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a notebook watercolour sketch of a wooded pathway

Tate unlocks vaults with worldwide access to unpublished archives of key British artists

The world’s largest archive of British Art - Tate Archive - is being made available online for a world-wide audience as part of the Archives and Access project.

a painting showing shrouded figures leaving a theatre at night

Estorick Collection launches appeal to restore Carlo Carrà Futurist painting Leaving the Theatre

It's been a mainstay of Futurist exhibitions across the globe, but now Carlo Carrà’s 1910 classic, Leaving the Theatre is in need of restoration. The Estorick is launching a modest appeal.

A photo of an artist inside her brightly-lit studio surrounded by abstract paintings

Axisweb artist of the Month: Abstract painter Julie Umerle on precision, chance and Gerhard Richter

Moving to the UK as a child from Connecticut, Julie Umerle was inspired by Gerhard Richter and is intrigued by mark-making and scale. Her works will be seen across the country into 2015.

An image of a colour oil painting of a medieval king with long hair and a black cap on

Richard III: The tree ring-dated portrait which could show the King's scoliosis as a "costume"

Indications that Richard III had a disability could have been used against him to create the persona of a monster, explains the keeper of the painting which helped identify him.

a full length portrait of a lady in a Georgian style silk dress

Scottish National Portrait Gallery bags a beautiful Raeburn portrait worth £210,000

A beautiful portrait by one of Scotland's greatest painters, Sir Henry Raeburn, has been given to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in lieu of inheritance tax in a deal worth more than......

a painting of two seated men wearing dicky bows

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art revives the work of Robert MacBryde and Robert Colquhoun

A major new exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art explores the tragic lives and vibrant works of Robert MacBryde and Robert Colquhoun - two forgotten figures of mid-20th century......

A photo of a man in a suit pointing at a framed artwork inside a gallery space

In Pictures: Prince of Wales makes drawing school first Royal institution since 1956

Artistic Director Catherine Goodman said she was "very proud" as Prince Charles opened the newly-titled Royal Drawing School in London.

a painting of a couple fleeing with a small child across a town as a large black cat stalks across the rooftops

Ben Uri acquires rare Josef Herman painting lost for more than 60 years

Ben Uri has acquired Refugees, a rare and important early painting by Jewish émigré artist Josef Herman (1911–2000) which had been considered lost for more than 60 years.

a watercolour painting of a ploughed filed with a sun rising above trees in the distance

Search is on for the lost watercolours of Edward Bawden

Author James Russell is searching for a series of rare Edward Bawden watercolours which disappeared into private collections after two London shows during the 1930s.

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