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A black and white photo of the outside of a tall urban building during the 1970s

Night at the Casablanca: DJ Keith Murrell on Cardiff clubbing history and Van Morrison

The co-producer of a new play celebrating Cardiff's musical history remembers the heyday of the Casablanca club, which welcomed Ronnie Scott, Van Morrison and more.

A photo of exposed ancient teeth

Experts blame smoking and diabetes as skulls show Romans had better gums than modern Britons

A study of more than 300 skulls found in a Romano-British cemetery in Dorset suggests that chronic gum disease was far less prevalent almost 2,000 years ago.

An overhead photo of a series of fields around an old tin mine

Eastbourne Pier, ancient tin mine and shipwreck added to "crucial" at-risk heritage register

Having suffered a major fire during the summer, the 144-year-old pier has been added to the At-Risk register, with English Heritage predicting a "crucial" few years for heritage sites.

A photo of an outstretched hand holding a book with black writing on it

Happy 100th birthday Dylan Thomas: Five places to discover the poet on the centenary

Recreations of his Greenwich Village bohemia, art inspired by his birthplace and a chance to see the bedroom he once called smelly - here are five places to meet Dylan Thomas.

a photo of two engine pulling a train on a small gauge railway

Spock-like spectre haunts Norfolk railway steam engine ahead of Hallowe'en

A ghostly apparition resembling Star Trek's Mr Spock has been discovered in the port hole of a locomotive of the Wells Walsingham Light Railway.

a sketch of a couple having sex

Dirty doodles and copulating couples: Cambridge University's use and abuse of books 1450-1550

A sordid pencil sketch of an amorous couple, found at the bottom of the page of a gentleman's guide from more than 500 years ago, is revealed in a new exhibition.

A photo of a statue of a bird from ancient egypt

Bootle woman's spirit symbol of death in Ancient Egypt revealed for first time in 40 years

Hidden from public view since the closure of a museum 40 years ago, the ba-bird - a coffin symbol from the 19th century - has gone on show as part of a major Egyptology gallery.

a photo of a ship in dry dock

Last British survivor of Gallipoli Campaign to be country's first boardable World War I ship

The National Museum of the Royal Navy says a “stunning immersive battle experience” will await visitors to the HMS M33 when it opens to the public in 2015.

a photo of a Concorde in a large hangar with other civil aircraft

Duxford Aviation Society restores Concorde's famous droop nose mechanism

Duxford Aviation Society’s newly-restored Concorde has learned how to lower its famous drooping nose once again in IWM Duxford's Airspace Hall.

a photo of a large relic fuselage being pushed into a large hangar

How the RAF Museum is conserving the world's last remaining World War Two Dornier bomber

Culture24 talks to RAF Museum Conservation Centre Manager Darren Priday about the project to conserve the remains of the last German Dornier 17 World War Two bomber.

Image of a photograph showing wooden display cases containing stone tablets from Egypt.

Petrie Museum reveals the hidden secrets of Ancient Egyptian archaeology

UCL's Petrie Museum has one of the world's best collections of Ancient Egypt artefacts. Culture24 takes a look at some of best hidden archaeological treasures.

A photo of two men hanging a painting on a shadowy wall

Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die at the Museum of London

The most famous fictional Londoner has been reinvented and reinterpreted in countless guises over the decades. Rachel Teskey takes a trip back to Victorian London.

A photo of a small dark 17th century bottle

Bottle used to ward off evil spells during 18th century witch hunts found by archaeologists

Archaeologists working on the new National Civil War Centre in Nottinghamshire say a green bottle is a symbol of widespread superstition more than 300 years ago.

A photo of a dark green grassy hill

Bog material reveals 11,500 years of Scottish history at prehistoric hillforts near Edinburgh

Archaeologists studying Ravelrig Bog, which began as a rocky hollow at the end of the last glacial period, have found evidence of human occupation from across the ages.

A photo of a human skeleton laid out across a green table

Skeleton of arthritis-suffering neolithic woman at centre of archaeological crowdfunding bid

The skeleton of Blodwen, a hardworking woman who lived in Wales 5,500 years ago, will be showcased to the public in style if a six-week, £3,000 crowdfunding appeal succeeds.

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