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A photo of a brick medieval wall being excavated by archaeologists in the rural County Durham village of Brignall

Archaeologists begin "exciting" search for Anglo-Saxon settlement beneath Durham village

Drone pictures are likely to have identified a settlement established long before Brignall, a village first mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 and held by Edwin, Earl of Mercia, before the Norman Conquest.

A photo of an archaeologist digging a square within a brown mud field site in Sherford

Archaeologists to open site of prehistoric settlement discoveries to public in Devon

Members of the public are being invited to visit an excavation site at a new town in Devon where Iron Age roundhouses, pottery and bone from as far back as 43 AD have been discovered.

A photo of the reconstructed face of a 6th century man found at a crypt in Edinburgh

Facial reconstructions show how murdered 6th century men and women might have looked

Archaeologists have used a mass burial found beneath an Edinburgh car park to create facial reconstructions of four people from 1,500 years ago.

A photo of a set of bones, from the Bronze Age and possibly mummified

Could Bronze Age mummies have been smoked and buried in British peat bogs? Experts say mummifying could have been widespread

Bronze Age bodies buried in the UK resemble a prehistoric mummy from northern Yemen and a partially mummified body found in a peat bog in Ireland, according to archaeologists.

A photo of a large stone prehistoric house found during a coastal dig in Orkney for Historic Scotland

"Tantalising" Bronze Age building could have been used as prehistoric healing sauna, say archaeologists

Archaeologists say a steam house in the middle of a Bronze Age building discovered in Orkney could have been used for spiritual ceremonies, rites of passages or as a sweat house.

A photo of a male human skull found at the Lapa do Santo site in eastern Brazil

Archaeologists find oldest decapitated skull in South American hunter-gatherer mortuary ritual

The head of the oldest decapitation ever found in the New World was manually pulled and twisted after being partially cut off, according to experts from the University of Dundee.

A black and white photo of Ivan Maisky, the Russian ambassador to Britain, writing at a table

Soviet-British alliance could have averted World War II, diaries of Russian ambassador who drank with Churchill reveal

Gabriel Gorodetsky, a fellow at All Souls College in Cambridge, is bringing out a book of edited extracts from the journals of Ivan Maisky, the Soviet ambassador in London between 1932 and 1943.

A photo of a skeleton found at a brownfield building site in Lichfield by Archaeology Warwickshire

Pristine pilgrim skeletons found in Staffordshire could have been followers of medieval saint

A set of 50 “pristine” medieval skeletons have been found at a pilgrimage site where devotees of St Chad, the 7th century saint, travelled to be close to his Lichfield Cathedral tomb.

A photo of skulls in various positions from the body of a neolithic woman found by archaeologists on the scottish island of tiree

Buried Neolithic Scottish woman is sad case of UK's first rickets sufferer, say archaeologists

Researchers say the earliest case of rickets in the UK, in a Neolithic skeleton on the Scottish island of Tiree, could have reflected the unusual circumstances of a rural woman far from the slums......

A photo of archaeologists digging a square brown trench in front of Conisburgh Castle's large brick tower

"Why this tower?" Archaeologists to begin dig at post-Norman Conquest Conisbrough Castle

Archaeologists hope to discover artefacts telling the story of the tower of Conisbrough Castle, in South Yorkshire, during the first excavations at the English Heritage site in decades.

A black and white photo of a chimpanzee having her hair cut by World War One Commander Geoffrey Spicer-Simson

The Chimp who went to War: This chimpanzee accompanied a skirt-wearing, tattooed commander on an epic World War I mission

See pictures of a First World War chimpanzee, Josephine, and eating from a spoon and having her hair preened as part of a British Admiralty journey from Twickenham to Africa.

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