Jane And Louise Wilson To Provide First Art Installation For QUAD

By Culture24 Staff | 11 September 2008
a photo of a two woman sat on a roof terrace

Jane and Louise Wilson. © Shannon Oksanen

A major art installation that uses film and 3-d installation to explore the industrial heritage of Derby is to be the inaugural exhibition at Derby’s new £11.2 million arts centre, QUAD.

Jane & Louise Wilson, the world renowned artists celebrated for their experimentation with film, video and photography, will be unveiling the installation in time for the new centre’s opening in Derby on Friday September 26 2008.

The duo has taken inspiration from Derby’s industrial and cultural history and contemporary issues such as immigration in the city to create the installation. Studies of the industrial heritage of local factories, such as Rolls Royce, Smith of Derby and Bombardier were undertaken together with interviews of international migrants at the Bosnian Herzegovinian Centre in Derby.

a photograph of the stripped interior of a carriage

Image captured from installation by Jane & Louise Wilson. © Jane & Louise Wilson 2008

Titled Spiteful of Dream, the work is typical of the Wilson’s output, which frequently connects current concerns with the workings of the human psyche alongside site specificity.

For QUAD, who are promising a film and sculptural installation that will be the most impressive work yet for the internationally acclaimed artists, it is seen as the perfect opening statement for the new centre.

“The sister’s sculptural use of moving images and the architectural nature of their installations provides the perfect combination of media for QUAD, a building intended as a focal point for contemporary art and moving image,” explained Louise Clements, Curator at QUAD Derby.

a photograph of a large rocket engine

Image captured from installation by Jane & Louise Wilson. © Jane & Louise Wilson 2008

When it opens QUAD will also be offering access to BFI Mediatheque, a digital jukebox available for the first time outside London giving users access to over 1000 films and television programmes.

In the run up to the opening of QUAD, international artist Bill Drummond was commissioned to create a new work called The17 involving 1,700+ local people.

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