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a before and after photograph showing a black and white room furnished with heavy Jacobean furniture and a colour photo of a recreation

Old black and white photo helps RAF Museum recreate Claude Grahame-White's Hendon office

Claude Grahame-White's sumptuous first floor office has been faithfully recreated at the RAF Museum in London after careful analysis of a single black and white photograph.

A photo of a close-up of a dark brown human skull with its teeth visible

Archaeologists to reconsider origins of industrial era obesity and cancer by scanning Museum of London skeletons

Some of London’s most important skeletons will be digitally x-rayed and scanned in a new archaeological investigation linking "man-made" diseases with the industrialisation of the city.

a photo of a gallery installation of an exhibition

Five Myths of Gallipoli: The National Museum of the Royal Navy puts the record straight

As Anzac Day approaches, The National Museum of the Royal Navy's historian and curator Nick Hewitt outlines five myths of the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War.

A photo of a set of small brown implements and a tube against a dark blue backdrop

"The horror of it was more than I can describe": The force-feeding equipment used on a suffragette at a Liverpool prison in 1910

See the set of force-feeding equipment used at Walton Gaol in Liverpool more than a century ago - now held at Nottingham's Galleries of Justice.

A photo of a stack of silver and gold coins against a black background

Hoards, axes, rings and dress pins: Archaeologists survey treasures from Bronze Age to Tudor period in Wales

Eight Welsh finds have been declared treasure in Wales, from a metal detectorist's discovery of a hoard of coins in Glamorgan to a 16th century ring inscribed with words of romance.

Cats and books to bake-offs and bread: 20 of Orkney Library's best tweets on Twitter

Stewart Bain, the man behind the Orkney Library account which is renowned as one of the funniest on Twitter, picks 20 of his favourite jokes from two years of tickled followers.

a drawing of a highland soldier wearing a bonnet

Massive 13-metre Waterloo Cartoon emerges from Royal Academy stores for Waterloo Bicentenary

Following a major conservation project, the Royal Academy is to display its monumental 13-metre wide cartoon The Meeting of Wellington and Blücher after the Battle of Waterloo.

A photo of an ancient archaeological jug

Bone fragments and burial goods of "wealthy and cosmopolitan" Roman found in North Hertfordshire village

A complete Roman jug, bone fragments in a large hexagonal bottle, a worn 2nd century bronze coin and an iron lamp are among the finds made by a metal detectorist in the village of Kelshall.

A photo of people digging a large brown archaeological trench under a blue sky

Archaeologists find coins, bow brooches and bones among Iron Age and Roman discoveries in Peterborough

David Crawford-White, of Oxford Archaeology East, on the Lottery-funded search for artefacts which has inspired hundreds of people on a dig partly fuelled by cake.

A photo of a set of ancient brown bottles standing next to one another in shadows

Bearded men bottles could have been filled with urine and hair to ward off 17th century witches

Archaeologists in Hampshire say a set of four bottles, found during construction work on a BT building in 1981, could have contained antidotes to throw back evil spells.

a photo of a various fragments of bone with annotation

Ice Age Britons were cannibals say Natural History Museum scientists

New research on human remains from Gough’s Cave in Somerset reveals how our Stone Age ancestors participated in ritual cannibalism.

a photo of a footprint

Archaeologists' ancient footprint research to help in police forensic investigations

Bournemouth University is looking into how forensic archaeology techniques for documenting ancient footprints can help forensic scientists understand modern-day crime scenes.

a photo of a woman dressed in First World War gear offering a piece of cake to a man in a cockpit

Discovery of family recipe allows RAF Museum to recreate fighter ace's favourite plum cake

The chance discovery of an old family recipe has allowed the RAF Museum to recreate the plum cake loved by First World War Royal Flying Corps fighter ace Albert Ball.

A photo of a large number of archaeological bones accompanied by various labels

Archaeologists find Britain's oldest human cremation at Mesolithic pit in Essex

Prehistoric Britons had the required understanding of fire and pyre technology to combust corpses at more than 600 degrees centigrade, say archaeologists at a pit in Langford.

A black and white photo of two men perched on chairs

Times Square to Nottingham: Backlit gallery hosts New York exhibition of Einstein on the Beach

Original exhibits from Einstein on the Beach, Robert Wilson's 1975 production which included the longest score Philip Glass ever wrote for an opera, are about to go on show in Nottingham.

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