In Pictures: Andy Day's Parkour pictures at Public

By Culture24 Reporter | 30 January 2012
A photo of a person jumping over rocks
In his first solo exhibition, British photographer Andy Day joins Birmingham-based curator Caitlin Griffiths for Parkour Photography.© Kiell
A photo of a man clambering atop an urban building
Parkour is a breathtaking pursuit which has enjoyed a rise even its participants might call meteoric during the past decade.© Kiell
A photo of a man hoisting himself over a wall above a city street
The high-energy, non-competitive sport sees practitioners run, climb and jump. The aim is to navigate obstacles as efficiently as possible, using only the body.© Kiell
An image of a man leaping across rooftops above urban streets
Communities of Parkour fans are widespread, from famously lithe French "freerunners" and groups across the UK to teams of daredevil chasm crossers in the US, Nicaragua and India.© Kiell
A photo of a man balancing himself against glass while bounding through a city street
The flâneur and the traceur (a Parkour practitioner) both have their origins in Paris, where 200 years ago agile visionaries found new ways of moving through the city spaces.© Kiell
A photo of a man leaping from a wall above a city walkway
The show is part of the Art of Architecture – a series of exhibitions contemplating how artists engage with the built environment and influence our world.© Kiell
A photo of a figure leaping above rocks
"Andy Day's brilliant photographs capture the energy of the practice and provide a fascinating insight into how we interact with the environment around us in an artistic manner," says The Public's Linda Saunders.© Kiell
  • Parkour Photography runs until May 20 2012. Open Wednesday-Saturday 10am-5pm (11am-3pm Sunday). Admission free.
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