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A photo of a man crouching on top of a colourful couch

Grayson Perry to portray Chris Huhne, Rylan Clark and more in exhibition alongside Channel 4 show

Who are You?, at the National Portrait Gallery, will portray deaf parents, a Muslim convert, a couple living with Alzheimer's, a young transsexual and Northern Ireland loyalist marchers.

An image of an ancient oil painting of a young girl in a blue dress looking up at the sky

American Impressionism: A New Vision at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

An exhibition about the impact of French Impressionism on American artists will be part of the National Galleries of Scotland’s summer exhibition programme.

Only known three-quarter self-portrait by GF Watts on display in Watts Gallery in Surrey

For the first time in 30 years, the Watts Gallery in Surrey shows the master’s Self-Portrait in a Red Robe painted in 1853, having bought it from a private American collection.

An image of a painting of a figurative man against a blue background

Kazimir Malevich: Discovering the man behind Suprematism at Tate Modern

Tate's retrospective of Russian artist Kazimir Malevich, whose paintings began to disappear under the Stalin regime of the 1930s, is a rare opportunity, says Rhiannon Starr.

A photo of two people standing beneath billboards showing art in a busy train station

Art Everywhere: Grayson Perry and Antony Gormley on the largest art exhibition in Britain

Speaking at the launch of the publicly-voted display of 25 works across more than 30,000 billboards, the artists made the case for introducing art as a cultural catalyst.

A photo of a man standing in front of a doodled black ink artwork on a railway board

Artist’s Statement: Antony Gormley on Feeling Material, his iPad work for Art Everywhere

Antony Gormley on his downloadable commission for Art Everywhere, the campaign taking works chosen by the public to more than 30,000 billboards and outdoor sites.

A photo of a Russian sign from the 1980s

Paper Museums: Moscow Conceptualism in Transit conveys sense of dissident excitement

They may not be amusing, but the five artists whose lives and works are portrayed at the Southampton gallery make for important stories from art history, says Mark Sheerin.

An image of a digital art work showing a young woman in profile

Ten art exhibitions to see at the Edinburgh Art Festival 2014

From Ming paintings and large-scale projections to computer fans around a Police Box and explicit avant-garde images, here are a few of the shows to look out for this year.

A photo of a woman looking at a charcoal-style artwork inside a modern art gallery

Artist's Statement: New art made from the ashes of the Glasgow School of Art fire

Melissa Maloco, a Fine Art Photography graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, on using a door and carbon dust from the shocking fire at the school's Mackintosh building.

Black and white photo of four artist's friends interacting with a sculpture

A movable feast: Franz West – Where is my Eight? at The Hepworth Wakefield

The Hepworth goes large on the late Viennese artist's nebulous installations, but the real value of his career lies in his approach, says Mark Sheerin.

An image of a painting of a silver pot

Artist's Statement: Liz de Pauley on Kenwood mixers, egg beaters and pressure cookers

Working inside Horsham Museum in Sussex, artist Liz de Pauley has created a series of paintings highlighting the smaller details of objects.

a photo of a large easel contraption with a Cezanne painting held in the middle of it

Making Colour: Micro-positioning easel gives scientists and public unprecedented detail

A state-of-the-art easel is literally shedding new light on the ingenious materials used over the centuries to create artists’ paint pigments at the National gallery.

An image of a painting of a woman with flowers in her hair

Ed Hardy and Mister Cartoon among 70 artists in tattoo exhibition at Somerset House

The origins and contemporary state of tattoo art will be enshrined in a major exhibition on the theme of time in London this summer, with special commissions by 70 artists.

A photo of a woman standing next to a modernist painting of red, yellow and blue

Curator's Choice: Eleanor Clayton on Nasreen Mohamedi's red triangles and shifting light

A central, triangular room in Tate Liverpool's show takes inspiration from a particular painting by the Indian modernist, says the curator.

A photo of a man perching in a gallery space while creating some sort of drawing

Five museums target Chapman Brothers and farmsteads in Art Fund crowdsourcing campaign

The public will be able to directly support plans by five museums as part of a bid to engage donors more, including the Chapman Brothers' first return to the Jerwood since last year's Museums at......

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