Sneaker symposium sees Northampton Museum and Art Gallery take shoe wardrobe to the world

By Ben Miller | 21 March 2011
A photo of a pair of colourful trainers
A shoe-in at Northampton
Event: The Symposium of the Training Shoe, Guildhall, Northampton, April 2 2011

Northampton Museum and Art Gallery wants to be a world authority on shoes and trainers, so it stands to reason that a sneaker symposium would take place at the town’s Guildhall, welcoming the V&A’s curator of contemporary programmes Ligaya Salazar for a chat with connoisseur Kish Kash.

Birkbeck College’s Thomas Turner will also be discussing the social and cultural significance of sports shoes during the 19th and 20th centuries, and a group of leading thinkers from the University of Sheffield will be outlining research on how trainers made the transition to the street and how wearing them can change people’s identity.

Other headliners include Dr Anne Sudrow, a Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the Centre for Contemporary History in Potsdam, and photographer Kenneth Martin, who will be talking about the current Sneaker Peek exhibition project at the museum.

  • Runs 10am-4.30pm. Admission £20 (students £7.50). Visit the museum website for full details.
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