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a photo of a double projection of videos in a darkened church

Lynette Wallworth video artwork helps Southbank pull out stops for iconic organ

Lynette Wallworth unveils her new video work at the South Bank this Friday with a visual and acoustic appreciation of organ music.

A photo of a man dressed as a king posing in front of a castle

Selfies, masterminds, trends and hashtags as MuseumWeek aims to take Twitter by storm

Following in the Twitter footsteps of AskaCurator and MuseumSelfie, a new, seven-day campaign will link museums and their visitors in the UK, Italy, Spain and France.

A photo of a film showing a hand against a wall

In Pictures: Sixth edition of AV Festival explores Extraction theme

From stones and films to Russian miners and coal extraction in Newcastle, see some of the works in this year's edition of the AV festival in the north-east's best galleries.

A photo of two people holding their fists up while their faces are obscured by purple blobs

JG Ballard-inspired Science Fiction: New Death seeks Middle East resolutions and more

See artworks from the major contemporary science fiction exhibition opening at the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool later this month.

A black and white photo of a man and boy on the bustling streets of 19th century London

Bygone London as you've never seen it before: Museum launches Streetmuseum 2.0

See photos of the evolving London of the 19th and 20th centuries as the Museum of London releases 16 hybrid images of the city to accompany an iPhone app.

A photo of a group of people on a city street bathed in green light

Playable City calls for context in Bristol as 2014 competition opens

Having made postboxes talk in Bristol last year, the £30,000 award returns with an open call for digital designers to create an interactive playground for the public.

A photo of a screenshot showing an art gallery website

Agnes guide invites visitors on alternative tours of the Serpentine Galleries

A "benevolent spambot" called Agnes is leading online visitors on tours of the Serpentine Galleries in London, meeting staff and discovering secret parts of the collections.

A photo of a dog playing with an iPad inside an exhibition case within a museum

iPaw iPads, Minimum Wage Machines and a gliding robot: Time and Motion at FACT

Pictures from the animated current exhibition at Liverpool's FACT where, among other workplace concepts, you can see a zoetrope of a man's reality in dream-time.

A photo of various artworks inside a gallery with speech bubbles coming out of them

Public given chance to decide digital winner in Tate's £70,000 IK Prize

Robots, darkness and maps feature heavily as four artists aim to win a new Tate competition where the public are part of the jury.

A photo of spirals of white lines running against a black background

Ryoji Ikeda, Peaches, Mira Calix and more: Laura Ducceschi on Earsthetic in Brighton

Curator's Choice: The Creative Producer at Brighton's Dome tells us about taking a visual arts approach to the five-day, electronic-led festival which is about to begin.

A photo of two people silhouetted in front of a giant installation of a mock-up moon

Frequency takes digital art and technology festival to streets of historic Lincoln

Having been launched with a cave-inspired sound installation in the gothic cathedral, the impressive digital arts festival in Lincoln continues with NASA footage and retro gaming.

A photo of a woman taking a photo

Selfies and South American rail: Liverpool's Abandon Normal Devices festival 2013

Pictures from this year's festival of all things digital and cinematic on Merseyside, where Mark Boulos filled Fact with films and Jesse Darling pondered the art of the selfie.

a photo of video screens in a gallery

Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball and Mark Boulos' Marxist films: Abandon Normal Devices in Liverpool

Ben Miller scoots around Liverpool encountering DeLorean-inspired futuristic vehicles, mashed up BitTorrent videos and disconcertingly powerful Marxist films. It must be Abandon Normal Devices......

A photo of a man standing in front of some screens

Artist's Statement: Nicolas Maigret talks spying on BitTorrent in The Pirate Cinema

The French new media artist tells us about spying, surveillance, Woody Allen films in China and the top 100 clips being downloaded on torrents across the world.

Miniature models of two men rendered by a 3D printer.

Mini Me's and guns: the possibilities of 3D printing are endless

3D printing has the world of technology abuzz with its potential applications. Break the Mould, at the Brighton Digital Festival, gives visitors a chance to get up close and personal with this......

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