Added Value explores luxury and brands in new Crafts Council show at London Design Festival

By Ben Miller | 21 September 2012
A photo of a pair of suave dark red and light grey smart gentleman's shoes
carréducker, Dorchester Derby (2012)© Nick Moss / Crafts Council
London Design Festival: Added Value, designjunction, until September 23 2012

The Crafts Council is using the London Design Festival to launch its new touring show, a six-string exhibition adventuring through materials, traditional skills, brands, bespoke works, experience and the everday with the cunning compliance of a skilled maker in each field.

A photo of a series of small circles stacked on top and over each other in different colours
Tracy Kendall (2012). White Sequins© Nick Moss / Crafts Council
Oliver Ruuger, in the traditionalists’ corner, grabs a gentleman’s briefcase and adds a nifty stroke of leatherwork, while toe-glitzers carréducker make a one-off pair of shoes for in The Bespoke, fashioned via more than 200 individual processes.

Elsewhere, Tracy Kendall makes wallpapers, Zoe Arnold gives jewellery meaning, Simon Hasan shows how fashion house Fendi are adding craft values to high-end production, and debonair jelly contortionists Bompas and Parr use new technologies in a bid for sensory finesse.

“The increasing interest in provenance and the narratives behind the things we buy has had a visible impact on how bands market themselves,” says the Council’s Rosy Greenlees, calling the project a “timely” examination of “the value of craftsmanship within the contexts of global brands and luxury.”

“Many use words like ‘craft’ and ‘craftsmanship’ to denote quality. This show explores where craft sits within this and whether consumers’ perceptions of value are changing.”

A UK tour will follow the launch.

More pictures:

A photo of an ornate pink briefcase with a detailed black ink illustration of various people
Studio Oliver Ruuger, Night at the house of Epicurus (2012)© Nick Moss / Crafts Council
A photo of three ornate brooches in dark blue, black, yellow and silver
Zoe Arnold, Thinking Earrings, set of three (2011)© Nick Moss / Crafts Council
A photo of a miniature model of a brown and copper-coloured temple
Bompas & Parr, St Paul's Cathedral (2009). Jelly Mould© Nick Moss / Crafts Council
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