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a film still of a drawn animation depicting a British soldier in a tin helmet

Battle of the Somme Centenary: Poignant exhibits and stories from UK museums and galleries

Explore the objects and stories marking 100 years since the Somme - from metal limbs and diaries to poetry and Christmas cards written on trench biscuits.

A photo of a woman serving in the Order of St John Ambulance Brigade Hospital during world war one

Hundreds of women faced the horrors of the Battle of the Somme. Here's what they faced on the first day

A new book, Sisters of the Somme, revisits the experiences of the women who served with the Order of St John Ambulance Brigade Hospital between 1915 and 1919. Read an extract here.

A photo of World War One soldiers wearing gas masks from an exhibition at London's Science Museum

Arms, eyes and masks: Ten chilling exhibits from the Science Museum's World War One Wounded exhibition

As the new exhibition exploring the experiences and treatment of combatants and carers in World War One opens, take a look at ten key exhibits.

A photo of a pair of glasses which once belonged to the poet William Wordsworth

How William Wordsworth's glasses show the poet's lifelong struggle with eye problems

William Wordsworth was at times left partially sighted and sensitive to bright lights. Read more in this piece from the Wordsworth Museum, where his 19th century glasses are on display.

A photo of a man holding a jade axehead made by neolithic people at National Museum Scotland

Scotland's set of 6,000-year-old axeheads from the Italian Alps have gone on public display

Created by Neolithic farming groups in the Italian Alps, National Museums Scotland's jade axeheads are rarely seen in public. Now they've gone on display alongside a work by inspired carver Tim......

a black and white photo of two girls playing with a ball on Blackpool beach with the tower in the background

The Great British seaside museum collections come together for Seaside Heritage project

As a new seaside heritage project is launched by Scarborough Museums Trust, we sample some of the great seaside collections in museums across the UK.

A photo of an archaeological excavation of a Roman skeleton taking place in Lincoln

Archaeologists have found skeletons from an unknown Roman cemetery next to two Roman roads in Lincoln

Two buried infants and the partial skeleton of a man came from a previously unknown cemetery near two of Britain’s most important Roman roads, say archaeologists

A photo of an archaeological Roman fragment found at a dig in Ipplepen in Devon

Incomparable Romano-British settlement in Devon shows early Britons enjoyed Mediterranean diet

Some of the first south-west evidence of the Romans outside of Exeter has been discovered by archaeologists in a Rural Devon village. They seem to have liked a Mediterranean menu.

A photo of various silver artefacts from the Gaulcross Roman hoard in Aberdeenshire

This huge hoard of hack silver is still revealing details of life in Roman Scotland - almost 200 years after it was first found in Aberdeenshire

Found in a heavily-ploughed Aberdeenshire field where stone circles were once "ruthlessly removed", the Gaulcross hoard is one of the largest Roman hoards ever discovered in Scotland.

A photo of a Saxon skull found in Wessex

Story of one of the largest Saxon cemeteries ever found in Wessex revealed 42 years after its discovery

First discovered after a local woman spotted human bones in 1974, one of the largest Saxon cemeteries ever found in Wessex contains cremations, inhumations and warrior burials, say archaeologists.

A photo of a section of brown and silver pipe used from Lepe during the Second World War

Getting ready for action: Veteran recalls D-Day as piece from huge ocean pipe is revealed in Hampshire

A piece of the Pipe Line Under the Ocean, a 770-mile connection which supplied the army with 172 million gallons of fuel during World War Two, will be shown to the public in Lepe.

A photo of a Bronze Age vessel discovered in a ditch in the Worcestershire town of Evesham

Object of the Week: A Bronze Age man's pot found in a deep burial pit in Worcestershire

Archaeologists believe this unexpected discovery was buried with a prominent man from a Bronze Age community as long as 4,500 years ago.

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