Last Chance to See: Lisa Cradduck's Blue Plague at WestLane South in Bermondsey

By Culture24 Reporter | 12 February 2013

Exhibition preview: Lisa Cradduck – Blue Plague, WestLane South, London, until February 16 2013

A photo of a monochrome linocut of a series of skeletons wearing boiler suits jostling
Lisa Cradduck, Smokey Bacon (2012). Lino print© Lisa Cradduck
Partly a response to funding cuts for arts education and culture, partly a series of dreamlike, Mexican linocut-influenced additions to the crowds Lisa Cradduck witnessed during the student fee demonstrations at the end of 2010, Blue Plaque is a work in progress, evolving throughout the show alongside a live print school on Thursdays and Saturdays.

A photo of a monochrome linocut of a skeletal policeman looking up at a black sky
More Of Us Than You (2012). Lino print© Lisa Cradduck
Grinning skeletons do little to ease the sense of violence thronging the scenes. “Tory influence is a bubonic miasma,” reckons Cradduck, whose large-scale etching of the moon, made during a residency at The Venice Printmaking Studio in Italy the following year, will appear in The Venice Biennale of Large Format Printmaking 2013.

“It pollutes the atmosphere and poisons the social body. To disadvantaged people, it can be fatal.”

Traditional printmaking techniques, mark-making and scholarly levels of research are Cradduck’s hallmarks, realised in monochromatic style.

She is currently investigating constructivist dressmaking, 19th century asylum architecture and early 20th century Mexican prints.

More pictures:

A photo of a monochrome linocut of a skeleton policeman on horseback
Blue Plaque (detail) (2012)© Lisa Cradduck
A photo of a monochrome linocut of skeletal figures in coats baying at an oncoming crowd
Preparatory Studies For Blue Plague (2012)© Lisa Cradduck
A photo of a monochrome linocut of various skeletal policeman trying to control a crowd
© Lisa Cradduck
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