Tracey Emin, Howard Hodgkin, Chris Ofili and friends unveil Olympic and Paralympic Games art

By Culture24 Reporter Published: 04 November 2011

An image of a light blue poster showing a stopwatch and the word go
Michael Craig-Martin keeps his finger on the button for his Olympic poster
© London 2012
The grandiose designs of the organisers behind next year's Olympic and Paralympic Games may have met their match.

The artist known as Bob and Roberta Smith has formed an unlikely partnership with Tracey Emin – both artists issuing a declaration of love – and Martin Creed, Howard Hodgkin, Bridget Riley and Rachel Whiteread are all on colourful form in a set of 12 specially-commissioned posters for the sporting spectacular.

A hairy primal homo sapien imagined by Chris Ofili, muscular descriptions courtesy of Fiona Banner and a stopwatch from Michael Craig-Martin also feature.

"We are delighted that British artists have produced such compelling images in response to the Olympic and Paralympic Games," announced Nicholas Serota, the Tate Director who has hosted several of the artists during their quests for the Turner Prize.

Issued to the Royal Collection and a range of other "important British art collections", each work will also be available to buy in poster and limited edition print form.

The artists:

Olympic Posters
Martin Creed
Anthea Hamilton
Howard Hodgkin
Chris Ofili
Bridget Riley
Rachel Whiteread
Paralympic Posters
Fiona Banner
Michael Craig-Martin
Tracey Emin
Gary Hume
Sarah Morris
Bob and Roberta Smith

More pictures:

An image of a poster showing the words courage, inspiration, sweat and love
Bob and Roberta Smith summons "the core elements of the athlete experience" in LOVE
© London 2012
An image of a poster design of a primal runner
Chris Ofili visualises a figure somewhere between a super-athlete and a mythical being in For the Unknown Runner
© London 2012
An image of a poster design showing steps stacked on top of each other in different colours
Martin Creed makes a podium out of five single brush marks using a palette derived from the Olympic colours, handily titled Work No. 1273
© London 2012
An image of a poster showing words describing limbs and sport
Fiona Banner makes a wordscape study of a Paralympic Athlete in her work, Superhuman Nude
© London 2012
An image of a poster showing the words you inspire me with your determination and I love you written in dark blue pen
Tracey Emin writes a love letter above her trademark winged friends in Birds 2012, taking the Paralympic values of Inspiration and Determination as her starting point
© London 2012
The London 2012 Festival website has full information on how to buy the limited edition prints and posters. A free exhibition of the Olympic and Paralympic Posters will take place at Tate Britain during the London 2012 Festival next summer
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