Miki van Zwanenberg's landscape worlds fill the Coningsby Gallery with abstract colour

By Culture24 Reporter | 11 January 2012
An image of an abstract landscape painting in purple, light blue, red and brown
© Miki van Zwanenberg, Coningsby Gallery
Exhibition: Miki Van Zwanenberg, Coningsby Gallery, London, until January 21 2012

Miki van Zwanenberg enjoyed significant success as a stage and production designer with the likes of the English National Opera since training at Hornsey College of Art during the 1960s, but her return to her "first love" of painting, in 1997, has seen her abstract oil landscapes showcased across London.

Her previous exhibition at Coningsby visited the volcanic moonscapes of the Canary Islands and the bush and desert of Australia, encapsulating the allure the Southern hemisphere holds for a painter concerned with mood and memory, an "inner landscape" which takes a greater focus in her latest works.

"There are several worlds in my paintings," she says, defining herself as an "unashamed colourist".

"Just as my memories of a place are multi-layered, so I use the layering of the paint to suggest the many facets of a landscape.

"Colours are glimpsed and bleed through each other – a square of blue can be like an opening of a door or window into that other space, a subliminal glimpse of somewhere else."

  • Coningsby Gallery, Tottenham Street, London. Admission free, open 9am-6pm (11am-6pm Saturday, 12pm-5pm Sunday).
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