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From Fox Talbot and Martin Parr to film festivals and photo biennales, this is the place to find the best exhibitions and gallery events from the stars of screen and lens at hundreds of UK museums, photography galleries and contemporary art venues. Shoot away...

a photo of a double projection of videos in a darkened church

Lynette Wallworth video artwork helps Southbank pull out stops for iconic organ

Lynette Wallworth unveils her new video work at the South Bank this Friday with a visual and acoustic appreciation of organ music.

a watercolour painting, which has been ripped up and pasted together again, of an old barn in a landscape of rolling hills

From Beachy Head to Muggery Pope: John Skoog sees the dark side of Eric Ravilious

Swedish film maker John Skoog's curation of the Towner Art Collection, Near Dark, has brought the sparseness of Scandinavian film to bear on the work of Eric Ravilious.

A photo of an animation showing a man standing in a living room pointing at a television

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2014: Five exhibitions to see

There are 50 exhibitions and 90 events taking place in this year's festival in Glasgow. From forgotten sculptures to absurd animations, here are five highlights.

A photo taken in the desert of a large group of naked people draped in see-through fabric with arms outstretched

Volunteers share all: Spencer Tunick talks about his daring project for Museums at Night

American photographer Tunick heads to Folkestone to create intimate portraits, which he hopes subjects willl be brave enough to share. Mark Sheerin hears more.

A photo of a banner advertising the late shows over a river darkened at night

Museums at Night 2014: Our guide to Newcastle and Gateshead's Late Shows

From pub crawls and cocktail evenings to farms, flour mills, music and knitting, the Late Shows return to the north-east across more than 50 venues. Here's what to expect.

A black and white photo of two army officers during world war one

Curator's Choice: An eerie postcard of Rudyard Kipling's son before his death

Having initially been refused entry to the army due to extremely poor eyesight, Jack Kipling signed up before he was legally old enough. A postcard hints at his tragic tale.

a photo of a fast moving river with cascading and swirling waters

Landscape as Sign Language at the Royal Geographic Society

An unusual collaboration at the Royal Geographic Society sees geographer Jay Appleton and photographer Simon Warner join forces to explore landscape appreciation.

Sam Heydt, Chrysanthemums (2012)

Aesthetica Art Prize takes contemporary competition hopefuls to York Art Gallery

Chosen from thousands of entrants, work by 100 artists has gone on display at York Art Gallery. See work by some of them in our gallery.

A black and white photo of a group of first world war soldiers crouching around a sign

Photos by UK's first female press photographer show London a century ago

Christina Broom's photos show London at the outbreak of the First World War - including the son Rudyard Kipling sent to war.

A photo of a female artist standing in front of a large screen showing a scene from mars

Life on Mars: Kelly Richardson on NASA, the apocalypse and the north-east

Painters of the Apocalyptic Sublime influence Kelly Richardson's large-scale Mariner 9. Its reception in the north-east, says the artist, has been the highlight of her career.

Travelling theories: Shezad Dawood talks paleocontact, Jung and Phoenician traders

British artist Shezad Dawood premieres a startling new film in Marrakech. Blue-skinned Gods, radical anthropology and the history of trade combine to intrigue interviewer Mark Sheerin.

A black and white photo of a man lying in bed

Vogue, the Krays, Bowie and Mandela: Bailey's Stardust dazzles at the National Portrait Gallery

From the East End and the Rolling Stones to journeys through Africa and Live Aid, David Bailey's glittering career results in more than 150 portraits, as Emily Beeson finds out.

A pink-tinted photo of a young woman with a spray of light pink mist in front of her

Curator's Choice: Jerwood Film and Video Umbrella Awards' selected artists

The Director of Jerwood Film and Umbrella discusses the up-and-coming talents competing under this year's theme, What Will They See Of Me?

A photo of two women in their underwear standing in an underground tube station

Saucy photos of tube takers in their pants as Subway Gallery opens Underground show

From Arsenal to Covent Garden, Singaporean photographer Yangchen Lin's Tubographical Transactions offers unusual - and often cheeky - views of the tube.

A photo of a woman silhouetted against gates looking out to sea beneath cliffs

Ghost ships and hauntings: Ship to Shore's Art and the Lure of the Sea in Southampton

A fleet of artists including Tracey Emin, Tacita Dean and Yinka Shonibare feature in a dual-site exhibition at John Hansard Gallery and the SeaCity Museum.

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