Candice Breitz channels Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep in Irish debut at Derry's Void

By Culture24 Reporter | 28 February 2013

Exhibition preview: Candice Breitz, Void Gallery, Derry, until March 8 2013

A photo of a male actor smoking a cigarette while looking sideways against darkness
© Candice Breitz
Taken from 30 years of the actress’s films, there are 28 Meryl Streeps in Candice Breitz’s film, all meeting to discuss their needs, fears and desires.

Lasting slightly less than 24 minutes, this seven-channel installation is Her, the accompaniment to Him, another screen in which 23 Jack Nicholsons – from four decades of his films – express a certain level of bipolarity for 29 minutes.

The channels consist of 50-inch plasma displays on a steel structure, jostling for your attention while perpetuating Hollywood clichés about psychology and identity.

Streep tends to relate her life in terms of the men in it, and Nicholson is more narcissistically consumed by struggles of self-definition, sanity and sexual performance, but the insinuation Breitz makes has very little to do with either actor, both of whom serve as iconic voices for the everyday contemplations of male and female existence.

This is the first time the Berlin-based artist, who is a regular at Biennials and participated in the 2009 Sundance film festival, has brought a large-scale moving image installation to Ireland.

Part of the opening programme for Derry’s year as the UK City of Culture, its twist on cinema and celebrity culture is a witty one with a common resonance on our notions of self-realisation.

  • Open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm. Admission free. Follow the gallery on Twitter @VoidDerry.

More pictures:

A photo of a female actress with short blonde hair looking upwards against darkness
© Candice Breitz
A photo of a series of female heads suspended in the air against a dimly-lit background
© Candice Breitz
A photo of a series of male heads suspended in the air against a dimly-lit background
© Candice Breitz
An image of a series of copies of the head of a male actor against a dimly-lit backdrop
© Candice Breitz
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