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A photo of a pair of hands appearing to hold a small glimmer of light against darkness

Jeremy Deller, Bob and Roberta Smith, Bedwyr Williams and Nalini Malini's World War I art

Jeremy Deller will release four new films via an app, while Bob and Roberta, Bedwyr Williams and Nalini Malini will also create public artworks as part of the Lights Out campaign.

Medieval choral composition by DJ Goldie to be performed at Glasgow Cathedral

An electronic composition by the renowned Drum and Bass musician will see a live acoustic performance in the Glasgow Cathedral at the end of August.

Marina Abramović draws crowds to Serpentine Gallery for 512 Hours of puzzlement

The legendary performance artist follows up her blockbuster show at MoMA with another stint of durational art in a London gallery. Mark Sheerin experiences it.

A photo of two people standing beneath billboards showing art in a busy train station

Art Everywhere: Grayson Perry and Antony Gormley on the largest art exhibition in Britain

Speaking at the launch of the publicly-voted display of 25 works across more than 30,000 billboards, the artists made the case for introducing art as a cultural catalyst.

A photo of two men building an electrical circuit based on small potatoes on a floor

Science artist to build giant phone charger powered by 800 pieces of fruit and vegetable

Caleb Charland plans to make a huge organic charger with 800 pieces of fruit and vegetables in a work set to be unveiled in London’s Westfield shopping centre.

A photo of a man standing in front of a darkened building full of jellyfish

In Pictures: Jellyfish take over derelict buildings and snakes come alive in Liverpool

Duo Walter Hugo and Zoniel fill a Toxteth building with tanks of jellyfish, while the World Museum prepares to host boa constrictors and royal pythons later this year.

A photo of a man standing in front of a doodled black ink artwork on a railway board

Artist’s Statement: Antony Gormley on Feeling Material, his iPad work for Art Everywhere

Antony Gormley on his downloadable commission for Art Everywhere, the campaign taking works chosen by the public to more than 30,000 billboards and outdoor sites.

A photo of a large sculpture of a dead blue bird lying by a riverbank near a bridge

Giant sculpture of dead Monty Python parrot Norwegian Blue appears next to Tower Bridge

A mammoth version of the bird from John Cleese and Michael Palin's pet shop sketch, made by sculptor Iain Prendergast in a 15-metre reincarnation, has been crane-lifted into London.

A photo of a tree covered in snow

In Pictures: Yorkshire Sculpture Park through the seasons

Take a look at some of the sights and shapes around Yorkshire Sculpture Park, from the great works of Henry Moore to deer parks and temples.

A photo of a group of people holding an award at a ceremony

"Amazing, beautiful, incredible, outstanding": Yorkshire Sculpture Park enjoys Museum of the Year accolades

Thirty-seven years after founding the estate of art, Peter Murray says Yorkshire Sculpture Park won the Art Fund award thanks to its unique qualities.

A picture of a laptop with a man's face on it balanced on grassland next to a camera

Artists to create works live from Constable's Romantic landscapes in Field Broadcast

Screened to the public through a downloadable app, eight artists are about to begin seven days of live digital broadcasts from the landscapes which once inspired Constable.

A photo of a cow

French farm takes over Huddersfield town centre as Tour de France inspires Yorkshire

Calling their event the Seedlings' Revenge, French company Le Phun have given residents a surprise by introducing a farm to to Huddersfield's St George's Square.

Death metal band Unfathomable Ruination playing inside a metal box

Death metal band to perform inside a soundproof, airtight box in London

Death metal band Unfathomable Ruination will perform inside a soundproof, airtight box in London as part of Sculpture in the City.

Black and white photo of four artist's friends interacting with a sculpture

A movable feast: Franz West – Where is my Eight? at The Hepworth Wakefield

The Hepworth goes large on the late Viennese artist's nebulous installations, but the real value of his career lies in his approach, says Mark Sheerin.

a colour photo of the exterior of a sixties office style building with a large sign saying Barrowland across its front

Legendary gig venue Glasgow Barrowland inspires major public artwork for Glasgow 2014

Jim Lambie is taking Glasgow's famous Barrowland gig venue as inspiration for a large public artwork called The Album Pathway resembling the side of a record collection.

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