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A photo of people digging a large brown archaeological trench under a blue sky

Archaeologists find coins, bow brooches and bones among Iron Age and Roman discoveries in Peterborough

David Crawford-White, of Oxford Archaeology East, on the Lottery-funded search for artefacts which has inspired hundreds of people on a dig partly fuelled by cake.

A photo of a set of ancient brown bottles standing next to one another in shadows

Bearded men bottles could have been filled with urine and hair to ward off 17th century witches

Archaeologists in Hampshire say a set of four bottles, found during construction work on a BT building in 1981, could have contained antidotes to throw back evil spells.

a photo of a various fragments of bone with annotation

Ice Age Britons were cannibals say Natural History Museum scientists

New research on human remains from Gough’s Cave in Somerset reveals how our Stone Age ancestors participated in ritual cannibalism.

a photo of a footprint

Archaeologists' ancient footprint research to help in police forensic investigations

Bournemouth University is looking into how forensic archaeology techniques for documenting ancient footprints can help forensic scientists understand modern-day crime scenes.

a photo of a woman dressed in First World War gear offering a piece of cake to a man in a cockpit

Discovery of family recipe allows RAF Museum to recreate fighter ace's favourite plum cake

The chance discovery of an old family recipe has allowed the RAF Museum to recreate the plum cake loved by First World War Royal Flying Corps fighter ace Albert Ball.

A photo of a large number of archaeological bones accompanied by various labels

Archaeologists find Britain's oldest human cremation at Mesolithic pit in Essex

Prehistoric Britons had the required understanding of fire and pyre technology to combust corpses at more than 600 degrees centigrade, say archaeologists at a pit in Langford.

A black and white photo of two men perched on chairs

Times Square to Nottingham: Backlit gallery hosts New York exhibition of Einstein on the Beach

Original exhibits from Einstein on the Beach, Robert Wilson's 1975 production which included the longest score Philip Glass ever wrote for an opera, are about to go on show in Nottingham.

A photo of a large human skull against a red background

Man in lonely shallow grave buried by community who thought jaw deformities indicated evil, say archaeologists

Archaeologists at Rockbourne Roman Villa, in Hampshire, have revealed more about two skeletons discovered in separate rooms during the 1960s.

A photo of stones on a hill

Prehistoric settlers in Scotland similar to first peoples of North America or Australia, new book reveals

The authors of a new book on archaeology in north-east Scotland say the earliest settlers had a mixed economy, built stone mouments and moved seasonally in search of food.

A photo of a woman looking at a small badge

"We can only imagine the horrific injuries": 15th century War of the Roses handgun goes on show for first time

A handgun which a soldier attempted to use at the Battle of Towton - one of the bloodiest battles of the War of the Roses, in 1461 - is among the artefacts to have gone on show at York's Richard III......

A photo of archaeologists working on a brownfield site

Heated dining rooms and butchery: The robbed Roman villa found by archaeologists in Yorkshire

Read about the Aiskew Roman villa and ditched enclosure archaeologists have uncovered as part of a £34 million new bypass in the North Yorkshire market town of Bedale.

A photo of a man standing in front of a massive aeroplane inside a museum

Domino Theory: Don't miss DJ Yoda's Cold War-themed party for Museums at Night at the RAF Museum

Having brought the party to the north London museum for the Museums at Night festival last year, one of the UK's best DJs is back for more this May at the RAF Museum.

A photo of a set of stones set into a heart formation overlooking a river and mountains

Scottish government appeals to traveller people over mystery stone formation which could be made monument

Historic Scotland is appealing to the public for information about a mysterious heart-shaped formation of quartz stones which is believed to be sacred to travellers.

"Poor scholars and wretched persons": Thousands of medieval skeletal remains revealed from Cambridge burial ground

Archaeologists in Cambridge have released images of hundreds of well-preserved medieval skeletons, found beneath a St John's College site which was a hospital burial ground.

a photo of an old Union Jack flag with holes

Royal Scots Waterloo Colours to be displayed for last time at Edinburgh Castle

To mark 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, The Royal Scots regimental Colours, which they carried into the battle, are to be displayed for the last time to the public at Edinburgh Castle.

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