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a photo of a skull

From car park to royal tomb: Ten stories from the discovery of Richard III

Marking Richard III's burial in Leicester Cathedral we look back at the top ten stories about the dramatic discovery of the last Plantaganet king of England.

A photo of a skeleton through an opening in a floor

An amazing grave: Archaeologists say skeleton of woman is latest known early medieval burial found in Wales

Archaeologists will carry out tests on the dental enamel of a 12th or 13th century woman, in her 60s and suffering arthritis, found beneath a church site in Nefyn.

a film still of a railway track passing through fields in late summer

Of time and the railway: Robert Davies' meditative film travels across the West Midlands and Wales

Of time and the Railway, Robert Davies' meditative film about the railway line and the landscape between Birmingham and Aberystwyth, is travelling to venues across Wales and the West Midlands.

A photo of a man speaking into a microphone

Benedict Cumberbatch revealed as Richard III's second cousin as actor prepares to read at reinterment ceremony

Ahead of the cathedral ceremony, genealogists have produced a family tree which shows the Oscar nominee is the last Plantagenet king's Richard 16 times removed second cousin.

A photo of people carrying out an archaeological excavation during the 1970s

Antler waste reveals medieval Scottish industry as archaeologists publish findings decades after dig

Publishing a post-excavation analysis of work carried out in West Lothian for the first time since the 1960s and 1970s excavations, archaeologists say the findings reflect "highly significant" sites.

A photo of a recreation of a viking longboat inside a museum

Beautiful storytelling - Viking Voyagers launches in most important show ever held at National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Take a look at some of the star objects from the new exhibition in Cornwall, including loans from the British Museum and Denmark and a theatrical recreation of a beach market.

A photo of an ancient dark brown circular pot with a sign on it saying that it is poison

Archaeologists use poisonous museum objects to find out how prehistoric people hunted

An archaeologist and a forensic chemist have used techniques for detecting drug use to find the residue of prehistoric poisons on ancient artefacts.

A photo of two men in black and red uniforms taking a picture of themselves by a tower

From Japan to Jersey, MuseumWeek sets trends with museum secrets on Twitter

The British Golf Museum, The Caravan Club Collection and the Museum of Power might spring a few surprises this MuseumWeek - plus seven more to look out for.

a photo of a bedstead and portrait of a Henry VIII on an easel

Henry VIII portrait and bed of his parents revealed in new Tudor display at Hever Castle

A portrait of a young and vigorous Henry VIII and the bed of his parents, Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, are revealed at Anne Boleyn's childhood home, Hever Castle in Kent.

A photo of various stones and artefacts from an archaeological dig

Ancient face cream tub, medieval belt and animal bones found by archaeologists near Norfolk lake

Archaeologists carrying out a community dig in the market town of Diss have seen around 1,000 people visit their two-day excavation.

A black and white photo of two small boys smiling in a residential street

International Day of Happiness: Ten UK museum and gallery objects to make you smile

From the skull of an Australian Laughing Kookaburra to the sheet music for an eccentric banjo song, here are a few objects bringing the happiness.

A photo of a lush green rainforest under a blue and white sky with mountains visible

Archaeologists test teeth to discover humans had rainforest food diet 12,000 years earlier than we thought

Archaeologists in Bradford and Oxford have used the fossilised teeth of 26 ancient humans, found at three sites in Sri Lanka, to draw new conclusions about the diet of early man.

A photo of a map divided into different colours showing the British Isles population

Scientists create genetic map of Britain to chart immigration since the Ice Age

A typical Anglo-Saxon of European ancestry could have as little as a quarter of their DNA from that migration, say scientists using new results to judge the risk of disease.

a photo of a museum with display cases and objects

Ten objects from the Black Museum - Scotland Yard's Crime Museum

Objects from the most infamous museum in the world - Scotland Yard's Crime Museum - are to be shown in a new exhibition at Museum of London. Here are ten collection highlights.

A photo of a square archaeological dig within a large brown rural field

Devon fields could have been prehistoric camp and Romano-British roundhouse, say archaeologists

Dr Sam Wells, of Southwest Archaeology, on the two-week excavation which has revealed centuries of archaeology in Devon - sparked by a detectorist's Google Earth detective work.

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