Acumen's DIGNITY photo exhibtion and auction tackles global attitudes to poverty

By Adela Ryle | 29 October 2013

A photography competition documenting dignity in the face of poverty is to take its winning images to auction in London, the city with the highest levels of inequality and lowest levels of social mobility in the developed world.

A photograph by Kirk Mastin: A girl in a purple sari walks into the waves of a pale blue sea, lit by beautiful sunset colours in the sky.
Photograph by Kirk Mastin© Kirk Mastin
The third annual DIGNITY Photo Exhibition and Auction is the flagship campaign of London+Acumen, a volunteer sector of the worldwide non-profit organization Acumen, which works to tackle attitudes to poverty.

Photographers across the city were invited to capture images of low-income communities living dignified lives despite their circumstances. The photographs will be displayed at the Saint George’s Hotel on November 16 2013.

Prints from India, Pakistan, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America will also be featured; the event is partly curated by Nuru Project, an organisation which uses world-renowned photographers to capture inspiring images of hope in the face of poverty.

Actor and philanthropist Sir Timothy Ackroyd will be the key speaker, championing the idea of dignity, freedom and choice over dependence on aid. The photographs will be made available in a silent auction.

Visit Acumen's event page for more information.

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More pictures:

A photograph by Alex Masi: A young girl kneels in the mud and lifts her face to the sky in a tropical rainstorm.
Photograph by Alex Masi© Alex Masi
Photograph by Taylor Weidman
A photograph by Lana Slezic: A young girl walks up a maze of brick stairs in a shaded courtyard, wearing a bright white headscarf.
Photograph by Lana Slezic© Lana Slezic
A photograph by Christian Bobst: A monk in a red gown lingers slightly behind a line of his fellows as they walk across a dry field.
Photograph by Christian Bobst© Christian Bobst
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