24 hour photography people take retrospective pictures to Greenwich Park

By Ben Miller | 25 February 2009
A picture of some pictures installed on stilts in a park setting with a tall tree in the background

Greenwich Park is the unusual setting for the 24:2009 exhibition

Exhibition: 24:2009, Greenwich Park, adjacent to The Pavilion Tea House, London, and Viewfinder Photography Gallery, Linear House, London, until March 19 2009

Outside a tearoom in Greenwich Park, dew from the overlooking oaks saturates the air as pervasively as hipsters course through the surrounding streets. Dog walkers trundle past and tourists trudge up the steps to the Royal Observatory opposite.

A picture of lots of pictures on stilts in a park setting

Visitors will be able to see the snapshots opposite the Royal Observatory

As unusual and imaginative a setting as you’d expect from a crew of photographers whose show captures scenes from around the globe in hourly segments on New Year’s Eve, the location for 24Photography’s new exhibition symbolises the creativity of the independent team, planting their photography on steel stilts among the soil and greenery.

A picture of a photograph installed on a stilt in soil

One picture of an empty bus stop hints at new journeys in a new year

Every year since 2004, the 24 members have challenged themselves to “capture the essence” of one of the 24 hours preceding new year, and the most recent crop feature in this outdoor show.

A picture of four photographs set amongst plants

The photographs should avoid the slings and arrows of the indifferent spring climate

There are gorgeous coastal scenes from exotic lands, revellers draining glasses, a chap in a tracksuit and gladragged partiers, as well as more abstract snapshots, from pregnancy testing kits to shady alleyways and empty bus shelters, suggesting possibilities, new dawns and the timeless delight of drunkenness along the way.

A picture of a photograph of a woman in a dress standing at a bus stop looking at a pumpkin on the ground as a bus stops next to her

Pic © Alison Wagstaffe

All 144 images the movement has produced so far are on display at the nearby Viewfinders Gallery, but there’s no excuse not to stroll across the park for this one – the gang have ensured their installation is fully waterproofed.

A picture of a black and white photograph of two empty swings in a playground

Pic ©Giampiero Assumma

Greenwich Park exhibition open 6am-6pm Mon-Sun. Admission free.

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