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A photo of a black and white x-ray scan on a long narrow sword

Army hospital x-rays reveal intricacies of Anglo-Saxon sword, shield, spear and grave goods

Archaeologists have spoken of their excitement after using army facilities to scan a large Anglo-Saxon sword found at the Salisbury Plain site where 27 bodies were discovered.

A photo of a woman and child sitting on a bed next to a black laptop computer

Hunter-gatherers use Facebook and watch Premier League football on TV, says archaeologist

A Leicester archaeologist who travelled to north Borneo to see how a remote community views the world says technology should change stereotypes of hunter-gatherers.

A photo of an elaborate silver swiss army knife

Beautiful Roman "Swiss army knife" is star archaeological attraction at Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum

With a spoon, knife, fork, toothpick and spike among its arsenal, the Fitzwilliam's six-pronged implement is its most popular online exhibit. Find out more.

A photo of a large expanse of green grass on an archaeological site

Archaeologists in Palaeolithic Kent face race against time to reveal Neanderthal climate

English Heritage, Natural England and archaeologists from the University of Southampton hope to discover the climate Neanderthals lived in during a project in Ebbsfleet.

An image of a portrait of a Georgian woman

Virtuoso Georgian painter's story revealed as haul of miniatures shown in public for first time

Assembled over 30 years, a set of works by Turner and Gainsborough contemporary John Smart have gone on display for the first time, valued at more than £1 million.

A photo of a coastal meadow

Could a Cornish meadow be the site of a mass grave from a shipwreck 300 years ago?

Experts investigating the wreck of the Royal Anne, wrecked on Cornish shores after returning from Barbados nearly 300 years ago, believe 200 bodies could be buried in a meadow.

A photo of a red and white archaeological measuring stick within a dark stone pit

Archaeologists "strike gold" with stinky pickling pond used in HMS Victory build

Digging a metre beneath a slab at Chatham Historic Dockyard, archaeologists have found excellently-preserved timbers used to create mighty ships centuries ago.

a photo of a glass house

West Dean Gardens launches appeal to restore its working Victorian glasshouses

Backed by Monty Don, West Dean Gardens has launched an appeal to restore two of the Victorian glasshouses in its walled kitchen garden.

A photo of people looking at glamorous theatrical costumes inside museum cases

Twitter's LoveTheatre day: Five UK museums where you can find theatre exhibits

From the Prague Youth Theatre to the Royal Opera House, around 300 dramatic groups and venues are taking part in the inaugural LoveTheatre campaign on Twitter today.

A black and white photo of a man speaking into a microphone while wearing a suit

Who would you pick as a Radical Hero? People's History Museum names list of 100

Manchester's People's History Museum has picked suffragettes, rights activists, politicians and sportsmen on a list of 100 heroes who changed Britain.

A photo of an elaborately-painted Egyptian mummy against a black background

Coffins, boxes, gods and plaques as Secret Egypt dispels myths in Shrewsbury

Curator Emma-Kate Lanyon says our conceptions of ancient Egypt are often distorted by films, books and television - a situation which a special touring exhibition aims to address.

Colour photo of a writer

Artist's Statement: Susie Parr on the Black Country Allotment Society

Susie Parr teams up with Multistory in Sandwell to produce nine essays about allotments in the Black Country. The writer tells us more.

A photo of a male comedian in a suit grinning at the camera

Bench where Rik Mayall punched co-star in groin returns in fitting tribute by Bottom fans

Following a petition which secured more than 7,000 signatures, the bench from the opening sequence of Bottom has been returned to a Hammersmith junction.

A photo of people smiling in front of a bench

Rik Mayall Bottom bench unveiled by fans near original Hammersmith site of BBC sitcom

In a poignant and colourful ceremony near the Hammersmith site of the original bench from Bottom, Rik Mayall fans have revealed a recreation of the sitcom favourite.

A photo of the outside of a large museum with plants and trees visible in the foreground

Petition opposing closure of Imperial War Museum library receives more than 5,500 signatures

Trade Union members say plans have been made to close the IWM's popular library, claiming they could cause the loss of up to 80 jobs after a £4 million cut in government funding.

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