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A photo of a half-naked man sitting on a bed in front of a wall full of political newspapers

Arches Political Party to throw artist-led bash on night of Scottish independence vote

Insisting that their night is non-partisan, Glasgow's Arches will unite VJs, artists, actors, performers and Irn Bru after the polling booths close.

A photo of a boat on a vast river

Artist's Statement: Neville Gabie on AFLOAT, his film about a Scottish Highlands community

Sculptor Neville Gabie gained the trust of a remote Scottish community as they built a skiff rowing boat and competed at the inaugural world championships.

A photo of a Russian sign from the 1980s

Paper Museums: Moscow Conceptualism in Transit conveys sense of dissident excitement

They may not be amusing, but the five artists whose lives and works are portrayed at the Southampton gallery make for important stories from art history, says Mark Sheerin.

A green image of a sea as seen through fog with buildings visible in the background

Jeremy Deller gives away 10,000 pieces of Roman Abramovich-themed work for Own Art

In honour of the 10th anniversary of a scheme which has allowed thousands to buy art, the former Turner Prize winner is giving away a work premiered at the Venice Biennale.

An image of a digital art work showing a young woman in profile

Ten art exhibitions to see at the Edinburgh Art Festival 2014

From Ming paintings and large-scale projections to computer fans around a Police Box and explicit avant-garde images, here are a few of the shows to look out for this year.

A picture of a laptop with a man's face on it balanced on grassland next to a camera

Artists to create works live from Constable's Romantic landscapes in Field Broadcast

Screened to the public through a downloadable app, eight artists are about to begin seven days of live digital broadcasts from the landscapes which once inspired Constable.

An overhead photo of a packed festival with a stage illuminated by bright lights

Glastonbury Festival 2014: Shangri-La stage steals the show for surrealism with art inferno

Heading to Glastonbury? Don't miss Shangri-La, where more than 20 artists from across the world are converging to create heaven and hell for this year's festival.

An animation of a football praying

Brazil vs Mexico: A thunderbolt freekick from World Cup ace Roberto Carlos against China

Ahead of Brazil's second game of the tournament, here's an unstoppable Roberto Carlos freekick - as seen through the eyes of illustrator Thomas Slater in a five-second artwork.

A photo of an animation showing a footballer in a white kit headbutting a rival in blue

The World Cup in five seconds: Zinedine Zidane's headbutt in the 2006 final

Recall the moment one of the greatest midfielders of all time was sent off for headbutting Italian defender Marco Materazzi - as seen by artists Rajeev Basu and BB Vandals.

World Cup 2014: Ruud Gullit's goal for the Netherlands at Italia '90

As the Netherlands prepare to clash with Spain, here's StudioSpass's video recreation of all-time great Ruud Gullit's goal against the Republic of Ireland at the 1990 World Cup.

A photo of a psychedelic swirl of lines weaving into circular patterns in neon colours

Curator's Choice: How E-vapor-8, techno and hardcore rave influenced art at Site Gallery

Francesca Gavin's exhibition in Sheffield, E-vapor-8, takes its name from a single by rave band Altern 8. It shows the past as a melting pot of inspiration, she says.

A photo of a hand reaching out

Jarman Award winners choose brightest new film art talents for Selected tour

See some of the imagery from the tour which is taking some of the best young film artists around the country this summer.

a film still of a woman in heavy make up next to a mannequin

Phil Collins' latest "rollercoaster" in one-off film premiere at Glasgow's Queen's Park

Tickets have gone on sale for a major art happening on the hills above Glasgow with a screening of the film Tomorrow Is Always Too Long by acclaimed artist Phil Collins.

A photo of a man standing in a tunnel by a river holding up a flower in each hand

Birmingham's Supersonic Festival returns with KLF founder Bill Drummond and more

Returning to the Custard Factory, where the festival began with the likes of LCD Soundsystem in 2003, Birmingham's Supersonic has a typically eclectic line-up of art and music.

A photo of a man sitting at a table in a cafe

Turner Prize 2014: Ciara Phillips, Tris Vonna-Michell, Duncan Campbell, James Richards

The four artists on this year's Turner Prize shortlist have been announced. Take a look at their works in our picture gallery.

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