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A photo of a gold archaeological ring found in Wales

A gold medieval ring, a silver finger band and Roman soldiers' pay: The new archaeological treasures of Wales

See the hoard of roman silver coins, gold medieval ring and 12th century silver finger band which have been declared with the guidance of National Museum Wales.

a photo of of the hull of the Mary Rose in Portsmouth

Mary Rose Museum to re-open in 2016 with "best ever", "unrestricted" views of ship

The best ever view of the Mary Rose hull since her raising in 1982 is promised when the Mary Rose Museum re-opens in late summer 2016.

A photo of an archaeological ball with a gold coin coming out of it

Hoards: The Hidden History of Ancient Britain revealed in amazing archaeology at the British Museum

The centerpiece of the British Museum's new exhibition on archaeological finds, opening next month, will be the enormous Frome hoard pot. Other amazing discoveries are all part of the show.

A photo of two large mud-covered coins from the Jersey archaeological Hoard

Museum prepares to strike gold in public phase of conservation for Jersey's Le Catillon II Hoard

Archaeologists in Jersey are preparing to carefully extract a layer of gold jewellery in a specially-constructed laboratory at La Hougue Bie Museum, in the Jersey parish of Grouville.

A photo of the ancient interior of Glastonbury Abbey

Myths made by medieval monks could have clouded archaeologists' search for King Arthur's grave, says team investigating Glastonbury Abbey

The medieval monks who restored Glastonbury Abbey during the 12th century "clouded the judgement" of later archaeologists by crafting legends, say researchers at the site.

A photo of a skeleton of a woman laid out at the Museum of London

DNA results on Roman Londoners show culturally diverse population from North Africa and beyond

Detailed DNA analysis of four Roman Londoners, released by the Museum of London, have created the first multidisciplinary study of the inhabitants of a city anywhere in the Roman Empire.

A photo of a piece of silver archaeological treasure found in Wales against a black backdrop

Late medieval artefact found in Llanbadoc declared as treasure, could have belonged to knight

A Welsh or English knight could have owned a sword from more than 300 years ago found by a metal detectorist near the River Usk.

A photo of an illustration from the Lewis Carroll book Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland at the British Library: From Disney to counter-culture, an exhibition steeped in history

On the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's beloved novel, the British Library celebrates the author and the many interpretations of the story through the years in an exhibition of timelessness, says ......

a detail of a photo of a ferocious Tibetan shrine figure standing on prone bodies

Secrets of the Temple: Tantric Buddhism at the Wellcome Collection

Tibet's Secret Temple uncovers the mysteries of Tantric Buddhism and the rich history of yogic and meditation practices. Here are some stories from the new show at London's Wellcome Collection.

A black and white photo of explorer James Wordie wearing glasses with a thick beard

Relatives of Shackleton explorer retrace Antarctic journey to fund digitisation of his diaries

Next week, a dozen relatives of James Wordie - the Chief Scientific Officer on Sir Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic expedition in 1915 - will follow in his footsteps, raising money to digitise his......

A photo of a set of 17th century forceps, scissors and other medical surgery implements

Object of the Week: Forceps and a scoop used for performing a 17th century lithotomy

Richard Kettlebuter - or possibly Kettlebetter – was an experienced surgeon at the height of his powers during the 1650s. He used this steel and wood gorget, forceps and scoop to carry out delicate ......

a photo of a wooden painted face with painted inlaid eyes

Two Temple Place Winter Exhibition to explore Beauty and the Body in Ancient Egypt

The Gothic interior of Two Temple Place in London will be hosting an exhibition of regional museum treasures exploring appearance and identity in the life and death of Ancient Egyptians.

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