Saatchi Online launches world's largest online exhibition: 100 Curators for 100 Days

By Culture24 Reporter | 18 July 2012
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The Saatchi Art Gallery has launched an online venture aiming to promote 1,000 up-and-coming artists via a new web-based exhibition hosted on Saatchi Online.

100 Curators for 100 Days is described by the gallery as the “largest online art exhibition” created by curators from “the most prestigious museums and galleries around the world”.

The project sees a different curator choose ten artworks by ten different artists  every day for the next 100 days, eventually showcasing work for sale by 1,000 artists, who will reportedly pocket 70% of the proceeds.  

British curators making selections for the project include Baltic’s Alessandro Vincentelli, Compton Verney’s Antonia Harrison and the Saatchi’s own Rebecca Wilson, together with a crop of independent curators and familiar faces from the independent art scene like Transition Gallery’s Cathy Lomax.

They are joined by a cosmopolitan cast of experts from galleries across the globe including curators from the Kunsthalle Vienna, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, San Francisco’s MoMA as well as less familiar names from places as varied as Turin and Tehran.

The project is the latest effort by Saatchi online to help artists without gallery representation find audiences and buyers for their work. It’s also the first exhibition under Saatchi Online CEO Margo Spiritus, who wants the website to provide “artists with the tools, opportunity and support to have sustainable careers and to make a living selling their art”.

“By providing a global platform visited by art lovers from over 190 countries each month, we are able to connect consumers and curators alike who would otherwise never have the opportunity to discover their work," she says.

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