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A photo of a woman standing in profile surrounded by African sculptures

Artist's Statement: Joanna Lipper on photographing Nigerian chief, artist and social entrepreneur Nike Davies-Okundaye

The award-winning photographer, filmmaker and Harvard Lecturer on working with the star of her photo exhibition, The Power Of One Woman, which is at London's Gallery Of African Art.

A photo of a gold map of a circular globe against a black background

Small but worldly maps exhibition makes sense of human wandering at London's Store Street gallery

You Are Here, at the gallery in the shadow of the British Museum, is a selection of artistic interpretations of maps of London and across the world, says Chelsea Garner.

Picture of George IV stroking his giraffe

Curator's Choice: Dr Alexandra Loske on George IV and his cherished giraffe at Brighton’s Royal Pavilion

The Exotic Creatures exhibition At Brighton's Royal Pavilion gives an intriguing insight into early menageries and zoos. See George IV’s ‘liger’ painting for the first time and uncover the story of his precious giraffe.

An image of a Leonardo da Vinci drawing of a cat

Leonardo da Vinci: From cats to nudes, eight of his best drawings

Some of Leonardo da Vinci’s finest drawings in the Royal Collection will travel from Windsor Castle to Newcastle for a major exhibition next month. From cats to a sack of nuts, here are eight of......

An image of a dark blue painting of a horse

Artists' Statements: Shells, salt, stars and sheep in the Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2016

Six finalists are in line for the £20,000 Columbia Threadneedle Prize at the Mall Galleries this year. Here are the thoughts of four of them.

a painting of a stately woman in side profile

The best art exhibitions to see in London in 2016

What are the best art exhibitions to see in London in 2016? Get your diaries out now and follow Culture24's regularly updated guide to keep up to speed with best of the capital's exhibitions in the......

painting of two figures walking on a beach at sunset

The best exhibitions to see in Scotland in 2016

You won't want to miss what Scotland's got to offer in 2016. We bring you our selection of the best exhibitions in Scotland's museums and galleries in our constantly-updated guide.

a colourful woodcut of two figures picking flowers among trees

The lush, wild landscapes of Norwegian painter Nikolai Astrup head to leafy Dulwich

A "revelation" is promised as Dulwich Picture Gallery lines up the first UK exhibition of paintings and prints by Nikolai Astrup (1880-1928), one of Norway’s finest twentieth-century artists.

a painting of a flame haired young woman reclining in a meadow

Pre-Raphaelites go home to Liverpool for major Walker Art Gallery show

The Walker Art Gallery is preparing to tell the story of the Pre-Raphaelites through a Liverpool lens in 2016 with Pre-Raphaelites: Beauty and Rebellion.

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