lake to its 19th century heyday in Staffordshire this weekend.

A photo of World War One re-enactors going on a march to honour the Somme fallen

Famous Somme football charge recreated on anniversary of fire which destroyed WWI collection

On the first anniversary of a fire at a Surrey National Trust house which destroyed a First World War football, re-enactors will embark on a two-day march with an Edwardian-style replica.

A photo of a woman standing in a bright space at the Victoria and Albert Museum, nominated for the Art Fund Museum of the Year 2016

Art Fund Museum of the Year 2016: A look at the five finalists

Culture24 takes a look at the V&A, York Art Gallery, Jupiter Artland in Scotland, Arnolfini in Bristol and Bethlem Museum of the Mind. Who gets your vote this year?

A photo of archaeologists working on a countryside stone seat at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park in Cornwall

A cobbled floor from 200 years ago has been uncovered beneath an ancient seat in Cornwall

Archaeologists have found the floor and central wall of a seat where a rare deer house collapsed in ancient Cornwall.

A photo of archaeologists digging into the brown ground at William Shakespeare's Curtain Theatre in London

In search of a Shakespeare stage: Archaeologists launch new phase of digging at Shoreditch's Curtain theatre

Archaeologists have broken ground at the Shoreditch site where they say Henry V might have been performed for the first time, in 1598.

A photo of a yellowed sheet of paper telling the story of Newark during the English Civil War

Object of the Week: The news sheets relating the King's surrender days after the fall of Newark in the English Civil War

In May 1646, news sheets - now held in the town's National Civil War - confirmed that Newark had been taken during a Civil War clash between the Parliamentary and Royalist forces.

Metamorphosis: Experts say 21st century is seventh age of William Shakespeare's works

Four hundred years after William Shakespeare's baptism, a new exhibition suggests digitising his work only creates the latest stage in its metamorphosis.

A photo of a limestone head as part of the British Museum's Sicily exhibition

Sicily: British Museum's Culture and Conquest exhibition paints colourful portrait of 4,000 years on an island

The history of Sicily's conquerors reads as a roll call of the great ancient civilisations in a fascinating - if somewhat sanitised - new exhibition, says Rachel Teskey.

A photo of a copy of William Shakespeare's First Folio showing A Midsummer Night's Dream

Object of the Week: William Shakespeare's First Folio, as owned by King George III

Printed in 1623, this copy of the First Folio has been left open at A Midsummer Night’s Dream as it makes its first appearance outside of the British Library.

A photo showing an engraving of William Shakespeare on a 20 pound Bank of England note

A man of note: The artwork behind William Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet's £20 note

A new Bank of England Museum exhibition revisits the beautiful artwork of the £20 series D note issued in 1970 - and remembers designer Harry Eccleston six years after his death.

A photo of a death scene from a book or play by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's Dead: Deathbeds, leering skulls and the folio that started it all

Death is eternal in Shakespeare. Take a look at the new Shakespeare's Dead exhibition at the Weston Library in Oxford, with co-curator Professor Emma Smith.

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