Elton John, Mick Jagger and Brigitte Bardot feature in new show Terry O'Neill - Reworked

By Ben Miller Published: 07 March 2012

A photo of 1960s rock star Mick Jagger's head superimposed onto pictures of hands
© Daniel Lumbini / Terry O'Neill
Exhibition: Terry O'Neill – Reworked, Rook and Raven Gallery, London, March 8-31 2012

“For me, there is nothing so rewarding as working with new talent and fresh ideas,” says Terry O’Neill.

He should know – the Soho-hardened photographer spent plenty of time with the likes of the Rolling Stones and Brigitte Bardot in swinging London, often striking up friendships with stars in the process of producing the sort of iconography which still sells for a song in poster form decades on.

Despite their fame, O’Neill often praises the luminaries he worked with for their lack of pretension and ease with honest portrayals in the pre-Photoshop era.

And in this collaboration with contemporary practitioners lined up by the gallery, he allows some of these images to be given new artistic twists for the good of producing new works.

Geometric abstractionist James Marshall (aka Dalek), collage contortionist James Dawe and visceral painter Daniel Lumbini are among those invited to play with pieces picturing Brigitte Bardot enjoying a cigar, Elton John setting unparalleled standards in dapperness and Raquel Welch on a crucifix.

“I have been looking at my photographs for decades,” adds O’Neill. “They’ve become very familiar to me.

“What I love about this collaboration is having young artists with a fresh eye interpreting iconic images for a new generation. I am excited to see what they do and why they do it.”

  • Raven and Rook, Rathbone Place, London. Open Tuesday-Friday 11am-6.30pm (11am-5pm Saturday). Admission free. Terry O'Neill will be appearing at the Ragged School Museum in London as part of Museums at Night's Connect10 events. Find out more here.

More pictures:

An image of a 1960s rock band in black and white superimposed over red scribbles
Curtis Kulig, The Rolling Stones, London (1963). Krink on fine art silver gelatine print© Curtis Kulig
A black and white image of two people in portrait superimposed by a Union Jack flag
Pam Glew, Shrimpy/Stamp. Bleaching technique and dye on vintage Union Jack flag© Pam Glew / Terry O'Neill
A black and white photo of a young woman posing on a wooden crucifix against a wall
Curtis Kulig, Raquel Welch on Cross. Krink on fine art silver gelatin print
© Curtis Kulig / Terry O'Neill
A photo of a man in a dapper black suit, top hat and tie against a red and white background
James 'Dalek' Marshall, Elton John - A Single Man. Digital manipulation on C Type photographic print© James 'Dalek' Marshall