Anna Dillon: A perfect companion to John Piper at the River and Rowing Museum

By Richard Moss | 30 September 2012
a painting of a rolling landcape and horizon in vibrant greens
The Devil’s Punchbowl© Anna Dillon / River and Rowing Museum

Exhibition Preview: Anna Dillon, Landscapes, The Wall, River & Rowing Museum, Henley until November 4 2012

The landscape paintings of mid twentieth century British artists have enjoyed a renaissance in recent years that has seen them influence a new generation of artists and captivate a new crop of art lovers.

One contemporary landscape painter who seems equally enthralled by the rolling countryside and this British tradition is Anna Dillon, whose vibrant prints and oils are currently adorning the walls of the River and Rowing Museum’s Wall gallery.

Dillon’s strong and bold colours are a good foil for the the contours and light of the Oxfordshire landscape. Her subjects include the Wittenham Clumps, the Rollright Stones and Blewburton Hill and manage to recall past traditions whilst also bringing to mind David Hockney’s iPad landscapes.

Oxfordshire born, Dillon trained as an illustrator at Falmouth School of Art and cites many influences including John and Paul Nash, Peter Lanyon, Graham Sutherland and John Piper.

The latter’s paintings are currently on show at the museum in a temporary exhibition (until October 18). Two reasons for fans of British landscape art to head to Henley.

More Pictures:

a painting of a country lane with overhanging trees
My Street, Aston Street in the village of Aston Tirrold© Anna Dillon / River and Rowing Museum
a painting of a rolling downland landscape in bold yellows and greens with a large sky filled with wispy clouds above
The Devil’s Delight© Anna Dillon / River and Rowing Museum
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