David Breuer-Weil: Project 4 heads into The Vaults beneath London's Waterloo Station

By Culture24 Reporter | 11 February 2013

Exhibition preview: David Breuer-Weil: Project 4, The Vaults, London, until March 1 2013

An image of a painting of a sun-like circle in the middle of groups of people and houses
David Breuer-Weil, Ascent (2012). Oil and acrylic on canvas© David Breuer-Weil
In 2001, David Breuer-Weil presented some of his eye-catching, huge sculptures – which have included evolution-of-man style figures, cast in black and appearing to sink into mud and grass – in the crypt of the Roundhouse.

Two years later, the follow-up – the sensibly-named Project 2 – took to the Bargehouse on the Southbank. And Project 3 set up shop in the dusty confines of a disused multi-storey car park in Covent Garden.

Project 4, in the subterranean vaults beneath Waterloo, actually has a story stretching even further back. Breuer-Weil initially conceived the idea of painting his works in 1989, but committing them to canvas has probably been a secondary consideration considering their scale, not to mention his commissions during the past few years for locations including Chatsworth House, in Derbyshire, and two public outdoor spaces in London.

He describes the batch of more than 70 canvasses as “a monument to humanity and modern life”. Inspired by the capital and often realised in characteristically towering style (some of the works measure several feet), they continue his concerns with the human condition, philosophy, politics and the absurd.

If those sound like themes which might provide more dramatic material than ever in 2013, Breuer-Weil seems to be responding with gusto: fire and water, boxes, scrolls, books, cosmology and scientific structures are some of his mediums, promising a sense of the cinematic and disorientating.

  • The Vaults, Arch 233, Leake Street, London. Open 10am-6pm (12pm-4pm Sunday). Admission free.

More pictures:

An image of a painting of various mountainous hills with figures on top of them
Bipolar (2007)© David Breuer-Weil
An image of a painting of a huge saw appearing to cut into grassland from the sky
Cut (2009)© David Breuer-Weil
An image of a painting of rolls of fabric lined with small people and figures in red and white
Infinity (2009)© David Breuer-Weil
An image of a painting of people sitting on a hill looking out over a reflective lake
Constellation (2012). Oil on canvas© David Breuer-Weil
An image of a light blue and green and yellow painting of trees on yellow paths
Blessing 2 (2009). Oil and acrylic on canvas© David Breuer-Weil
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