Organic matter and sumptuous contrasts as Coastal Gallery sees Colour and Light

By Culture24 Reporter | 12 February 2013

Exhibition preview: Colour and Light, Coastal Gallery, Lymington, February 14 – March 30 2013

An image of an abstract painting of a flower in rich oil colours of pink, purple and green
Jane Emberson, Angelis (2012)© Courtesy Jane Emberson
Painting, printmaking, photography and ceramics for the first exhibition of the year at Lymington’s independent gallery, featuring artists Jane Emberson, Stewart Mechem, Bev Saunders, Chris Whittaker and Claire Wiltsher.

Emberson’s works, from the pre-hang teasers, look incredibly detailed. “The colour bodies appear as organic matter, enhanced by a complex arrangement of deep contrasts,” explain the gallery, attempting to summarise the artist’s “richly sumptuous” creations.

“Jane’s paintings feel truly alive and absolutely burst with colour and energy.”

All the participants share the unexpected as a commonality, treating the palette as a tool for springing a colourful surprise on canvas.

More pictures:

An image of an abstract oil painting of a coastal scene showing a sandy beach and sea
Claire Wiltsher, Forms of Tension (2013)© Courtesy Claire Wiltsher
An image of an abstract oil painting of a flower in rich blues, greens, whites and yellows
© Courtesy Jane Emberson
An image of an oil painting of an abstract flower in yellow, orange, white and pink
© Courtesy Jane Emberson
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