Top ten things to see at Brighton Digital Festival 2013

By Ben Miller | 29 August 2013

The Brighton Digital Festival returns throughout September, but it’s not all hackathons and seminars. Here are ten not to miss...

A photo of a woman dancing
Timo Arnall sees invisible worlds at Brighton's Lighthouse for the city's Digital Festival
The New Sublime, Clearleft, September 1-29

Eleven artists tinker with the emerging sphere of digital art, blending its futuristic promise into art, sculpture, video works and beyond. New perspectives on everyday urbanity and the rallying spectacle of Noisy Ping Pong feature.

Tiny Games, various venues, September 1-30

Is it possible to fit a game into Twitter’s 140 characters? Devised without equipment or (winningly) moderation, these simple games encourage buffoonery across the city centre. Pubs and workplaces are within guffawing distance.

The Sound Of The Wind In The Trees, The Old Market, September 5

Terms like “broodingly atmospheric” and “reverb-drenched” account for a muso’s dream courtesy of artist Simon Wilkinson, using large screen projections in a live audio-visual special.

Immaterials by Timo Arnall, Lighthouse, September 5-30

As part of cutting-edge design agency Berg, Timo Arnall perceives the invisible lines and networks which keep our world connected. Light Painting WiFi, for example, brings to life signal strength in long exposure photographs. And his film, Robot Readable World, sees humanity through the eyes of computers.

Swimming with Plankton in 3D, Booth Museum of Natural History, September 6-25

Who knew that swimmers the size of a pinhead could produce half the planet’s oxygen? Environmental revelations aside, this immersive show had Kew Gardens all at sea when it was commissioned as a permanent exhibition nine years ago.

Brighton Mini Maker Faire, Corn Exchange, September 7-8

Based upon the enormous Stateside Mini Maker Faires – known to routinely attract 100,000 visitors – the Blighty version did its American originators proud when it drew 7,000 curiosity followers to the Dome last year. Expect much whirring, clanking, concocting and eyebrow-raising within this carnival of ingenuity.

Mutator 1 + 2: Evolutionary Art by William Latham, Phoenix, September 7-29

Retro generations from the trained artist who went from IBM to gaming and the title of Professor of Computer Art at Goldsmiths. A visionary in his field since the 1980s, the artist also discusses his craft in a talk on September 11.

Digital Late, Brighton Museum, September 26

Sparkling tomfoolery amid the esteemed collections of the city’s echoing central corridors of culture, all embedded within the collections and exhibits themselves. Curators Hide&Seek’s games are accompanied by DJ sets and performances.

PixelPyros, Jubilee Street, September 28

A 60-foot wide touchable screen allows the audience to direct the speed and arc of pyrotechnic explosions. These fireworks without fire opened the festival last year.

The Rise and Fall Of Geo Goynes, The Old Market, September 28-29

Hunt down a mystical character in a technology-driven adventure made by Blast Theory – a group known for creating the kind of games which blur your senses into wandering the streets like a dizzily enchanted tourist.

More pictures:

A photo of a woman dancing
Digital Late at Brighton Museum
A photo of a woman laughing while listening to headphones
A photo of people sitting on a bench in a city
Tiny Games will entertain the city throughout the festival
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