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a trio of paintings depicting a man and two women

A mother, a homeless man and a fashionista battle it out for 2014 BP Portrait Award

In a record-breaking year for entries, three artists have been short-listed for the 25th anniversary BP Portrait Award 2014 at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

A photo of a stencil black painting of a man holding a child in front of their mother

Public offered chance to buy shares in "extremely rare" Banksy artwork

Having proved successful in France, My Art Invest has launched with a Banksy artwork, Daddy's Back, as part of a contemporary gallery space in Shoreditch.

A black and white photo of two army officers during world war one

Curator's Choice: An eerie postcard of Rudyard Kipling's son before his death

Having initially been refused entry to the army due to extremely poor eyesight, Jack Kipling signed up before he was legally old enough. A postcard hints at his tragic tale.

A black and white photo of a group of first world war soldiers crouching around a sign

Photos by UK's first female press photographer show London a century ago

Christina Broom's photos show London at the outbreak of the First World War - including the son Rudyard Kipling sent to war.

An image of a painting of a vase of flowers on a table

Ben and Winifred Nicholson's grandson to curate exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Art Historian Jovan Nicholson will examine the art and lives of Ben and Winifred Nicholson and Christopher Wood, Alfred Wallis and William Staite Murray this summer.

A black and white photo of a man lying in bed

Vogue, the Krays, Bowie and Mandela: Bailey's Stardust dazzles at the National Portrait Gallery

From the East End and the Rolling Stones to journeys through Africa and Live Aid, David Bailey's glittering career results in more than 150 portraits, as Emily Beeson finds out.

A photo of two women in their underwear standing in an underground tube station

Saucy photos of tube takers in their pants as Subway Gallery opens Underground show

From Arsenal to Covent Garden, Singaporean photographer Yangchen Lin's Tubographical Transactions offers unusual - and often cheeky - views of the tube.

A photo of a man in sunglasses, a flat cap and a red tie staring into the camera

A journey of discovery: Queer in Brighton year ends in anthology and portrait exhibition

Photographer Anthony Luvera's portraits of members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community in Brighton have adorned the city alongside a new book.

A self portrait of man in a military great coat, scarfe, hat and gloves sketching on a pad

The NPG's Portraits of the First World War reveals the human face of the First World War

The National Portrait Gallery brings together photography, film, painting and drawing from all sides of the conflict in a major exploration of the faces of the First World War.

A photo of an indigenous Arctic man standing on snow with ice frozen to his lip

Reindeer and the Northern Lights in Whisper of the Stars: Traditional Life in Arctic Siberia

See British photographer Bryan Alexander's spectacular photos of the traditional life of indigenous peoples across the remote Russian Arctic.

A black and white photo of an owl carrying a mouse

Picture Gallery: Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery announces The Wonder of Birds

From predators to shamanism and Hans Holbein to canaries, a six-section show in Norwich will feature hundreds of representations of birds through the centuries.

A photo of a cartoonish 20th century painting of people enjoying themselves in a pub

Hull curators call for photos of public at play in museum plan to raise smiles with Beryl Cook selfies

Ahead of an exhibition of the works of painter Beryl Cook celebrating the joys of working and playing hard, curators in Hull are calling on the public to join the show.

a painting of a woman with cropped hair reclining on a beach with one breast exposed

The Jerwood Gallery reveals its collection in celebratory show of British painting

Fans of 20th and 21st century British painting are in for a treat as the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings reveals the Jerwood Collection in a major exhibition stretching across both floors.

A photo of people looking at a circular self-portrait in oil of an artist inside an art gallery

"Groundswell of support" for £12.5 million last surviving Van Dyck portrait to stay in Britain

Self-Portrait, a 1640 work which has been bought by an overseas buyer, is likely to have its export bar extended after public donations reached £3.2 million in three months.

A photo of a female comedian recreating the pose of a world war propaganda poster

Reverse Angle: Chester museum to welcome Sarah Millican, Jimmy Carr and Ricky Gervais

Andy Hollingworth, a go-to photographer for some of the billboard grabbers of British comedy, will offer a survey of the stars in the hometown where his studio shots were made.

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