Adriana Groisman explores Falklands War in Voices of the South Atlantic at Ffotogallery

By Ruth Hazard | 25 May 2012
a land crater in the south atlantic
Bomb Crater at Wireless Ridge (2006)© Adriana Groisman
Exhibition: Adriana Groisman: Voices of the South Atlantic, Ffotogallery, Turner House, Cardiff, until June 30 2012

In the 30th anniversary year of the Falklands/Malvinas War, Argentinian-born photographer Adriana Groisman looks to uncover the experience of the people who fought on both sides, as well as the civilians who were directly affected by it.

Groisman’s photographic project, which examines the lasting issues and consequences of the conflict, has taken her nearly eight years to complete. 

a house with a pink roof and pink sheets hanging outside
Stanley, East Falkland 2006
© Adriana Groisman
As well as capturing the physical traces of warfare in images of damaged landscapes in the South Atlantic, the artist has produced accompanying testimonies from British and Argentine veterans and Falkland Islanders to reveal the human experience underpinning the events of 1982.

She worked by pairing former adversaries and asking them to hand-write a personal message for the other specific person or persons.

“This intends to provide a non-prescriptive point of view that allows people who have had differing involvements or opinions on the War to enter a dialogue with the work and with each other,” explains Groisman.

“At its core, it is a journey towards reconciliation, replacing the bravery of battle with the courage of compassion and forgiveness.”

  • Open: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm. Admission free.
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