Array of treasures thought to be hidden inside Celtic coins mass discovered in Jersey

Ruth Hazard | 06 July 2012
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Experts have discovered other items made from gold and silver hidden inside the mass of Celtic coins
© Jersey Heritage
The recent discovery of a 50,000-strong mass of Celtic coins in Jersey was enough to excite treasure-seekers everywhere, but experts charged with picking the rare hoard apart have now uncovered evidence to suggest a further array of precious artefacts may be hidden inside.

As the earth around the metal has been removed a number of other objects have been exposed, including personal items made from gold and silver, indicating the mass contains more than just the collection of coins.

Conservator Neil Mahrer and his team are working on uncovering exactly what the find contains
© Jersey Heritage
“It is still very early to tell exactly what is in the find, but we do know it is remarkable from a historical perspective,” says Olga Finch, the Curator of Archaeology for Jersey Heritage.

The ancient coins and other items, known to be more than 2,000 years old, were discovered after more than 30 years’ searching by Reg Mead and Richard Miles, using sophisticated metal detecting equipment in a field in the Jersey parish of Grouville.

Conservator Neil Mahrer and his team are currently working with experts in the Channel Islands and London to identify the objects and build up a clearer picture of what is in the find.

“The work we are carrying out is very methodical and controlled but we are making steady progress uncovering its mysteries,” he says.

As the find contains objects of precious metal, it has been reported to the Receiver General, who will liaise closely with Jersey Heritage to determine the status of the hoard.
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