Young Liverpool Photographers Look Upwards For Inspiration

By 24 Hour Museum Staff | 23 August 2007
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photo of three young men and one young woman taking photographs from the street of the upper part of a building

The project got young photographers to 'look upwards' for their inspiration. Courtesy GNN

A group of disadvantaged young people from Liverpool are set to exhibit their photographic work through a project documenting unusual views of the city’s iconic buildings and landmarks.

The project was run by charity Yellow House, which works with youngsters facing barriers because of disability or disadvantage. They equipped the budding photographers with high-spec digital cameras and instructed them to photograph the city by ‘looking upwards’.

“It is often said that you miss the most interesting things about buildings if you only look at eye level,” explained George McKane from Yellow House. “You need to look up to see the bigger picture.”

photo of a stone gargoyle on the side of a building

'Heritage Scally' on Westminster Chambers, Dale Street. © Crown Copyright 2007

“It’s quite a simple idea, but really positive. Look up, raise your cultural awareness and see things that you have never seen before. The project has a very positive image, it raises the profile of Liverpool above the litter strewn streets of popular culture to a higher level of art, culture, history and heritage linked to the phenomenal buildings and architecture of our great city.”

The group uncovered some of the city’s hidden lesser-known features, including drawings of men wearing speed goggles on the Mersey Tunnel ventilation shaft and a carving of a ship sailing into the sunset on a building once owned by the Maritime Insurance Company.

The exhibition, Look Up Liverpool, runs at St George’s Hall until October 25 2007.

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