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A photo of an archaeologist in a light blue hard hat scaling a mountain

Archaeologists brave sheer drops to scale sea stack and find earliest Pictish fort off coast of Scotland

Dr Gordon Noble, of the University of Aberdeen, on the mission to an inhospitable sea stack which found a fort from the 3rd or 4th century.

A photo of a circular memento containing an image of an anti-slavery symbol from the 18th century

Object of the Week: An 18th century anti-slavery brooch inspired by Josiah Wedgwood

This plaintive plea encircles the figure of a manacled and kneeling slave on a piece of jewellery which was to become a hugely important part of the British abolition movement.

A photo of a human skull next to a hand within a brown muddy pit

Thirty skeletons in front of city centre art gallery point to lost medieval burial ground in Aberdeen

A long-lost medieval friary, revealed by the discovery of 30 skeletons beneath pipes and electricity cables, has been located by archaeologists at a university site in Aberdeen city centre.

A photo of a small triangular window pane

"Very rare" Tudor pane found in chute from toilets to moat at Henry VIII palace

Archaeologists have discovered a “very rare” triangular artefact from the Tudor period in Enfield, emerging on the former grounds of a palace used by Henry VIII for hunting.

A photo of a dark brown human skull

Skeleton of necklace-wearing adolescent will help archaeologists discover "frenzied" Stonehenge of 4,000 years ago

The remains of an amber necklace-wearing adolescent child who died 4,000 years ago have been found in a foetal position at the bottom of a Neolithic henge near Stonehenge.

A photo of a skeletal head of a man with lots of teeth missing

Archaeologists find well-preserved 14th century human skeleton on site of medieval Augustinian friary

Archaeologists say they have discovered an "incredibly exciting" set of artefacts at a £70 million housing development, including pottery, coins, oyster shells and painted glass.

A knight

Falcons, polecats and swords: Arundel Castle International Joust Week in pictures

The story of the first day at Arundel Castle's International Joust Week 2015.

A black and white photo of dozens of 19th century people standing in rows at a house

Picture of 1800s bleaching family and workers helps tell story of hall where Bolton martyr was persecuted

See a picture of Colonel Ainsworth, one of the 19th century owners of Smithills Hall, in Greater Manchester, with his family and workers.

A photo of a sculpted toad coloured green with red hair and a black jacket

Hull to be covered in giant kaleidoscopic toads for 30th anniversary of Philip Larkin's death

An eight-metre inflatable Flying Toad, soaring on the skyline of the city, will perhaps be the highlight when sculpted toads take over Hull for five days in August.

A photo of two archaeologists standing on a hill

Archaeologists plan to excavate Eastbourne burial site of hundreds of bodies

An Eastbourne burial site where 200 bodies have been uncovered during the past 150 years will be excavated in late August.

An old photograph

Did flying heroine Amy Johnson visit Scarborough? Coffee shop owners appeal for help over mystery photograph

Could pioneering aviator and feminist icon Amy Johnson have visited Scarborough?

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