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a black and white photograph of Pablo Picasso.

'Picasso' painting found in Scottish attic could provide spark for family reunion says finder

As experts from Christie's inspect a Picasso artwork found in an attic its finder says he will use any money it may bring him to track down his Russian relatives.

a photo of a painting featuring soldiers fighting in the streets, surrounded by houses, as families flee. Some soldiers are carried flags and in the middle of the painting one solider is being carried away after being shot.

History in the firing line as Tate Britain explores British history painting

Depictions of conflicts, protests and battles invade Tate Britain as Fighting History brings the past into the present day.

a photo of three faces in close up one drinking from a golden cup

Richard Dadd: Art, psychosis and the Victorian asylum at Watts Gallery

The career of Victorian artist Richard Dadd was overshadowed by psychotic illness, murder and incarceration. A new exhibition of his works at Watts Gallery in Surrey explores a rare and visionary talent.

An image of a painting of a male athlete draped by a flag

Artist recalls "great rapport" with Oscar Pistorius as portrait abandoned after arrest goes on display

Artist Natalie Holland, who was creating her third portrait of Oscar Pistorius when news of his arrest broke, says running made the Olympian "feel alive".

a painting of a soldier in a red coat leaning back and gesticulating on a chair as an audience of men with pipes, a woman and a dog look at him

Three Waterloo paintings join VanGoYourself for Waterloo200 anniversary

Three Waterloo paintings from the collection of the National Army Museum have joined the VanGoYourself website and are now ready for people to recreate in time for Waterloo200.

Mirrors, vitrines and steel: Reflections on Jeff Koons retrospective at Guggenheim Bilbao

Spain's contemporary art mecca holds the third leg of a 40-year retrospective which celebrates the controversies and successes of one of the art world's biggest names.

a portrait of an elderly man in a red beret with a rd wash across the portrait

The Last of the Tide: Twelve portraits of D-Day veterans go on show at Buckingham Palace

Twelve newly commissioned portraits of D-Day veterans have gone on display at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, to mark the 71st anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy.

An image of a heavily adorned woman.

British people prefer booze over art, Affordable Art Fair finds

As the Affordable Art Fair attempts persuade people to invest in something more lasting than beer and shoes a new study finds that we spend barely any money on original art.

a photo of a hannd taking a Tube Map out of a holder

Pablo Bronstein meditates on Baroque clocks and time travel for new pocket Tube map

One of the most widely viewed art commissions in the world, the pocket Tube map, gets a new cover courtesy of Pablo Bronstein's meditation on Baroque clocks and time travel.

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