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Flat, semi-abstract painting of a full moon over a green garden

Nine highlights from the Rupf Collection at Guggenheim Bilbao

A tour of some of the most impressive modernist and contemporary artworks in a leading Swiss collection, currently on show at the Guggenheim Bilbao for the first time.

a photo of the musician jarvis cocker standing inside an exhibition

Jarvis Cocker curates a new exhibition in London based on his 90s Outsider Art series Journeys to the Outside

Nek Chand, the self-taught Indian who made an 18-acre rock sculpture garden, and St Eom, a visionary from Georgia responsible for a seven-acre artscape, are part of The Gallery of Everything.

A photo of a sculpted green head

Gerald Laing: From Andy Warhol and Brigitte Bardot to Amy Winehouse and George W Bush, 21 of the artist's works

The first posthumous exhibition of British Pop artist and sculptor Gerald Laing has just opened at The Fine Art Society on the fifth anniversary of his death.

A photo of an abstract painting by the artist keith cunningham

10,000 miles on a dream: Keith Cunningham, the Royal College of Art great whose works were left unseen

Unseen Paintings, a new exhibition at London's Hoxton Gallery, is about to reveal some of the works left by artist Keith Cunningham in his studio following his death in 2014, says Mike Dempsey.

A photo of the front of a harry potter book

The typo in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone which makes rare first editions worth a fortune

A rogue wand, misprinted on a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, could make some copies very rare. Bookseller Pom Harrington explains how to spot one.

a photo of artist Kieron Williamson standing by one of his north norfolk paintings

"I hardly ever think about where it's gonna go": Britain's 14-year-old "Old Master" on his North Norfolk inspiration

Ahead of his latest exhibition, a BBC film crew has been following life for Kieron Williamson, the brilliant 14-year-old artist whose paintings of North Norfolk have turned his family into reluctant......

A photo of a landscape painting by adriaen van de Velde showing people in the countyside

Ten tranquil landscapes from Adriaen van de Velde - a Dutch Golden Age great

Anyone mourning days spent on sunny beaches this winter will find much to enjoy at Dulwich Picture Gallery, where 60 of Adriaen van de Velde's uplifting landscapes are going on show. Here are ten.

A photo of a British museum french drawing of a young man

French Portrait Drawings: Ten works from the British Museum's upcoming exhibition

Taken from a collection of French portrait drawings, next month's exhibition at the British Museum illustrates the power of the medium between the Renaissance and the 19th century.

A photo of a small sculpture showing a woman looking sideways

Night in the Museum: Ryan Gander Curates the Arts Council Collection at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

A brooding presence in the peripheral vision frequently turns out to be a sculpted figure in Ryan Gander's combination of figurative and abstract elements from the collection, says Mark Sheerin.

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